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Hi Moriel,
Can you explain this Hebrew Idiom,   and what is the correct English translation.
by Berit Kjos
The Shepherd's Way The Triumph of Patient Submission to God (Esther 1-8) "Can a woman forget her nursing child,
And not have compassion on the son of her womb?
Surely they may forget, yet I will not forget you.
"See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands...",   Isaiah 49:15-16 Read more ...
I watched this [Internet video on a "Greek Jesus or Hebrew Yeshua"] and found it fascinating...The man giving the seminar believes strictly in the text of the Old Testament (does not believe Jesus is the Messiah), but because he is a Hebrew scholar, he is able to shed light on some interesting aspects of the New Testament. Turns out much of the New Testament may have been written first in Hebrew, translated into Aramaic, and then into Greek. Very convincing evidence of this. Hope you can watch....
A reader writes: I am listening to JP right now and heard him say something that I have thought about for a REALLY long time. When Yeshua has the disciples in the upper room for Passover and says "do this in remembrance of Me..." we share the wine and the matza during the seder.....BUT in my church [edited] they have "communion" (isn't that a catholic word???) every month and say as Jesus said to do this as often as you gather and in remembrance of Me. What are they bringing to remembrance? The crucifixion? I want this clarified if possible. I am 99% leaning toward "doing this in remembrance of Me" every year when celebrating Passover to do this. Is this correct or what am I missing? Thank you so much for your help.Read more ...
These assertions are frankly  silly. Whether they relate to Walid's newfound role as an apologist for Roman Catholicism (therefore wanting to discount Rome as villainous) we do not know, but we are reminded that Walid's claim that the mark of the beast is not 666 but an Arabic inscription is an implausible notion is missed by every Greek and Arabic scholar who has his thesis linguistically.Read more ...

Approaching Storm

by Moriel Ztiv
by James Jacob Prasch
Dec 22, 2015

Recently I received two emails from good believing friends concerning non observance of Christmas based on the contents of two articles included below by Alan Franklin and Kevin Kleint. This is my considered response.


I have a very similar attitude as Alan & Pat Franklin towards Christmas. I do not celebrate it as such, recognizing that it’s commercial and aspects (largely borrowed from Pagan influences, such as 'mistletoe') have usurped the centrality of the Nativity. It is also a false method of bringing children happiness. As Moishe Rosen, founder of 'Jews For Jesus' stated: "Sana Clause (father Christmas) is a communist who dresses in red and only gives away things that other people pay for and corrupts children into thinking happiness comes primarily from material things.Read more ...
HARPAZO: The Intra-Seal Rapture of the Church by James Jacob Prasch
Copy-Edited by D. E. Isom When it comes to books devoted to eschatology in general and the Rapture specifically, they often either read like a formal academic argument written solely for the benefit of scholars or employ the use of fiction to avoid directly handling the underlying biblical text. As with Jacob's previous books and exhaustive list of sermons covering nearly every area of theology, Harpazo presents the doctrine of the Rapture and Resurrection in the strictest biblical sense possible, leveraging the handling of Scripture in the same manner as passed along to us by Christ through the Apostles and Early Church of the 1st century.Read more ...

Daughters of Zion

by James Jacob Prasch   One of the most common questions we get asked about is things concerning women and the role of women in the church. We want to look at this question both from a Christian perspective and from a   Jewish perspective. We want to understand it on more than one dimension, so we'll be looking at some 'daughters of Zion'. I have to begin with a few things that most people already know. Let's look first of all at 1 Corinthians.Read more ...

Did Jesus Go to Hell?

