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  StreetPreachers are thrown in jail while radical moslems and militant  LGBTQ activists are allowed to openly peddle their wares unhindered.Read more ...

5 steps to ... "heaven"?!

The notion that the 5 steps proposed by David Lazarus that Israeli believers ought to take are things nearly all believers already , at least in principle, agree with. His abject and unscriptural argument that the lobbying of the Israeli government by philo-Semitic and pro zionist Christians abroad on behalf of the Body of Messiah in Israel is an "either - or " situation  to his 5 steps is an unscriptural and illogical proposition.

OBITUARY - Pastor John Phillips


Those who try to deconstruct the Trinity

Those who try to deconstruct the Trinity
by Sandy Simpson, 5/13/19
It seems that we are approaching the end game of sorts in Ukraine. Putin appears to have (almost) placed all his cards on the proverbial war table.
 The tributes for the Queen are unreservedly appropriate. She has been the Monarch whom the most people in the world can remember. 
WOKE REVISIONISM AND POST COLONIAL REALITY The actual legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. 'Woke' revisions.
By  Rubin Rothler LLB, LLM.
Mikhail Gorbachev inherited a situation from an entrenched Stalinist gerontocracy  that was impossible to salvage. Economically, politically, and strategically, his well-intended policies of Glasnost and Perestroika were too little too late. 
College tuition and fees in the US have grown and outstripped inflation to the point where US institutions of higher learning are sitting on a cash mountain of $200 billion dollars.
Salman Rushdie has spent most of his adult life as a marked man. The recent heinous assault he endured was decades in the making.Read more ...
The nebulous history of Israeli-Iranian relations. By Rubin Rothler LLB, LLM
Seeking to embellish her legacy as Speaker of the House, Pelosi scheduled a highly publicized trip to Taiwan despite warnings from China.
Could Biden Face Impeachment by the next Congress ? by Rubin Rothler LL. B , LL.M
Much is at stake in the forthcoming midterm elections this fall. Read more ...
For an exhausting fifth time in three and a half years, Israelis will once again be going to the polls to elect a new government in the Knesset. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid announced they would move to dissolve their doomed ruling coalition, just over a year after it was formed.
MORIEL EDITORIAL OF THE WEEK: Boris, Biden, and Bill by Rubin Rothler, LL. B, LL. MRead more ...

The Abrahamic Accords by Rubin Rothler LLB, LLM

The Abraham Accords were the crowning achievement of Trump's foreign policy.
The main meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) was held at the end of May, 2022 in Davos, Switzerland. It gathered together our neo-feudal overlords of the micro-caste corporate aristocracy.
Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has somewhat lacked the resolute raison d'etre for its continuation that it once had. It was supposed to be an alliance to protect Europe against potential Soviet aggression.
Voting Rights or Voting Wrongs ? by Rubin Rothler Ll.B, Ll.M
THE UKRAINE - THE UNDER REPORTED REALITIES The USA, UK, EU, Russia, The Baltic States, Bylorus, Germany, And Israel Are All Key Players - But Why Are So Many Of The Key Realities Being Under Reported?Read more ...




Will The British Monarchy Remain Viable?

The Israeli Military Intelligence Industrial Complex : Unique in its Class
France's newest rising star is an enigmatic politician. A darling of the political right, Jean Marie Zemmour is also a Jewish intellectual. He is praised for his down to earth, matter of fact speaking style at political rallies.
'Elijah and The Olivet Discourse' PART III
Concerning a recent pathetic tirade which we only reluctantly address

Famous Teachers gone Bad


Joseph Prince’s Jesus or Bible Jesus?

This is a much-needed message regarding Joseph Prince that is best presented by another Chinese Singaporean rather than by a Westerner.Read more ...

