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by Brian Brodersen
(Note: This is the last article in a five part series on the Emerging Church)
The entire conference Jacob is speaking at this weekend beginning tonight (Thursday) is available at All times are for Arizona, USA.
A Japanese translation of "Hannukah" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
Please click here for Polish translation of "How to be Canonized a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church".


Click here to view a commercial for Priest-Off.
Dear Jacob,
I am from a small town in South Africa (Springfontein, Free State). In my home and also in our home church, we are blessed tremendously by your teachings. Thank you very much for that. At the moment we are busy with a bible study on Genesis. On this I have two questions:
J.Oswald Sanders
We, Pittsburgh Moriel folk, just come home from the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference. I am always blessed meeting other believers in the Lord from different walks of life. Winnipeg was no exception.