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The notion that the 5 steps proposed by David Lazarus that Israeli believers ought to take are things nearly all believers already , at least in principle, agree with. His abject and unscriptural argument that the lobbying of the Israeli government by philo-Semitic and pro zionist Christians abroad on behalf of the Body of Messiah in Israel is an "either - or " situation  to his 5 steps is an unscriptural and illogical proposition.
by James Jacob Prasch
Should George Bush Jr. become a one-term loser like his father?
by J. Jacob Prasch
We recently received a question from a brother in Australia about his Messianic Jewish friend who now seems to have denied Yeshua. The question concerns anti-missionaries (normally orthodox Jewish people whose have tasked themselves to deny Yeshua using all manner of techniques, some very disingenuous). Here is Yakov Prasch's rebuttal to the video sent:
Jews for Jesus came to our Church this weekend -- Joel Chernoff (Messianic Praise Concert) on Friday evening (11/19/2010). One of his opening songs was 'Messiah to Come' -- to cleanse everyone. 2 speakers sharing the platform with him was Major General Eyal Ben Reuven (not saved) and Eeki Elner (The Founder of Israel's Leadership Institute) also not saved.
My mother's family is Donegal Irish Catholic.
by James Jacob Prasch
On behalf of a number of concerned Christians of whom we are aware in NZ, we respond to the campaign by Stephen Tollestrup and Tear Fund to mobilise Evangelical Christians in New Zealand against Israel in Israel's fight for survival against Islamic terrorism.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
Having been publicly caught in one lie that I do not believe in providence, when page 74/75 plainly states I certainly do, Robert Morey now resorts to another lie. He never challenged me to debate "soul sleep" (which my tapes in the public domain for 3 years prove I not only do not believe and never have, but have opposed). His email proves that he in fact challenged me to debate "annihilationism", which my tapes also prove I have never believed but have opposed. Now he has changed his story again. It is easy to challenge someone to debate something they do not believe because it is impossible for the debate to happen! Read more ...
by Jacob Prasch
Dear Rev Griggs,
Christian Greetings.
My family are Jewish Christians, not infrequently at odds with various elements of the Jewish community for our faith in Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.
by James Jacob Prasch
Dear Mr Lancaster,
I write you from Australia where I just read a reprinted article from Elim"s DIRECTION magazine last November (2006) republished by permission in a local Christian publication circulated in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.
by James Jacob Prasch
The Anglican Church policies on opposition to Israel and support of the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state on what the archeological record proves to be the indigenous Jewish homeland in accordance with history & Judeo Christian scripture, comes as no surprise.
It is just more of the same old ridiculous, unscriptural, carnal, and demonically inspired junk that will not and cannot bring true biblical and historical revival, but can be used to help prevent it.
[caption id="attachment_53" align="alignright" width="280" caption="Man with the dog: I don't think one should build walls between people. The Jew: Damn anti-Semite!!"][/caption]
by James Jacob Prasch
Question: The Aramaic English NT by AG Roth is the new craze amongst Messianic believers. The translation looks spurious. I read a portion of 1 Peter from it - a bit dicey. As far as I know, no Aramaic copies of the NT have been authenticated. Please advise.Read more ...
Moriel expresses our sincere condolences to the families of the terror victims murdered by the Moslems in Bali.
I write as director of a Christian Charity for AIDS children and HIV babies in Black Africa operated by our self-giving missionaries. These are some of the finest people I have ever met. They are nearly all White, and much of the funding comes from White people in America; the same people denounced from the pulpit in Barack Obama's church. The children whose lives these missionaries fight to save are all Black.Read more ...
As usual I hesitate to ask you more questions but here goes! ,  it says in Acts 24 v 17 that Paul after several years brought alms to the nation and presented offerings in the temple, it would seem that this happened after his conversion, why would he present offerings when the Lord Jesus had been the final sacrifice as the Passover lamb, ,  I understand the offerings still went on until the temple was destroyed in 70 AD but didn't think believers would do that.