Lessons from Britain's Brexit breakthrough

This New Year’s day, Britain finds itself in a position that few expected even as late as last week.
With the arrival of 2021, it regains its status as an independent, sovereign nation governed by laws passed by its own democratically elected parliament free of control by a foreign power. Brexit has finally been achieved.
For those squinting at Britain from elsewhere, how this came about and what it amounts to might appear both bewildering and irrelevant to any other country’s concerns.
Upcoming Event! Live Zoom & Moriel TV Bible Study with James Jacob Prasch
Upcoming Event! Live Zoom & Moriel TV Bible Study with James Jacob Prasch
Upcoming Livestream Bible Study with James Jacob Prasch
Saturday, March 20, 2021 4 p.m. PST, 7 p.m. EST, 11 p.m. GMT

Defender & Perhaps Today Ministries presents a live Zoom broadcast “Last Days Church Perspectives” with Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries In this “At the Table Series” with Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries. Jacob will explore and provide perspectives on what the Word of God says surrounding events and the Church in these Latter Days.

MORIEL ANNOUNCEMENT - midweek bible study

We will resume Wednesday Bible Studies on RTN TV at 7:00pm British Time next Wednesday (12:00 noon EST, 9:00am PST)



Thanksgiving message from MORIEL.tv


Jacob Prasch teaching on Psalm 11 - home bible study


In Memory of Braxton Caner

'2020 Painfully Marks The Sixth Christmas That Braxton Caner Will Not Be With His Family Who Will Remain Haunted By An Ugly Tragedy That Never , Ever Should Have Happened'. - YET IT DID.

Happy Womb Day! Jonah Ritter

Obviously Mother's Day not "Womb Day." But is Mother's day any less sexist? Many "woke" activists believe "Mother's Day" is sexist.

Moriel has a Spanish Channel!!

Moriel has a Spanish Channel!!
Sergio Mariani has begun a series on the book of Romans.

8 Signs of the Antichrist


I'm Shocked! - They said it was Copyrights


Listen to Jacob on the Moriel Podcast


Watch Live IN Focus on RTNTV.org

Good day brothers and sisters, we have a new video that I just posted on MorielTV. It's a promo for the new In Focus Program Watch Live IN Focus on RTNTV.orgRead more ...
Good morning brothers and sisters,
please see, "Compilation Questions by Jacob Prasch" on MorielTV. m

Read more ...

Christ "Is Returning! Is this the 4th Reich?"

Another new Moriel video: Christ "Is Returning! Is this the 4th Reich?"
7 Pretrib Problems and the Prewrath Rapture (Full Movie) Read more ...

Amir Tsarfati - Cyber Bully - MTV

Amir Tsarfati - Cyber Bully - MTV Read more ...
His writings and a post-script from the present day, 50 years on

The Jezabel Question

This very recent, timely and necessary article authored by Lynn & Sarah Lesley was not in any way commissioned by Moriel , RTN, or any adjuncts of such , but is webposted by consent of Herescope. We do however commend its doctrinal, theological, and factual accracy and thank the authors for producing it.

If I be Lifted Up - New Promo Aug 2020

Blessings in Jesus dear brethren.
RTN is designed to operate as a multifaceted independent platform for webcasting, complete with its own server, technical crew, TV channels, RTN Christian Radio, its own Facebook page and blog site as well as podcasting and its own App. Though still in joint development by Genesis Christian Radio, Radio Azimuth TV, Moriel, Devore Truth, Fellowship Bible Chapel, Apologetics Coordinating Team (ACT) and others, it has been no small venture.


Moriel & James Jacob Prasch have received messages regarding John MacArthur's decision to defy the California state imposed restrictions on church meetings, which has even come to include bans on home meetings & Bible studies (as in Soviet Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & Communist China).

Tim Wirth's Website

Some time ago Moriel dismissed a Mr. Tim Wirth for reasons of ineptitude and financial ethics. His endless appeals for money that continue to this moment, beseeching Christians to subsidize his failure as a fired disc jockey and unsuccessful rock musician became ridiculous and embarrassing. Money borrowed was never repaid and his work quality & reliability were highly inadequate.

