Important Notice concerning a video by the Menelaws

Important Notice concerning a video by the Menelaws

Concerning a recent pathetic tirade which we only reluctantly address

To Whom It May Concern, Christian Greetings & Season's Blessings.

A Moriel volunteer who monitors the internet forwarded us a link to a ridiculous video entitled: 'Jacob the deceiver'. While we have had no correspondence from our subscribers regarding this new attempted maelstrom of defamatory and slanderous cyber harassment against Moriel & James Jacob Prasch, once again by Deborah Menelaws of 'Studio Scotland', we do wish to pre-empt any with a quick and to the point reaction. Admittedly, most people , like ourselves, are long tired of this cyber vendetta, and their GV 24/7 gets too few views to take very seriously. We therefore only respond to her latest baseless polemic "Jacob the deceiver", for the sake of any of our newer subscribers who per chance may see it, (although we have not heard from any), doing so with reluctance.

  • Moriel only operates one website, and that is its own. No such person is known to us as 'Caio Michael' to whom Menelaws ascribes the following remarks: *Hell Deborah you fat smelly mutant tuna fish stinking aids ridden unwanted piece of garbage". We do not even appear to have such a person on our mail list. We cannot comment on his claim that Deborah Menelaws has aids; her personal health issues are none of our business. We simply object to her efforts to link us to a person who dislikes her whom we have never even heard of. Indeed, a range of people we know dislike her, but him we do not know. Menelaws appears to be claiming that this 'Caio Michael' has a counterfeit website of some description, posting bogus content for which she falsely blames Moriel. This is pure nonsense. We do not even know who he is. In the last few years a wide gamut of people (most, but not all of them, women) have contacted us denouncing Menelaws. We know pastors in Scotland, England, & Northern Ireland have banned her from their churches, calling her 'End Time Handmaiden' show (where Deborah Menelaws is a self appointed 'mother-hen') " Cultic" and built on mysticism and Gnostic perversions of scripture. Such pastors however may speak for themselves , and Caio Michael speaks for himself. We speak only for Moriel.

  • Before James Jacob Prasch worked with Studio Scotland, he authored several books, and did conferences in the USA (sometimes with thousands attending) with major Christian figures such as Tim La Haye, David Hocking, Chuck Missler, Dave Hunt, and Chuck Smith. With no reference to Menelaws, he had what at the time was the most regularly viewed Christian TV program in Britain (and possibly Europe), before leaving due to his objection to money preachers. Hideous claims by Menelaws that the Menelaws 'made Jacob known' are demonstrably absurd. God made him known.

  • Caspari, which has its own centre in Jerusalem, Israel is where Jacob Prasch commenced his formal theological education with Cambridge University (he had previously been to university, but not seminary or bible college - although he had earlier learned Greek & Latin in the USA, and already acquired Hebrew). The Cambridge University Diploma in Religious Studies (which Jacob did in Judaism) is the Cambridge University curriculum which issued the credential. The course material , exam grading etc. was all by Cambridge University professors & examiners in England. However, the advantage of studying on site in Israel instead of in England of course, were the Hebrew language and local proximity to relevant archaeological excavations , Judaica museums etc. Jacob did do a theological degree in England however at London Bible College (today called 'London School of Theology') , and then commenced post graduate studies for a M. Phil. Instead however, he enrolled in a doctoral program at Fuller Seminary electing to turn an M. Phil into doctorate. A very serious auto collision in 1996 however put an end to his efforts, (which he later saw as providential given the unfortunate direction Fuller gravitated towards theologically and spiritually).

  • Without a doctorate, Jacob has defined himself as "academically trained, but not an academic - scholarly but not a scholar". While he has published academic journal papers, as an author , in terms of style, he follows A.W. Tozer, FB Meyer, Martyn Lloyd Jones, Chas. Spurgeron, Francis Shaffer etc. in recycling academic material for an ordinary Christian readership. As with these authors and others, Jacob avoids scholarly syntax, explains the meaning of technical jargon (which academic books do not do need to do), and instead of footnoting, uses parenthetical referencing, and instead of Hebrew & Greek script that the average Christian cannot read, he uses italicised transliteration. Most authors making scholarly material digestible to an ordinary Christian readership do this same thing in lieu of publishing in an academic format (which is theology written for other theologians, but not for 'feeding the sheep'). Classic examples are the Credal Apology by Oxford Don CS Lewis' 'Mere Christianity' , the 'Commentary on Matthew' by Wycliffe Hall Oxford Principal RT France, and Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum's epic 'Hebrew Christianity : Its History & Philosophy' . While CS Lewis & RT France (who was also one of Jacob's lecturers at London Bible College) were Oxford professors, neither published books for general readership in an academic format. In imitation of them, neither does James Jacob Prasch. To dismiss the validity of Jacob's books on the basis of not being academically formatted and footnoted, would automatically require that the doctrinal & prophecy books by figures such as David Pawson, Tony Pearce, Roger Oakland, and many , many others also be discredited on precisely the same exact basis.