Jacob looks at world events including 911, recent wars, COVID 19 China, the economic crash, earthquakes, political events and technology, and how the church is involved and our role in it.
Dear Mr. Jack Kincaid
'Elijah and The Olivet Discourse' PART III

It has been Moriel's policy to ignore the diatribes of Bill Randles, an unsuccessful pastor & author, as we have stated all we needed to and choose to deny him the attention he seems to crave since pulpit as a pastor and platform as an author no longer accord him the recognition he once had, but largely no longer does.
By James Jacob Prasch
Oct 12, 2014 The Boy Cries Wolf Yet Again   I happened to be in Israel for  Sukkoth, the second of  the supposedly festal  Blood Moons concocted by  Mark Biltz, whom given his abysmal  track record - many now can only consider to be a religious con artist out to sell books about the 'Blood  Moon"  hoax that he invented.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
Although we rejoice at his homecoming, for his family and ourselves it was with sadness that we learned Brother Aeron Morgan, former General Superintendent of The Assemblies of God in both the UK and Australia and former principal of Southern Cross (formerly Commonwealth) Bible college. He had been struggling with an illness for some months.Read more ...
The Sorry Saga of a Has Been Former "OPEN DOORS" Bible smuggler Brother Andrew has written a new book with Al Jannsen called Light Force, published by Hodder & Stoughton (whose religious division publishes books by professed Evangelical Christians who combine a particular brand of evangelicalism with left wing political/economic ideologies such as Ron Sider).Read more ...
Much to the expressed pleasure of Islamic leaders, President George W Bush has slammed Evangelical leaders concerning their justified comments on Islam as a terrorist and anti-Semitic religion. Bush defended the faith of the House of Saud and the Wahab that engendered 15 of the 19 September 11th suicide bombers and a faith that has slaughtered 2.1 million Christians in the Sudan alone as "a religion of peace which he respects". Read more ...
Discredited former radio personality Robert Morey, who was kicked out of the ministry by his Reformed denomination, caught in academic fraud with a bogus doctorate which the issuing seminary said was invalid, and after having,  his radio program canceled, lost propriety of his church building and has announced his early retirement from his "Faith Defenders" church in California. He is reported to be leaving the state amidst a series of complaints against him to police and law enforcement agencies calling for investigation into his dealings. Morey has been accosted for,  everything from alleged slander,  to widespread financial impropriety, often by former church members and colleagues, other preachers, and by members of the Christian business community with whom he had been financially associated.,  He was also dropped from the Christian Conference circuit where he had,  in times past once been an invited speaker.,  Read more ...
In the light of the internet video clip of TEAR FUND NZ director Stephen Tellestrup, speaking on behalf of TEAR FUND and of Laidlaw College, being interviewed by anti Israel activist Stephen Sizer of the UK following the promotion of Mr. Sizer in NZ, JJ Prasch of Moriel Ministries extends a public challenge to Tellestrup to a public debate before the NZ Evangelical community. JJ Prasch will be in NZ in late July/early August and a suitable location would be in Christchurch, Auckland, or Wellington to be filmed for DVD and internet webcast. In the UK Stephen Sizer agreed to such a debate on TV but backed down.Read more ...
Christ is coming: Jan Markell, Rick Wiles and the Great Apostasy
As a Christian human rights activist, I never cease to be amazed at how The Guardian under-reports the militant Islamic genocide of African Christians in Sudan, the beheading or hanging of people for becoming Christians in Saudi Arabia, the ‚  Islamic honor killing of over 1,000 women per year in Jordan alone etc., but carries on its orchestrated campaign of bias against the one nation in the Middle East protecting the full religious rights of Arab Christians, and the human rights of women, homosexuals etc, that nation being ‚  Israel. Read more ...
