In public reply to Mr. Roseborough’s support of John Mac Arthur’s position on accepting the ‘mark of The Beast’ and still being saved in league with Doreen Virtue & Phil Johnson, I extended to him a willingness to debate these issues he raised on live-stream (I also expressed my willingness to bring my ID and DNA report if he was interested, although this was not the issue).

Mr. Roseborough embarked on a frantic tirade, first insisting people ignore my opposition to his promotion of Doreen Virtue and her bogus Christophany and his defense of the Mac Arthur 666 teaching which I regard as false. They source of these cult allegations was an agency professing to have no Christian beliefs and representing homosexuals, lesbians, Moslems, Mormons etc. The evidence we provided undermined his claims and he suddenly dropped yelling ‘cult’ and shifted to attacking the evangelistic teaching ‘Metatron’. His attacks are likewise demonstrably devoid of foundation. Next he attacked my ancestry with a lunatic video mixing baseless rubbish with elements of truth. All of this to divert from debating.

The % pie chart he designed is NOT my DNA and I have no ancestors I ever heard of with names such as ‘Gray’ . What I do know is that my own DNA confirms that I am not even 1% German (although I had ancestors who lived in Germany, they were not ethnic German; he seems to try to mislead people by using civil national identity as if it were ethnic). He engages in Wikipedia Genealogy just as he does Wikipedia theology. He admits my original family name is Brasch and that it is Jewish, and that I had a forefather named Jacob (anglicized to James upon immigration to USA, reverting to Jacob or Yakov when I immigrated to Israel as I documented). Somehow he tries to determine that because my ancestors arrived in the USA from one place and not Leipzig where there were a number of Jews named Brasch, that the name does not apply to me. This is of course ridiculous. Since he likes Wikipedia all he needs to do is Google “Brasch’ on Wikipedia to find prominent Jews of that name in Britain, Germany & The USA. He also makes a big deal of burials. In fact NY Mayor Ed Koch (the most famous Jewish politician in American history) is buried in Trinity Church, and many intermarried & assimilated people want burial with their spouses (this is very common and means nothing). I grew up in the Jewish community but never in Judaism (I was Roman Catholic). But after the ‘cult’ claims & Metatron he needs another straw to divert away from the debate. He bickers on line, but no debate.

The absurd and obvious lie of Mr Roseborough however is that a legal Israeli government document I presented on video to show I have 3 names was a form to report & replace my misplaced Israeli ID (I stated on the video that the form was not the certificate). If someone reports a lost license or passport it automatically proves there is an original one. This is common sense. Mr. Roseborough idiotically states that it is an ‘application’ for an Israel immigration certificate. The application process for immigration called aliyah takes about 2 months and requires vetting etc. The ‘sochnut’ (Jewish Agency) which legally determines Jewish identity for civil (non-religious) purposes, issued me an immigration certificate stating Jewish identity ( I was legally declared Jewish because I did not discuss my faith). He said it was like him “applying for a pilot’s license and stating he can fly”. This is lunacy. A legal ID form to report a lost immigration certificate requesting it be replaced is not an application to obtain one. As usual, he is irrational, dishonest, and only trying to avoid debate on the actual issues he is running from. If he wants to examine my ID and DNA report etc., as I offered, all he needs to do is to show up to debate. His genealogy diversion, his Metatron diversion, and his cult leader diversion all prove that he is afraid to debate.

JJ Prasch / Moriel