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Ahab, Jezebel & Mohammed

The death of boxer Mohammed Ali (Cassius Clay) dwarfed the media coverage on the death of Queen Jezebel (Jan Crouch).

As we know, the instant he arrived in eternity the boxer wished he had never changed his name to Mohammed or embraced the racist variation of the Nation of Islam of Wallace Fard, Elijah B. Mohammed, or Malcom X (whom the former is said to have had murdered). The boxer knew immediately he had wasted his life pursuing a lie, that Islam is not true, and that he was not as he claimed “the Greatest”. In the end he was a deceived loser who likely lost his soul for all eternity.

I take no delight in this. I would have preferred that he turned to Jesus before it was too late.

In a sickening parody of Ahab & Jezebel mimicking Jim and the late Tammy Bakker, Jan Crouch, the wife of the late Paul Crouch – whose financial and moral shenanigans were openly confronted even by members of her own family, gave up the ghost almost simultaneously with Mohammed Ali.

Paul Crouch was reported on the front pages of the LA Times daily three days consecutively for the $425,000 in hush money included in a legal settlement with secrecy clauses about charges of homosexuality. Jan was actually filmed, while Paul was alive and married to her, in an amorous embrace of an actor who played Jesus at their theme park in Orlando at night in the parking lot. Little of this mattered, however, to their die hard supporters and followers. Like the Bakkers, the Crouches were people who actually began right with integrity, honest motives, and a scriptural Gospel – only to become corrupted by religious pride, the love of money, and immorality. As with 'Jim & Tammy' the Crouches became vehicles of Satan to discredit the Body of Christ, distort the Gospel of Jesus into a financial con-job, and to propagate heresy and false prophecy among undiscerning believers of the type whom St. Paul described as “wanting to have their ears tickled” (2 Timothy 4:3) whose ranks would swell in the last days. TBN was transformed by Crouch into a platform to make the term “Born Again” a household joke.

To be sure, the PTL Club, proven false prophet and conniver Pat Robertson's CBN, and Howard Condor's Revelation TV were and are none better. TV was too powerful a medium God could use for good, so Satan needed to corrupt it and he found a willing agent in Jan Crouch.

As her late husband Paul on TV literally denounced doctrine (the teaching of Jesus) as “excrement”, Jan exclaimed that those critical of the apostate doctrine, bogus prophecy and financial con artistry continually broadcast on TBN were “going straight to hell”. In defiance of 1 Corinthians chapter 5 which forbids followers of Jesus from being associated with “so called brethren” who are swindlers, figures from Greg Laurie to Ed Hindson appeared regularly on TBN lending that mouthpiece of Satan an artificial credibility to merchandise its heretical wares.

New Testament guidelines for Christian women to adorn themselves modestly were jettisoned by Jan Crouch and Tammy Bakker and their clones in favor of cakes of makeup and cosmetics with laughable hair styles that caused the world to mock her as a whorish looking gaudy old hag.

Jan Crouch literally dressed and resembled the Whore of Babylon in Revelation chapters 17&18, thinking of herself in the same character: “I sit as a queen and no sorrow will overtake me” (Revelation 18:7). Well, like Tammy Bakker, Jan Crouch now understands – she was wrong.

From Paul White to Juanita Bynum to Hillsong's Bobbi Houston, to Cindy Jacobs and Gloria Copeland -and other such daughters of Queen Jezebel who backslidden churches tolerate (Revelation 2:20), we see in them the very nature of spiritual seduction incarnated. Like wicked Queen Athaliah they manipulate and connive. Yet in the end, the ultimate victims of their deception are always themselves.

I pronounce no judgments concerning these women. Yet I do know what God has already judged in His Word. Jan Crouch served Satan, not God.