In John's Gospel Jesus spoke of those who persecuted Jewish believers but who thought they were serving God while doing evil (John 16:2 -3). These however were those who so acted because they did not know Jesus or His Father; Chuck Colson however was a man who did evil and claimed to know Jesus and to be "Born Again," the title of his book detailing his testimony of claimed regeneration.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch
There is something both blatantly cowardly and hypocritical about censoring a South Park cartoon about Mohammed, but ‚  having Jesus Christ defecating on George Bush and the American flag.Read more ...
Moriel Ministries regularly receives these kinds of requests:
March 22, 2014  
Jams Jacob Prasch   It was sickos like Fred Phelps preaching a mixture of half-truths and blatant lies that gave the world the ammunition to stereotype all sincere Christians who believe God's Word and trust in Jesus, His death, His Resurrection, and the certain promise of His return.Read more ...

Dan Corner

by James Jacob Prasch
A Hypocrite Among Hypocrites? A Liar Among Liars? Or Is He Both? Most Black African Anglican Christians are conservative Evangelicals looking to the Arch Bishop of Lagos, Nigeria as their spiritual shepherd, not Desmond Tutu. The true leader of African Anglicans. among other issues. is concerned with the plight of the more than one million Nigerian Christians that have been killed by the Moslems in Nigeria in the last generation (which Tutu characteristically ignores), and he decidedly opposes the ordination of homosexuals and lesbians into the Anglican clergy (which Tutu supports). In Africa among his own people, Tutu is in fact a politician who uses the robes of the clergy as a mere publicity tool, and who pretends a concern for human rights, protesting on behalf of the cause of Palestinian Moslems when in fact he is silent in the face of the genocidal extermination of his fellow Black African Christians by the Moslems from Sudan to Somalia, to Northern Nigeria.Read more ...
Anti-American international leftist and former UN bureaucrat Mohammed ElBaradei who pandered to Iran on its quest for the development of nuclear weapons and who wants to recognize the terrorist organization Hamas is true to his opportunist self, wanting Hosni Mubarak's job.
by Jacob Prasch
Roberts Liardon, the publicly exposed homosexual preacher and the defender of heretic William Branham and of Oral Roberts' 900 foot tall Jesus threatening to kill Roberets if he did not come up with millions of dollars by the end of the month to save Robert's now defunct medical institution, is now appointed to run Elim's Kensington Temple Bible institute.
Brother Jacob,
by James Jacob Prasch
Some years ago in the company of the late evangelist Barry Smith I spoke at the predominantly Maori. church of Brian Tamaki , in Rotorua, NZ .
As a Christian activist on behalf of the unspeakable persecution of Christians in Islamic countries (whose plight are nearly ignored by Reuters) I took exception to your misrepresentation of the facts concerning the Israeli construction of a wall on across a few acres of land some distance from the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem to prevent Moslems declaring Rachel"s tomb a mosque and closing it to Christian and Jewish pilgrims.Read more ...
Todd Bentley, the criminally convicted homosexual pedophile turned drunken heretic and adulterer who kicked old ladies in the face and stomach on YouTube at the failed Lakeland, Florida counterfeit revival has entered into a biblically adulterous re- marriage while under a "process of restoration" led by biblically proven false prophet Rick Joyner.Read more ...
An anti-Semite once gave a video of Ted Pike to myself and a Calvary Chapel pastor in the USA. Clearly Ted Pike is a biblically ignorant sort of person with a bigoted disposition towards Jews. ‚  He ‚  attracts conspiracy theorists and other such kooks. He is like a pseudo-sanitized Texxe Marrs. On the video , he packaged half truths in distortions of Scripture.Read more ...
When an Evangelical preacher (whom Moriel and various other ministries distrusted and warned against) was found involved with male homosexual prostitutes and the illegal dangerous drug crystal meth, the mainstream media with its anti-Christian bias had a field day. We at Moriel ‚  had no admiration for Haggert and cautioned people of his involvement with C. Peter Wagner's shenanigans even prior to his being exposed. When Haggert himself was warned by two discernment ministries in partnership with us, he was advised by James Dobson to ignore them and cease correspondence. ‚  Then Dobson was the first to bail out on Haggert. Haggert indeed brought public disgrace to the name and cause of Christ, adding his name to a long list of other theocrats and televangelists who have done the same.
