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September 3rd, 2004 " “ Four years ago to this very day, the three-day Beslan hostage crisis finally came to an "end."  An end to their captivity" ¦ an end to their thirst" ¦ and for more than 330 and of them " “ an end to their very lives. Shortly after 1PM on September 3rd, 2004, two explosions rocked the gym and brought on the storm by the Russian forces. As previously mentioned, there is great controversy regarding who is responsible for the initial two explosions which preceded the storm. But in having lived there in Beslan for about a year and a half, having talked with the families there, and having read several articles and lots of information regarding this issue, it appears very likely that those two explosions were not caused by the terrorists. And I would say that the vast majority in Beslan is " “ to say the least " “ highly critical of the Russian government"s actions and post-siege explanations. First off, they saw Russia"s response to the theater which was seized by Chechnyan terrorists in Moscow several years back; Russia pumped in gas so as to render the terrorists unconscious, but they wound up using deadly amounts, and most of the hostages died as a result of the gas, not from the terrorists. The following site has the official list of the hostages who died as a result of that terrorist attack; 5 people were killed by the terrorists, but 125 died as a result of the Russian Special Forces" gas! more ...
Sunday, December 14th, 2008
Grace and peace to you, family! God's word is so very true when it says that The Lord's joy is our strength. As many have pointed out in the past, there is a difference between happiness and joy; joy is that which abides, and is that which we can have even in the midst of life's darkest moments because we know that our Redeemer lives. We are happy and then quickly unhappy depending on what is going on around us, but joy "“ true and abiding joy "“ comes only from The Lord. And His joy is our strength. It's the honest people in life who admit they are weak, though many like to think they possess some sort of inner strength which cannot be shaken. But for those who look at themselves honestly, we realize that we are weak indeed; but yet, the joy of The Lord is our strength. No matter what does or doesn't happen today or in the future, i can still live with true joy within; for by God's faithfulness, He has promised eternal life and forgiveness of sins to all who believe in His Son. And it doesn't stop there! He also lavishes grace upon us in this life, as well as fills our hearts with peace which no one can take away. And even more, Ephesians 2:7 says that in the ages to come, God will show the surpassing riches of His grace, in kindness toward us in The Messiah Jesus. Amazing!Read more ...
Grace and peace to you in Christ Jesus our Lord, and Happy New Year! May this new year be one in which we draw nearer to our Glorious Lord Jesus Christ, for He Is coming soon!
God's kindness leads us to repentance,  ,   Romans 2:4
Pittsburgh Mission Update 6 - March 31, 2010
Enoch walked with God"¦
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009