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Hi! My name is Jason. I was referred to your website and I finally had a look- interesting!
I would be interested to hear your views on Christians drinking and consuming alcohol.
Question: The question with regard to the Name's of the Father & Son are very important to many people I am sharing with, & who have & are also coming out of the false teachings of today, I am certain that this must be a question in their minds, also for those who are entering the Hebrew roots phases.Read more ...
Having lived in Asia for about 15 years now, I have many friends who are Buddhists.  Most of the Buddhists I know are very patient and friendly people.  However, Buddhism is a man-made religion which is like a shield, preventing people from knowing God's ways for their lives and keeping them in bondage to evil spirits instead.  As limited human beings we need more than just "man-made" help.  We need a Savior who is alive today and who can show us the way to salvation and freedom.  That Saviour is the God who made us, and who knows everything about us.  If you are a Buddhist, I have some questions for you.  I hope these questions will lead you to consider God's love for you, and also your need to be reconciled to Him through Jesus Christ so that you will have everlasting life with Him in heaven.
Why did Jesus pick Galilee as the place where his disciples would see Him?