Read more ...
The remarks of Reformed theologian Gary Burge below reflect both the presupposition error of the replacementist supercessionism that forged him theologically, and an obvious omission of examining the New Testament passages dealing with national and territorial Israel, which can only be the product of doctrinal ignorance, scholarly dishonesty, or both.Read more ...
A Review Of Gary S Greig's Pseudo-Scholarly Apologetic For The Unbiblical Antics Of Todd Bentley And The Lakeland, Florida Sequel To The Failed Revivals Of Kansas City, Toronto, And Pensacola
Has Moriel heard of the allegedly "prophetic" ministry of Graham Cooke from Manchester, England who presently is in leadership in a church called "Mission" in California?
by James Jacob Prasch
What do Ted Haggard, Todd Bentley, and Roberts Liardon all have in common?
For years following publication of his demonic book "The Fourth Dimension" Moriel has warned of David Yongee Cho , the Korean pastor who combines Kenneth Copeland style word-faith heresy with Oriental Shammanism and occult visualization techniques claiming "Buddhists and Hindus have known his formula for centuries but now Jesus Christ has revealed it to him". Cho's 'formula' is the bogus notion of Eastern mysticism that the human imagination is one's spirit. His corrupted pseudo theology was a combination of "blab it and grab it" of the money preaching tele-evangelists, gnosticism, and Shammanism.Read more ...
We note that holocaust denier David Irving now to meet with Williamson, was found libel and proven culpable in court where he was successfully sued on the basis of evidence from the UN, Yad V'Shem, The German Government, and The Allied N ƒ ¼rnberg Trials. JJP Read more ...
While Al Dager is responding to the anonymous letter he received on behalf of Media Spotlight (a ministry Moriel endorses and links to), we are in broad agreement with his reply.Read more ...
Moriel Ministries and Jacob Prasch take extreme exception to the long statement highly critical of Chuck Smith, various Calvary Chapels, Roger Oakland and Dave Hunt by Richard Abanes of Saddleback Church in reaction to their expressed position regarding the Purpose Driven agenda of Rick Warren. Mr. Abanes wrote as an apologist for Rick Warren and the Saddleback Purpose Driven ethos.Read more ...
'2020 Painfully Marks The Sixth Christmas That Braxton Caner Will Not Be With His Family Who Will Remain Haunted By An Ugly Tragedy That Never , Ever Should Have Happened'. - YET IT DID.
It is here in Israel, the land of the scriptures that he loved so much that we just learned that our friend & brother Pastor Chuck Smith went home to glory to be with Jesus.
It was with a combination of joy and sadness that we learned of the loss and the gain of our dear friend and sister in Jesus Ruth Hunt, widow of Dave Hunt whom she faithfully stood by in his battle to defend the Body of Christ and proclaim scriptural truth in an age of apostate error.
(Hebrew Year 5769)
J. Jacob Prasch (Rev) " “ Director
A visit to the web site of Robert Sungenis, the premier Roman Catholic apologist who publicly ran scared and backed down from a tentatively agreed debate before impartial language scholars with Jacob Prasch, reveals some interesting material attacking both Israel and biblical Christians recognizing the prophetic purposes of God for Israel and the Jews.Read more ...
If Satan is bound I would like to know who keeps letting him go.
Please Note: The following statement reflects a theological opinion of the author and not a political one in any electoral or partisan sense and does not in its entirety necessarily reflect the views of Moriel).
Bible study tours to Israel and other biblical lands with Jacob Prasch emphasize spiritual, theological, and doctrinal content. Unlike most tours, we avoid becoming pilgrimages, devotional tours, or vacation packages. We visit places of biblical importance and proven archaeological and historical veracity, steering clear of tourist traps and unsubstantiated "holy" sites.Read more ...