The Rant of the Desperate


New Moriel TV video: A word of encouragment


Unmasking Other Jesuses


The "New Old Lie"

Jacob looks at world trends in church understanding and the feminist agenda.

Beginning Birth Pangs

Jacob looks at world events including 911, recent wars, COVID 19 China, the economic crash, earthquakes, political events and technology, and how the church is involved and our role in it.

The Devil's Triangle


James Jacob Prasch would indeed be happy to debate Chris Roseborough on the diversionary issue of 'The Metatron'
in a second public debate in Jerusalem as is proposed, once the actual John Mac Arthur/ Doreen Virtue issue that 
Mr. Roseborough himself initially and publicly accosted Jacob Prasch for on video, is first debated.



It has been Moriel's policy to ignore the diatribes of Bill Randles, an unsuccessful pastor & author, as we have stated all we needed to and choose to deny him the attention he seems to crave since pulpit as a pastor and platform as an author no longer accord him the recognition he once had, but largely no longer does.

The 666 Virtue of Chris Rosebrough

This is a "Docu-Film" exposing some of Chris Rosebrough's dangerous doctrines and teachings that many of his audience are not aware of.

Moriel Podcast, June 2020


Pre Trib Confusion Part 3

In public reply to Mr. Roseborough’s support of John Mac Arthur’s position on accepting the ‘mark of The Beast’ and still being saved in league with Doreen Virtue & Phil Johnson, I extended to him a willingness to debate these issues he raised on live-stream (I also expressed my willingness to bring my ID and DNA report if he was interested, although this was not the issue).
Ancient Walls
The Great Wall of China (which contrary to popular myth is not visible from outer space) was built to keep people out.  Nowadays it has the opposite effect—attracting tourists to China to come see this Great Wall.  Communist China raised up “walls” to keep Christian missionaries out.  This also had an opposite effect—underground churches flourished and native missionaries sprung up.  Another religion foreign to China, rushing into the spiritual vacuum created by Communism, was Buddhism-- which has also experienced a surge in popularity.  
My anger is over the top in this piece, but I consider it Righteous Indignation:Read more ...
As much as I welcome, the Archbishop of Canterbury for his solidarity with the Chief Rabbi's stance on Jeremy Corbyn, I do not welcome the so-called support of Muslim Council of Britain, because, what is the difference between Adolph Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajimi Al-Alhusseini during the European Jewry Holocaust?

Israeli NAR Leaders at MEHR 2020

This from our friends at NARWatch Israel,it is a fully English version with English audio of a video originally published in Hebrew here ()
Read more ...
The following is a copy of the comment that was made publicly and directly to Bill Randles, by Sergio Mariani. Sergio is a retired police officer who formerly was appointed by Bill Randles to be part of the media team for believer's in grace church.  His statement was issued independently without any reference from or to, or without any input from Moriel Ministries:
Points Against A Double End Times Theophany by Scott Noble
(The Two Witnesses of Rev 11 are not the Father and the Holy Spirit)
The board of Moriel Ministries finds that Moriel Ministries can no longer be supportive of the ministry of Bill Randles due to doctrinal differences.
Following April’s election, the decisive factor causing irreconcilable divisions that ended up scuttling coalition formation talks was the proposed Haredi Military Draft Law. Netanyahu’s major coalition partner Avigdor Lieberman was a leading promoter of this legislation and was unwilling to fold on his demand for the government to endorse it.

Israeli pastor warns about Tikkun - 2019

(Note: Please click the "CC" option if subtitles don't automatically appear.)

Mission Update Thailand - Sept 2019

Dear believers in grace,
Open Air Preaching
Last month and the previous month we went open air preaching in an area where there are many tourists. Micah and Isaiah both preached open air for the first time (and the second time) from Proverbs 3:3-8, which they had memorized, and we also preached in Thai and English. Videos of this are on my Facebook page. One man from Australia and his girlfriend came to church as a result of the outreach. Many others received tracts and we pray that God will continue to draw people to get right with Himself.

