James Jacob Prasch

Fiction and Folly

An anti-Semite once gave a video of Ted Pike to myself and a Calvary Chapel pastor in the USA. Clearly Ted Pike is a biblically ignorant sort of person with a bigoted disposition towards Jews. ‚  He ‚  attracts conspiracy theorists and other such kooks. He is like a pseudo-sanitized Texxe Marrs. On the video , he packaged half truths in distortions of Scripture. The anti-Israel media bias, the vulnerability of Israel to American pressure to forfeit land to Christian persecuting Islam (at the behest of oil interests in the White House out to placate the Saudis), and the pro-Islamic/anti-Israel bias in the universities dispels Ted Pike's myth of Jewish power in government, the media, academia etc.

He is either an ignoramus, a liar or both. Multi-national corporations and financial institutions dominate the global economy and hold the most influence in government. Not ‚  Zionists or Evangelical Christians. The biggest test of AIPAC (the pro Israel lobby) was the AWACS arms deal with Saudi Arabia. When it came to Boeing and Lockheed Martin and the oil companies, AIPAC was slaughtered. Ted Pike speaks a lot of stupid lies.

Biblically, he is even more absurd. Jesus stated three times that the Jews must be back in Israel to facilitate His return (Luke 21:24, Zechariah 12:10, Matthew 23:37-39).

With Arab Christians arrested in even moderate Islamic countries like Egypt and Jordan, and beheaded or hung in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Iran, and with 2.3 million Christians murdered by Arab financed Islamic militias in Sudan in the last 12 years, I thank God at least one nation in the Middle East protects the human rights of Arab Christians. That country of course is Israel, the one nation guilty of nothing more than standing up to the Islamic terror that persecutes Christians and bombs the Twin Towers, the London subways, the Madrid trains etc.
Yet while 300,000 Christians are murdered in East Timor ‚  by the Moslems, 65,000 in the Philippines, 60,000 in Northern Nigeria, 48,000 in Eritrea, 30,000 in the Molukkan Islands, one clown after another turns their back on the persecuted church facing genocidal extermination and ‚  picks on Israel.

The term Palestine is not even found in the bible. It was a Roman invention of the mid-second century used as a Latinization of Philistia, home of the Philistines, an Indo-Grecian people who were not Arabs and who disappeared from history nearly 1,000 years before the birth of Christ. There is biblically and historically no such place as Palestine and no such people as Palestinians. Arafat was an Arab born and educated in Egypt. Before 1967 they were simply called Jordanians.

Should we be surprised if the secular world defies the biblical and historical facts when a so called Christian like Ted Pike dos the same thing?

If it were not for bigoted lies and factual and biblical ignorance, I doubt that someone like Ted Pike and his ilk would have anything to say.

JJ Prasch