Moriel Thailand Missions Newsletter November 2012

Dear believers in grace,

Yesterday was the first day of the term for me at the college.,   This term I'm just teaching 4 hours a week instead of 6 like last term.,   And, I've decided to drop the junior high classes.,   Last term at the college, out of 44 students, I gave 24 of them F's.,   Compared to my university classes of old, the most I failed in one term was 9 students from about the same # of students.,   I simplified my college class as much as I could (e.g. at the university I taught and tested the students on about 600 new words, whereas at the college only about 100 new words).,   So, I think the F's were justified.,   This term I have most of the same students.

One of these students, who came with us for the camp September 29/30 has decided to become a Christian. ‚   I just saw today on her Facebook page that she's changed her religion status. ‚   And, yesterday in class she wrote something about Jesus on her student name card. ‚   She plans to come with us to church tomorrow. ‚   This is encouraging. ‚   I wish there were more, but broad is the way to destruction. ‚   We still have the after school Bible study for these students also.

Khae's Dad had a rough week at home. ‚   Last Sunday morning Khae's Mom woke up at 4 am ‚  and came to the Dad's room to ask him ‚  if he's going to church. ‚   He said yes, at which she scolded him severely. ‚   He still went to church that day. ‚   A couple of days later, she told him that he's not related to her. ‚   They're only related by marriage, so that's in effect saying that he's not her husband.

We plan to go visit the sunken ship community soon. ‚   Please pray for us and that community. ‚   Also, please let us know if we can pray for any of you about something.

In Christ,