James Jacob Prasch

Bali? Wake Up Australia, We Tried to Warn You

Moslems Murder Scores of Australian & British Tourists

Moriel expresses our sincere condolences to the families of the terror victims murdered by the Moslems in Bali.

Recently in Sydney and Melbourne, we warned Australian Christians that the same kind of heathen Islamic barbarism perpetrated against Israel by these demonic savages would soon arrive in Australia from Indonesia.

With 200,000 Christian refugees in East Timor and 20,000 murdered, and 55,000 murdered by the Moslem Abu Sayef in the Philippines, it was inevitable the Islamic invasion would claim Australian lives as it has claimed lives in Israel, New York, and Scotland. It is virtually for certain that the Jamma Ismalia, an Al Qaida affiliate, was involved in the massacre.

The raping of what the Moslem rapists consider "infidel" (non-Moslem) women that abounds in Indonesia, Africa and even Denmark has arrived in Australia, and the same kinds of savages who rioted in the streets of London demanding the murder of a British citizen for writing a book have begun to riot in the streets Australia and to ransack detention centres for not being allowed to illegally enter Australia to spread their barbarism.

When elected governments fail to protect their citizens from genocidal barbarians we see people in desperation turning to racist parties such as Le Pen in France and the British National Party in the UK. The best way to raise up new Pauline Hansens and lose votes to the extreme neo-facist right is not to crack down on Islamic militancy and immigration.

As Moslems send scores of Australians home in body bags from their vacations in Bali, the Moslems continue to fight in the courts in Victoria demanding that the freedom of Christians to address Islamic fundamentalism be restricted, while the Evangelical Arch Bishop of Sydney fights for the rights of Moslems that they would never give a Christian in a Moslem society. As Australia tries to account for its dead exterminated by the Moslems, Australia's "oh... fair go mate" lunatic left - demands that more of them be allowed in.

Wake Up Australia!!!

What Israel, Russia, and Serbia have faced for years, now America , Britain, and Australia and New Zealand must face.

Islam is not a religion of peace and tolerance. The liars who say this cannot produce a single example of a genuine democracy in the Moslem world.

The liars who say this cannot produce a single Islamic country prepared to grant Christians the same rights they demand in Australia and in the West.

The liars who say this cannot produce a single example of a country that has allowed significant Moslem immigration that has not reaped social havoc as a result.

From Islamic apartheid of Malaysia, to Saudi Arabia - the home of Islam where a woman cannot drive a car, to the Abu Sayef in the Philippines, to the genocide right off Australia's northern coast in East Timor, to the persecution of Christians in Nigeria, to the 2.1 million murdered Christians in Sudan, to Israel, Chechnya, and the Balkans ; from the bombing of India's parliament to the Taliban to September 11th, to the Bradford riots, to Lockerbie, to the assassination of Robert Kennedy, to the riots demanding the murder of Salman Rushdie, to the attack on the French Tanker - and now in Bali, the enemy is always the same, and that enemy is fundamentalist Islam and its jihad.

The primary engine of Islamic fundamentalism that engenders terrorism moreover is the Wahab of Saudi Arabia, financed and supported by the House of Saud and the Saudi Arabian government, and Iran. The Saudi despots flog, hang and behead Christians in Saudi Arabia. While funding the construction of mosques, schools, and Islamic institutions all over the world, these evil demonized tyrants will not allow the construction of a single mosque in Saudi Arabia.

We are very sorry this happened, but everyone familiar with Moriel knows that we warned Australia and New Zealand to expect it.

Unless Australia acts against militant Islam and closes Islamic immigration, Bali will only be the beginning. As the Americans, Israelis, and Russians found out - today it is Bali, tomorrow it will be Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

God will bless those nations who stand with Israel (Genesis 12:1-3). And it is crucial that Australia stands by Israel, America, and others in the fight against the demon of fundamentalist Islam, which the fundamentalists themselves rightly claim is true Islam.

It is also crucial that Australia's Christians shun those who compromise with Islam such as Robert Shuller, Paul Crouch and Bill Hybels in the USA and, unless he returns to his senses, Arch Bishop Jensen in Sydney. Pandering to Islam is surrender to Islam. We can be sure no mosque is going to allow a Christian preacher explain the gospel to Moslems as Hybels and Shuller opened their pulpits for a Moslem to explain Islam to Christians. We can also be sure no Moslem cleric will demand a Christian in Saudi Arabia be given the right stop working and pray to Jesus during their work day.

We have warned repeatedly that militant Islam is a scourge of Satan that God allows to reprove the backslidden Christian nations towards repentance.

When the devil is in your bed you don't welcome him with a blanket and a pillow, you throw him out or you will wind up painfully wishing you had.

To the families of the victims we say we are very sorry and you are in our prayers. May God use this outrage to cause bereaved souls to be saved. May God also use this murdering Islamic outrage to wake up Australia to the Islamic threat at its door step and to the plight of Israel and the Jews.

by James Jacob Prasch