I was watching a video podcast by Jacob titled the Devils Algebra. I really enjoyed the podcast however I have one question that has arisen from this podcast. I have tried to search the internet and to search the scriptures as much as possible to come to a conclusion. However I am struggling with this one. Can you explain to me please why Jesus did not go down into hell after he died on the cross. I have read so many differing versions as to what actually happened. This question came to me after Jacob , and rightly so, warned people from the teachings of people like Joyce Meyer and the like. As she says that Jesus went down into Hell in our place so we don't have to. This doesn't sit right for me.
Do Jews Really Believe That Lileth Is A Notorious Demon ?
by J. Jacob Prasch
"˜The Lord Will Make Jerusalem A Heavy Stone And All Who Lift It Will Be Severely Injured' - Zechariah 12:3
Dear Jacob, Over the last several years I have been in some pretty intense debate with a friend of mine over a doctrine that I'm sure you are familiar with called "the serpent seed" doctrine.,   I do not believe it to be true and actually find it quite disturbing to say the least.,   I look forward to Moriel's "Be Alert".,   When ever I see it in my mailbox I open it right away.,   I just received the latest and it has an article called "ministry of lies"...the author of this article seems to support "the serpent seed" doctrine.,   My question you believe in the doctrine of the serpent seed?,   I'm also having a hard time with the book of Enoch and how it is being quoted by some whom I have tremendous respect for...could you give me a brief thought about the book of Enoch and how we as Christians should view it given some of the crazy things written in it?Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
We are preparing to do a show on the "Word faith" movement.,   I met with a Pastor who is a big proponent of this movement.,   He claims that in Isaiah 53:5, the word "healed" means physical healing as well as spiritual healing.,   Thus he claims if we have enough faith we should be healed of any physical problems we face.
There is some very interesting background teaching commentary to an event we see after Yeshua's triumphal entry into Jerusalem. In Matthew 21:14 it says, "And the blind and the lame came to Him in the temple, and He healed them."(NASB). Not only does this material shed light on the significance of this action by our Messiah, but it also gives some thought-provoking insights into the ways Yeshua will deal with His people in the days to come.Read more ...
The Academy of Hillel taught that the 15th of Shvat is the New Year for Trees. Talmud Tractate Rosh ha Shana. Reckoned to be the day when trees stop absorbing water from the ground and instead draw nourishment from their sap. Tithes for the fruit of trees had to be given from each year's growth separately and it was consequently necessary to determine when the New Year begins for this purpose. Most of the rains had fallen before this date, so that the fruit that blossomed after the date belonged to the next year for tithing purposes. Time to collect money to plant trees in Israel. In Israel it has become an agricultural festival. Custom to eat fruits from the seven species for which land of Israel is praised. (Deut 8:8) A land of wheat and barley, and vines and fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and date honey. Read more ...