  • Authors, commentators, and editorialists have moreover always expressed similar opinions using similar phraseology and terminology. This is obvious. This however does not constitute plagiarism where there is a verbatim false attribution of authorship. While Jacob would refuse to sue on the basis of 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 prohibiting such civil litigation, the vicious charge by Menelaws' that Jacob is a 'plagiarist' is a badly manufactured libellous lie.

  • Moriel never sought conflict with the Menelaws. We simply believe that Studio Scotland , legally registered as a commercial enterprise, is misrepresented as being a ministry, when it is in fact not Christian 'ministry', but is in the ' ministry business'. When secular actors were paid handsomely for working on films such as 'The Daniel Project' and 'Daniel Connection', while James Jacob Prasch and other Christians were told do it pro bono 'For The Lord' and 'For The Gospel' , only for the rights to such films to then be sold to the Hollywood, and to Communist China (who persecute Christians and who want to prevent Christian films from being translated into Mandarin), is an unethical sham and a shame and a disgrace. We were told those films were for Christ, not for the fallen world. For Menelaws to continue to sell these videos featuring Jacob Prasch while publicly excoriating him moreover, seems like financially driven religious hypocrisy on steroids. This is the very kind of reason James Jacob Prasch refused any further filming by Menelaws, (just as he quit digital TV due to money preachers).

  • The other motivating factor was Menelaws' attack on Moriel for our disassociation and refutation of David Nathan whom Menelaws promoted endlessly. Promotion of a supposedly saved Messianic Jew who teaches 'God The Father is Not the Creator', 'The Blood of animals, (not the Blood of Christ) will cleanse from sin in the Millennial Kingdom', 'the Gospel is Not eternal', and 'we can pray God's power into the cloth of a tie or jacket to knock people over for healing' is their business, not ours. But to attack us for opposing it is something different. David Nathan grew up Jewish, Jacob Prasch did not. Jacob Prasch's family is Jewish, David Nathan's family is not. So what? But ancestry became the basis of the attacks by supporters of David Nathan's heresy such as the Menelaws. Mr Nathan 'being more Jewish than Jacob Prasch' is not a defense of his heretical abberation theology. He is false teacher whom Menelaws promoted and defended for month after month, attacking Moriel for our stance opposing such apostate dogma that we were forced to renounce as he was a former team member.

  • In pursuit of her vendetta, Menelaws has formed alliances with some very strange bed fellows. The video produced by 'Blood Bought Ministries in South Africa': "Is Chris Roebrough Fit to Be A Pastor' ? is available for free viewing on Moriel TV & RTN TV. We suggest any who are interested view it. Rosebrough dresses in clergy vestments and prays before a statue of an un-crucified Christ. He teaches forgiveness of sin comes from confessing one's sins to him, and that there is no antichrist, no 666, that the book of Revelation is only symbolic, and that both the Great Tribulation and the Millennial Reign of Christ have simultaneously existed since the First Century. The penchant Rosebrough and his producer (his son Joshua) have for fecal & four letter word vulgarity is disgusting. In the estimation of many Christians, Menelaws' mate Rosebrough seems to be crazy.

  • Rosebrough claims to have a pie chart of Jacob Prasch's personal DNA, which would require a miracle (since he has no blood or saliva sample). Contrary to his claims, when he harassed Jacob's family, they told him nothing except to get lost. He correctly stated the original family name of James Jacob 'Prasch' was 'Brasch' and is a common Jewish name, but insisted that 'Prasch' were unrelated to the Jewish 'Brasch'. The Jewish burial certificates of 'Prasch' specifically stating the original name is 'Brasch' is on the Jewish burials website, and also copied in the article on the Moriel website "The Rant of The Desperate" (an actual James Jacob Prasch DNA report was offered to our supporters).

