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Jacob Prasch preaching in northern Thailand and holding "Little Moses". the baby of a former Bhuddist monk who was saved under the ministry of Moriel and its Thailand administrator Scot Noble".
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Dear believers in grace, Merry Incarnation Day!,   Though we are "prison singers," (behind a few bars and missing the key) we went out caroling twice last week.,   On Wednesday a group from Youth for Christ came here and we went to two different houses (they are actually pretty good singers).,   Then, on Saturday we took Khae's English/Bible class out to sing at five more houses.,   Most of these houses were very surprised to see us.,   We sang songs, gave them a tin of cookies, shared a short message and gave them gospel tracts.,   This is a great opportunity at Christmas time to share the gospel. In our Saturday class, one of the boys wears an idol necklace and says he doesn't believe in God.,   Last week I asked him if he believed the pen he was holding had a maker.,   He said yes.,   Then, I told him that we don't see the maker of the pen, but that the pen is the evidence that there is a maker.,   Then, I asked him which is more complex- the pen or the human body.,   Obviously the human body is.,   And, I asked him which is more complex- an airplane, a computer, or a tree.,   He said an airplane.,   I asked him, "do we have factories for making airplanes and computers?",  ,   He said, "yes.",   "Do we have factories for making trees?",   He said "no." This is beyond human capability.,   Trees are "high tech," whereas computers and airplanes are "low tech" in comparison.,   It's a blessing to have these students come study with us.,   Normally we teach the students English and Bible for two hours.,   Recently we decided to expand the program to include a Christian movie and lunch.,   So, the students are excited about that, and they get more gospel input through the movie. One of the girls in this class has been coming with us to church also.,   We went to her house caroling also.,   Her parents died not long ago and she now lives with her Aunt and Uncle.,   Please pray for her Aunt and Uncle, too as they are facing a big financial debt.,   But, they seemed open to the gospel when we went caroling there. Also, we went to a wheelchair distribution last week and saw two of my former students from the junior high school.,   We gave them some tracts and talked with them about the gospel some more, and made some balloons for them, too. The Women's prison has recently moved.,   Here are some pictures of the old prison with the guards and prisoners getting ready to leave.,   Because of this move we have not been there to teach for a few weeks now, but hope to go to start up at their new location in January. Attached here is a paper I wrote about mysticism in the 12th and 13th centuries and how these ideas are still affecting people today. In Christ, Scott.
Dear believers in grace,
Jacob's Trip
It was a blessing to see Jacob here last month.  He preached a message on Sunday, which I thought was an excellent message.  It’s uploaded to YouTube here… 
Women’s Prison
The following day we went to the Women’s Prison to hold a church service there.  About 150 ladies were there.  The praise and worship was really uninhibited, and there were lots of “Amens” during the messages also.  It’s different from going to a typical Thai worship service outside, where they might have a lot of noise, but the atmosphere is different.  Jacob preached there about the Last Days, and I translated.  With time constraints it was a fairly short message, but really got them interested in the topic (which we hope to teach about more month by month), talking about “birth pangs,” which many of them could relate to, as this is a biblical metaphor used regarding the End Times.
One of the ladies in our weekly English class there showed a strong interest in the gospel.  Please pray for her and others who may not outwardly show an interest, but who are thinking nonetheless.
Shan Camp
We went to a Shan work camp not far from our house and gave them a lamb to eat.  Jallay preached in Shan about the Passover and how Jesus is the Lamb of God.  After that we gave an invitation and about ten of the adults raised their hands to pray with us.  In Thai/Burmese culture this may or may not mean they really were touched and want to get right with God.  Sometimes people may raise their hands just to be friendly or because the message sounded good, but not necessarily that they will commit their lives fully to Jesus.  We need to follow up with them.
Khae’s Testimony
Khae had a chance to share her testimony in English last month and she spent about 6 hours writing it out again.  The way she wrote it this time I thought was really good.  I’m attaching that here.
Also, here are some pictures of Micah with Jacob and also of our time at the prison.  We went to a friend's birthday party last month and I prayed for him.  During the prayer Micah said "Amen" all throughout the prayer.  I think Micah's a pentecostal ?