Isaiah 53:9

The Theology of Scripture vs. the Pseudo-Theology of Apostasy, Heresy and Idiocy In the sphere of Jewish evangelism Isaiah 53 is sometimes wrongly called "The Forbidden Chapter" because it is nt included in the liturgical Haf Torah readings in the synagogue Siddur. The reason for its omission is in fact pre- Christian, dating back to the proto-Hasmonean period when Torah reading was outlawed by pagan Selucid authorities so Jews sought broad thematically comparable ritual readings to what the Torah portion or Paroch Ha Shavua would have otherwise been. In fact, the Hebrew liturgical poet Eliezer Ha Kalir incorporated the reading of Isaiah 53 into the Yom Kippur Maqzor for a liturgical reading on the Day of Atonement in the Middle Ages. In Judaism, the actual "Forbidden Chapter" which Jews are exhorted not to read in rabbinic commentary is Daniel 9 predicting the death of the Messiah prior to the destruction of the Second Temple which transpired in 70 AD. Its reading is specifically discouraged because "the time of Messiah's coming is foretold in it".Read more ...
In the above article (regarding Mark Driscoll) we highlighted the fact the Word of God in some places and in some contexts makes use of direct terms, earthly expressions of reality to drive certain theological or doctrinal points. However, we may rest assured that in the cultural context and Sitz im Leben of the Ancient Near East they would not sound as crude as such an illustrated meaning may in modern Western society. (As any missionary in the Third World knows, many taboos are culturally and geographically relevant and are often defined by local tribal custom).
The Saltshaker's website has just made an audio sermon available where Jacob takes a parallel with Judges 11 and shows the lesson to be learned through Jephthah in concert with a view of current events in Israel. It can be found be visiting their website here.
Question: A certain sect has argued that the resurrection of Jesus was on a Jewish Sabbath. Is this possible?
Each of the sermons from last week's "2010 Prophecy Conference" in El Centro, CA is now available online here. The speakers and their sessions were as follows:
"Now the remainder of the deeds of of Abijah, and his ways and words are written in the 'MIDRASH' [ — ž – ´ — “ – ° — ¨ – · – – — © —  ] of the Prophet Iddo". (2 Chronicles 13:22)
One of the things that is extremely important to us as believers, is a right apprehension of the nature and character of God. If our trust in God's goodness or His beneficial disposition towards us is compromised, it leaves us vulnerable to spiritual seduction and demonic attack.
One of the things that is extremely important to us as believers, is a right apprehension of the nature and character of God. If our trust in God's goodness or His beneficial disposition towards us is compromised, it leaves us vulnerable to spiritual seduction and demonic attack.
by Scott Noble
Oct 20, 2015 
As the bumper sticker says, "I wasn't born in Iowa, but I moved there as soon as I could." Well, I did live in Iowa for about ten years, and Boston is a long ways from Iowa. Who would have thought, a church that by many accounts is considered to be a cult, which has roots in Boston, would be operating within biking distance of our residence? Actually we live in Thailand now, but the International Church of Christ, which didn't start, but blossomed in Boston in the nineteen eighties to nineties, and has older roots going back to the nineteenth century (Alexander Campbell and associates roots), has even more influence here in Thailand than I've seen in Iowa (though maybe I just didn't see that influence there). I can think of at least five spheres of influence here in our city which are spreading the false doctrine of baptismal regeneration-- the belief that a person is not born again until they are baptized. In that belief salvation is water dependent, in contrast to the biblical doctrine that our sins are washed away by our Lord Jesus Christ's precious blood (Revelation 1:5). 
A visitor to the Moriel website wrote in an email:
Shalom Jacob.
An Afrikaans translation of ¢ €Ephesus" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
An Afrikaans translation of "Legacy of Jacob" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
Please click here for Afrikaans translation of "All That Can Be Shaken".
Japanese transcription of Jacob's sermon "Book Of Jonah" is now available on the online sermons page listed under the "Japanese" tab.
A Japanese translation of,   "Burning Bush" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of,   "Judge Not" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of,   "Road to Emmaus" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of,   "Typology of the FirstBorn" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of,   "Future History of the Church Part 1" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of,   "Typology of the Temple" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of "Parable of the Wedding Feast" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of "Vectors" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of "The Great Church Robbery" is now available on from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of "Seven Churches of Revelation Introduction and Ephesus" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Japanese translation of "Once Saved, Always Saved" is now available from the Online Sermons page.,  
A Japanese translation of "Daughters of Zion" €  is now available from the Online Sermons page.
Japanese transcriptions of Jacob's sermons "Mezuzot - The Doorposts" and "Jesus in the Garden" are now available on the online sermons page listed under the "Japanese" tab.
A Japanese translation of "Church of Pergamum "  is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Polish translation of "Binding and Loosing" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Polish translation of "The Last Revival" is now available from the Online Sermons Page.
