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In his book Jesus, Interrupted, New Testament scholar and textual critic Bart Ehrman notes that he gives his students a reflection question at the end of every semester in his introductory course on the New Testament. Allowing two pages to respond, he asks the following:
of Messianic Jews in Israel.
of Messianic Jews in Israel.
By Evangelist Mike Gendron
Director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry
PO Box 940871
Plano, TX 75094 How do you approach Catholics who believe they are already Christians? How do you share the Gospel with Catholics who are adding to what Jesus finished on Calvary's cross? We must begin by telling them that sacrifice of the Lord Jesus was perfect, complete and sufficient for their salvation. To add to Christ's finished work of redemption is to nullify grace - the only means by which God saves sinners (Rom. 11:6). Most Catholics do not know God's punishment for sin or His only provision for it. If we are to reach Catholics for Christ we must tell them God's righteous justice requires the death penalty for any and all sin. Only then will they see how futile their works are, and only then will they turn to the Savior, who died as a substitute, to pay the death penalty sinners deserve.Read more ...