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Blessings in Jesus to all of our brethren with much gratitude in Christ for your prayers and support as we approach the arrival of 2014 and close of the present year (actually the Jews in Moriel observe two New Years, the secular one and Rosh Hashanah and/or the 1st of Nissan).Read more ...
Contrary to,   the lyrics in a popular worship song currently being invoked,   in the church today,,   "These are the days of Elijah", I believe a ,  more accurate description of our time,   would rather ,  be from,  1 Samuel,   3, ,   "These are the days,   of Eli, the priest of Shiloh".

Welcome Moriel Canada!

Was born in Portsmouth England, but having a Naval Father meant being raised across the U.K. and the ,  world in various ports and bases including Singapore. The Lord ,  saved ,  me at age 16 by the witness of Jewish believers whilst working in a restaurant (The first time on hearing the gospel). Then through ,  God's supernatural intervention I ended up going to seminary at London Bible College, earning a degree in Theology where I co-led the campus Prayer for Israel group with Jacob Prasch. Ministered then ,  in a number of short term projects, including Iceland and various other Scandinavian countries.