  • Like Israel College of The Bible/ One for Israel, Jews for Jesus, and others - Jacob Prasch teaches that 'The Angel of The Lord' in the Hebrew scriptures, whom Kaballistic Judaism calls "Metatron" is a Christophany - an Old Testament manifestation of Jesus. This has been asserted in evangelizing Jews for over a century, first by Oxford lecturer in Hebrew Rabbi Tzvi Nassi (who became a saved believer in Jesus). Caballists variously also mystically identify "The Angel of The Lord" (or as they call Him 'Metatron') with Enoch, an Arch Angel, or the Messiah. Jacob Prasch explicitly warned on his video that Kaballah is occult; any elements of truth are combined with error. The only purpose of this teaching was Messianic Apologetics: to teach Christians how to evangelistically deal with rabbinic objections to The Trinity. The rabbinic mythologizing the scriptural 'Angel of the Lord' is false ; it is Jesus who is beyond, or at the centre of the throne ( a term appearing in the Book if Revelation). Watching our original video proves beyond question the dishonesty of Menelaws in misrepresenting our doctrinal position in the apologetic reference to Metatron, where Jacob repeatedly and specifically warns against the rabbinic mythology. Again, there is no euphemism for their plain calumny and bearing false witness.

  • The other odd bed fellow whom Menelaws draws on in her attempts to paint Moriel as a cult, is the very controversial, and self admittedly non-Christian, 'Catalyst' organisation that has been involved in legal battles with the press. On its website, 'Catalyst' makes it clear that it holds 'NO RELIGIOUS BELIEFS" and will represent persons of ANY FAITH (Hindu, Moslem, Mormon etc.), and of any sexual orientation (homosexual, lesbian, trans-gender etc.). Why Menelaws would resort to a non Christian organisation like this in order to attack Moriel is a question for Menelaws. Catalyst, promoted by Menelaws, made three claims. The first is that Moriel was under investigation, when in fact Moriel has never been investigated in any jurisdiction. Secondly, that Moriel & Jacob Prasch reap high profits from the sale of recorded material. Everyone of course knows that , unlike Menelaws & Studio Scotland who sell recorded material as merchandise, all Moriel recorded material is publicly available on-line without charge for free downloading (we also allow multiple other channels to post our material free of charge). It is rather Menelaws who sell recorded material. Moriel believes: "freely you received, feely shall you give". Menelaws even sell recorded material of Jacob Prasch, calling him nefarious, yet openly making money from his name!

  • The third claim is that Moriel is a cult. Moriel cannot be a cult because it simply has no members. Its team all attend other churches and affiliated churches are autonomous. Our statement of faith reflects 100% Conservative Evangelical orthodoxy.

  • In the UK, Moriel is registered as a Charity. The audited accounts annually submitted to the Charities commission prove Jacob Prasch takes no UK salary and accepts no book royalties. In the USA, the charity laws are different than in the UK. There is no Charity Commission, but charitable organizations are non-profit corporations regulated by the IRS tax authorities like any other corporation. Under American law, book royalties are paid to the author, but can be donated back as a tax deduction. This however must be publicly declared, and it is (such can reach $150,000). In Britain there are 'restricted funds' (called 'designated funds' in the USA) . If a donation is received for India or Africa or a specific missionary, or team member (including Jacob Prasch), the money, by law, must go to where the donor requests. Team members can accept love gifts etc., but by the rules Moriel operates by, they may not solicit them. These distorted financial claims of profiteering by Menelaws are twisted. Moriel puts its audited accounts & financial records out for public viewing. Why won't Menelaws disclose for how much they sold the rights of "Christian" films for to Hollywood, Communist (Christian persecuting) China, and Satan's world?

* * * * * We regret having to reiterate this cumbersome folly again. Unfortunately, Menelaws is at it again. By God's grace, we have had just slightly over a 300% increase of subscribers in the last thirty or thirty one months, plus a volumetric rise in RTN, other channels, websites, & Facebook pages carrying Moriel material. Our subscribers, old & new, mostly just ignore Menelaws (as they should). Should any newer subscribers like a response to this nonsense from Moriel, they now have it. Moriel has but one website (though there are non English language Moriel websites in Japanese , Dutch, & Danish etc.). We conclusively and categorically assure everyone, that we have nothing to do with Caio Michael, and we don't know who he is. He certainly may speak for other people; but not for Moriel. Neither do any imagined death threats come from anyone connected to Moriel. Such assertions are nothing short of deranged. No christian ministry could ever engage in such things. Moriel is once more the target of sickeningly hostile, tragicomical fabrications from which The Lord Himself will defend us.