Please click here for a Polish sermon of "House of David/House of Saul" by James Jacob Prasch.
Please click here  for a Polish teaching of "Abraham's Journey" by James Jacob Prasch.
Please click here to read "Hillsong Embraces Chrislam".
Please click here to view "The Anointing" in Polish.
A Spanish translation of "Abraham's Journey" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Spanish translation of "A Chink in the Armor" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
Since Noah knew about clean and unclean animals (Gen. 7:1-10), this distinction was part of an ancient tradition that antedated the Mosaic Law. Whether a creature was "clean" or "unclean had nothing to do with the animal being "good" or "bad", "strong" or "weak"; it all depended on what God said about the animal that mattered. When He gave us these laws, He probably had the health of His people in mind (Ex. 15:26; Deut. 7:15), yet the main purpose of Kashrut (or the dietary laws) was to instruct the Israelites that they belonged to God and were obligated to keep themselves separated from everything that would defile them. "Be holy, for I am holy" He tells them 8 times in Leviticus.
Jacob's overview of Hebrews 11 titled "Hope for the Hopeless" is now available to read online or download at your convenience. All transcribed sermons may be found on the main Sermons page.
Both of Jacob's sermons "Hannukah, Part 1" and "Hanukkah, Part 2" have been reformatted and are now available for online reading or to be downloaded and read at your convenience. The Sermons page provides a list of all available sermons transcribed and available online.
Question: I had a quick question in Matthew 27:9 it says the prophecy of that the prophecy about the 30 pieces of silver and the purchase of the potter's field is found Jeremiah. In the old testament is found in the prophet Zechariah.
How do we reconcile that from a Jewish perspective? The only thing I can think of is that Jeremiah is the first book in the section of the prophets. Not sure if there is another explanation.Read more ...
Please click here to read the article "Prophets Who Prophesy in My Name" in a pdf file
To: James Jacob Prasch,
This summary I found on the internet seems correct:
"In the Millenium, there will be a Temple and at the Temple sacrifices will be made to atone for sin. Why is this? Surely Yeshua has atoned once and for all for sin? Can you pleased explain the significance of this?"
I am sorry to trouble you with this question but hope you can help.
Question What does Paul mean by praying in the Spirit? Eph 6:18 mentions it. Jude mentions it V.20 Is Praying in the Spirit related to a prayer language 1 Cor 14:14? "For if I pray in a tongue (other language) my spirit prays but my mind is unfruitful". If it is related to prayer language, and it is a gift of the Spirit, can all believers pray in the Spirit or in a prayer language?Read more ...
Greeting in jesus christ our lord and saviour, god bless, can you help me out on a quirey do you no,  why jesus christ took up his minstry aged around 30? and can it be proven why he took up his ministry age around 30? and why didnt he start his ministry before 30?,  thank youRead more ...
How to I tell my brother that there are no more apostles after Paul? He attends a church that invites various apostles and female pastors to come and speak. Most of the pastors are married to female pastors. They buy $30 Hebrew prayer shawls to cover up the women when they fall back into a trance and seem to pass out. The pastor shouts, pauses and waits for a drummer to slam a drum whenever he shouts something like "Stomp on him!" (meaning the devil) and many other catchy commands. How did they ever come up with more apostles?
What might be the greater spiritual meaning of Joseph's gifts to Benjamin?
A reader submitted the following question:
Dear Jacob,
A Reader Writes: Jacob, Bro, I'm preparing a five part teaching on The United States in Prophecy. I'd like some input from you on something. What do you think about Ezek. 38:13 and the reference to the young lions of Tarshish (KJV)? Have you done a study on this as to whether or not it is a possible reference to the United States? Just wondering. God bless.Read more ...
Eric Lyons, M.Min
Apologetic Quotation marks in written texts are often very beneficial to the reader. They help the reader know exactly when a person is speaking. They also help the reader understand exactly what the person has said. Did the husband merely say that he appreciated his wife, or did he tell his wife: "I love you more than life itself"? Did Patrick Henry merely ask for freedom, or did he cry, "Give me liberty or give me death"? Did Abraham Lincoln state, "About 90 years ago, our pappies started a country," or did he actually say, "Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation"? Quotation marks help the reader to know the difference between an actual quote and a paraphrase of what was said.Read more ...
I am a Christian apologist deeply involved in studying the Yoma 39 passage and such. I have an important question to ask Jacob Prasch. ,  It is a question I cannot seem to get clear answers about.
Yeshua warned blatantly about and against those taking upon themselves the religious titles of both "father" and "rabbi", because both usurp the place of God as our one true Father and our one true Teacher (rabbi meaning teacher but deriving from the Hebrew term "great"). Just as we have Roman Catholic clergy wrongfully calling themselves "father", today in the Messianic Movement we have many kooks calling themselves "Rabbi" (some of whom are not even ethnically Jewish and most of whom never trained as rabbis, never studied rabbinics or talmudic Judaism, and in the majority of cases can't even speak Hebrew).