Prayer requests Aug 18, 2019

Please pray that Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy is healed of colon cancer and skin cancer and Alzhiemers disease and that she is given a healing cup from Jesus and surrounded with millions of angels to send away the enemy and protect and heal Her.
From the days of the Sanhedrin to the Ghettos and shtetls of Europe, Orthodox Rabbis have always tried to legislate by decree all aspects of Jewish culture, economy and education. The result was identity preservation at the expense of economic and cultural stagnation until the 'haskala' (the Jewish enlightenment). In modern Israel, secular Jews are to the Ultra-Orthodox what the gentiles were in the diaspora -- a despised infidel majority. Now from the neighborhoods of Bnei Brak and Mea Shearim in today's Israel, the Ultra-Orthodox seek by means of their demographic and clout in coalition politics to reverse the haskalah. Rubin Rothler recounts and examines the realities of rabbinic dictatorship for what they are. These realities, without doubt, will have a formative hand in Israel’s "covenant with death' predicted by the Hebrew prophets with the coming advent of the Antichrist who will deceive Israel.

Abortion in Australia, Please Pray: Aug 6-8

The New South Wales Parliament in Australia has allocated 3 days [6–8 August] for debate on a proposed abortion bill.

Prayer Request for Margaret and Bob. Aug 1st, 2019

Prayer Request for Margaret and Bob. Aug 1st, 2019Read more ...

Prayer Requests July 30th, 2019

Shalom Friends, Today (July 30th, 2019) here are a couple of prayer requests we are posting... (more to come) these ones are urgent, Please do pray!

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST - Jan Markel - July 2019

Moriel & Jacob Prasch, as a matter of some urgency, request prayer for Jan Markel who is facing a serious health crises of an undisclosed nature at the current moment.Read more ...

Dangerous Apostasy in the Church (R$E)

 From the Balfour Declaration to Trump embassy relocation to Jerusalem, the Anglo-American alliance that has defined global Geo-Politics for over a century has been central to the unfolding and out working of the scripturally predicted Prophetic agenda for Israel & The Jews. This has paralleled the fact that since the Methodist Revivals of the late 18th Century, Britain, then the USA have been at the demographic and theological heart of Evangelicism, missions, and Philo-Semitic support for Zionism. But what, in light of current trends, might the future hold in this regard?
If So, What Might This Mean For Saved Christians? by Rubin Rothler

Herescope Part 3: Ethnos Dominionism

EXHIBIT: “When the Nazis Desecrated the Jewish Cemetery of Salonika”[1] News release: “The New York Times will no longer be publishing political cartoons following the uproar surrounding an anti-Semitic depiction of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a political cartoonist whose work was featured in the paper.”[2] Read more ...

Herescope Part 4: Civic Church Anti-Semitism

Herescope Part 4: Civic Church Anti-Semitism

Exhibit: Dirk saving the thief-chaser[1]
In the year 1569 Dirk was arrested at Asperen in Holland for committing a crime against both the Church and the State. He was held in a residential palace turned into a prison. He escaped using a rope made out of knotted rags. Using this he was able to climb out of the prison onto the frozen moat. A guard noticed his escape and gave chase. 
Dirk had lost considerable weight on the meager prison rations. He ran over the thin ice, barely getting across with considerable peril. The thief-catcher following him broke through the ice and began to sink into the frigid waters. Dirk, perceiving that this state agent was in danger drowning, quickly returned and aided him in getting out of the icy waters. Dirk saved this man’s life!
Read more ...

Fake Prophets (from the Herescope)

Part 1: The White Lab Coats
“...FAKE prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.” (Mark 13:22)

“Woe to the media, false prophets….” ~Lewis Markwood[31]
Part 1: A Christian Responds

One of the lessons we learn from studying Jewish history is that anti-Semitism corrupts the people and the societies possessed by it. ~Paul Johnson, A History of the Jews[1]
Satanic Temple Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is a Protected Religious Ceremony... Read more ...


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