It is with sad regrets that Jacob Prasch has had to terminate, by mutual agreement, his appearances on Revelation TV. He cannot in good conscience be broadcast on the same channel as the heretical money preacher Jesse Duplantis whom he regards as a hype artist and a false teacher. Giving a platform to such a figure who discredits the Body of Christ in the eyes of the fallen world, deceives undiscerning and doctrinally ignorant Christians, and denigrates the reputation of Revelation TV. Duplantis damages the plausibility of the Gospel in the eyes of the unsaved by making salvation look like financial con artistry and brings public shame to the name of Jesus. These are repercussions that serve the interest of no one except Satan.Read more ...
Moriel recently received a request from an individual named Beyers Konig to amend a transcibed article '"Jesus In The Talmud" claiming a talmudic reference by Jacob Prasch (also cited by Jews For Jesus, Chuck Missler, Josh McDowell, Riso Santalla and others) was mistaken concerning the messianic prophecies of Daniel 9 and Genesis 49:10.Read more ...
Thank you for your e mail.
While I appreciate John Hagee's support for Israel, he is clearly theologically misguided.
Moriel & James Jacob Prasch have received messages regarding John MacArthur's decision to defy the California state imposed restrictions on church meetings, which has even come to include bans on home meetings & Bible studies (as in Soviet Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & Communist China).
John Paul II is the pope who denounced Born Again Christians as 'rapacious wolves' and called upon the Catholics of Mexico 'to rise up against the Protestants' in a country where church burning is not common.
A number of websites reacted unfavorably to an advertised conference scheduled to take place at the Calvary Chapel in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where Skip Heitzig is pastor. Moriel also posted these reports after being contacted by various Calvary Chapel pastors and people, mainly in the USA. Mr. Sweet is by no scriptural standard a Christian, but by every reasonable standard a New Age mystic and a pure Gnostic. It was therefore with some delight we are informed from the USA that the event has been cancelled.Read more ...
The Content of this letter reflects the views of its author and not necessarily of Moriel apart from purely theological positions. ,  Moriel is not a political agency and takes no partisan position in electoral politics.
Yet even lifeless things, either flute or harp , in producing a sound, if they do not produce a distinction in the the tones, how will it be known what is played ? If the bugle produces an indistinct sound, who will prepare for battle? (1 Corinthians 14: 7-8)
by Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch
Carmen Welker, who calls herself "Rabbi Shali Bat Yehudit", the front woman for a group calling itself "Refining Fire" which denies one God in three Persons (the Person-hood of the Holy Spirit) and promotes mandatory Orthodox Jewish Religious observance for Christians, has again demonstrated the outlandish ignorance to which she subscribes with claims that are beyond buffoonery.
(Please correct us if we are mistaken) Moriel and Jacob Prasch indeed urge serious prayer, fasting, and intercession for Israel & The Jews at this perilous time as the return of Christ draws closer and the advent of the Antichrist draws closer still. What we oppose, however, are immorality, heresy, and lunacy and the Last Days deception these things too often engender. Such madness serves the interest of neither Israel or the church.
Read more ...
Grace and peace be multiply unto you from our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
by James Jacob Prasch
In the recent UK observances of Islamic Awareness Week, the church burnings that are normal Moslem behaviour in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and elsewhere, came home to Great Britain. Islamic gangs hurled anti-white racist insults at an Anglican vicar in a parish church in Bradford, setting alight an automobile parked in front of it, and then attacked the church with the aim of burning it down.Read more ...
Disclaimer: Moriel is not a political organization and our purposes in addressing politically related issues is only where such issues concern and affect Judeo-Christian theology in areas of doctrine and prophecy, Christian and Jewish religious freedom and human rights, and in areas of social morality. While we spiritually and theologically oppose Islam, we do not oppose peaceable moderate Muslims personally and we denounce racism as contrary to the faith to which we ascribe. We electorally sanction NO political party and endorse no political candidates under the auspices of our ministry or organization.
An Afrikaans translation of "Annointing" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
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