Repentance of Sins

Question:   Recently on Rapture Forums a woman wrote in and asked: Do I need to keep repenting for those sins? "How many times do I need to repent?   In his answer: Pastor Adrian says   "No, not unless you commit fresh sins. But then it is a matter of confessing them, not repenting.   Repentance is what brought you to God. "Read more ...

Rhyme and Reason

to watch this very short video of a sermon done in rhyme.
Jacob's sermon "Christian Cults" is now available for listening or reading online. This teaching explains the difference between "Christian" cults and other types of cults. "Christian" cults are actually organizations who may actually preach the Gospel but incorporate false doctrine as opposed to out-and-out cults which don't preach the true Gospel such as Mormonism or Jehovah's Witnesses.
Jacob's sermon "House of David/House of Saul" has been reformatted and published online. Using 1 & 2 Samuel as the foundational text, this is an excellent study which explains why there are struggles within the church itself and the biblical principles at work. A list of all available sermons which have been transcribed and made available online can be reviewed on the Sermons page.
by By Pat Franklin
Dec 13, 2010
Teaching by Jacob Prasch The Nativity account in the Bible is not just the literal history of Christ's first advent.,   It also reveals what it will be like just before the Lord Jesus comes again!,   Bible teacher Jacob Prasch, known for his,  insights, opened the Nativity scriptures* to us at our church in England.,   If you want to know what the time will be like, and who will and will not be ready to meet King Jesus, read on. Read more ...

The Humble Place

All of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility. 1 Peter 5:5
" ¯ » ¿Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus, ¯ » ¿who... made Himself of no reputation, taking the form ¯ » ¿ ¯ » ¿of a bondservant, and ¯ » ¿ ¯ » ¿coming in the likeness of men. ¯ » ¿And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and ¯ » ¿ ¯ » ¿became ¯ » ¿obedient to the point of death..." Philippians 2:5 Read more ...

The Name of the Lord

And it will come about that whoever calls on the name of the LORD Will be delivered... Joel 2:32
by Tony Sasse
There are 4 Laws that affect everyone.
Jacob recently responded to the question of Jesus and the donkeys as recorded in the Gospels:
A Reader Writes: Hi Jacob, I hope your USA trip is going well.,   A friend of mine had a question they wanted me to ask you about the Azazel scapegoat.,   He was under the impression that the scapegoat and the sacrificial goat were types of Christ and what He did; one goat sacrificed and the other led to the wilderness, etc.,   He said he looked up the Azazel scapegoat in Encyclopedia Judaica and saw in the Book of Enoch that the Azazel name is demonic there and the sources call Azazel a demon.,   He's not sure what the Azazel goat originally meant in its Mosaic context and when it began to be viewed as demonic by some Jewish sources.,   He wanted to hear your take on the Azazel scapegoat.,   If you have a teaching that deals with this that is recorded I can just make a copy of that to give him.,   I couldn't think of a CD that specifically dealt with the scapegoat in depth.,   I hope all is well with you and that you are in good health.
God bless you and encourage you in these days.Read more ...
A few years ago I asked about Dr. Fruchtenbaum's sources regarding the "3 messianic miracles". I was sent a prescribed answer Arnold wrote with regard to this question (which I would guess many people have asked him). Is there any more information regarding this question of sources? This is enlightening background but without sources to know where these ideas came from "“ it looses a bit of credibility (which is a shame). I am not being critical, I would just like to know what I learn or pass on to others is correct.
By James Jacob Prasch
As the book of Daniel teaches it is God who removes and establishes kings, and as we see in the books of Kings and Chronicles nations get the leaders they deserve.
Click here to view Jacob on Revelation TV in March 3, 2011.
Love never fails; but if there are gifts of prophecy, they will be done away; if there are tongues, they will cease; if there is knowledge, it will be done away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part; but when the perfect comes, the partial will be done away. When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things. For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face; now I know in part, but then I will know fully just as I also have been fully known. But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love. (1 Co 13:8"“13)
By Mark LR Mullins
This article appears by courtesy of "Contending Earnestly For The Faith" (CEFT) & CWM (Australia).
A study in the Pastoral Epistles. to view "Who Should Lead and Who Should Not".
I'm writing to ask for something to be clarified from an article which Jacob wrote and that was published in the Moriel Quarterly "“ December 2009, The Road to Emmaus.