James Jacob Prasch

Brian McLaren - A True Son Of Lucifer

by James Jacob Prasch

Emergent Church Guru, Brian McLaren has now publicly stated that "many of us do not know what to think about homosexuality" and suggests a five years moratorium on addressing the issue.

McLaren’s rejection of propositional truth has already established a " ˜pseudo church’ void of doctrine and of answers to vital questions of life and eternity, that is a spiritually abject sham based on a combination of New Age and Post Modernism that increasing numbers of apostate formerly Evangelical churches and pastors who no longer Evangelical by biblical definition, have bought into.

That McLaren has no theological training or background whatsoever is not a factor in and of itself, as academic credentials are not a scriptural criteria for suitability for the ministry. McLaren’s de facto rejection of absolute biblical truth however, and his lack of any credible exegesis and his functional rejection of The Word of God are. Remarkably McLaren has even eclipsed Rick Warren, Robert Sculler, Steve Chalk, Colin Chapman, and Tony Campolo as a benchmark in quantifying departure from God’s eternal truth revealed in His Word (and that is no small achievement).

Already well beyond the compromises of ecumenism, McLaren has now reached a new depth of nefarious depravity in his recently published statements in Christianity Today’s leadership forum addressing "Pastoral Responses To Homosexuality"  and " ˜Christianity Today’ has reached a new depth of depravity in its willingness to facilitate the propagation of what God’s Word would define as blatant wickedness and spiritual seduction.

McLaren states that "Many of us (assumedly so called pastors of his ilk) do not know what to think of the homosexuality issue having considered all of its aspects"  and McLaren suggests a five year moratorium on making a pronouncement.

If McLaren does not know what to think about what God has clearly stated about such an issue, how can such a man be regarded as a Christian, let alone a pastor?

How can any pastor motivated by the love of Christ not condemn a lifestyle condemned by God as unnatural that significantly curtails the longevity of those who practice it?

Moreover, how can McLaren propose that pastors declare a five year moratorium on making a pronouncement that God has clearly made pronouncements on in the Epistles to The Romans, in 2 Peter, in The Book of Revelation, and The Books of Genesis and Deuteronomy? ‚   If God has plainly reiterated His pronouncement multiple times, why does The Church need Brian McLaren and his merry band of apostates to issue a pronouncement if or not something is acceptable to God?

It is for sure the homosexual and lesbian activists will not declare a moratorium on their campaigns to further advance homosexual and lesbian ordination in supposedly Christian denominations.

Those pastors giving any place to Brian McLaren, Rick Warren, Robert Schuller, and Tony Campolo may indeed be the very hirelings Jesus warned of in John 10. But the deceivers themselves to whom they give place are not hirelings. These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

While Rick Warren twists biblical passages out of context (in the character of Satan in Matthew 4) and usually does so from paraphrased bibles in his " ˜proof texting’ approach to theological argument, McLaren ‚  does not much bother to cite scripture at all. I suppose this may in some very sad sense account for some minute degree of honesty and integrity by McLaren not found in Rick Warren. Unlike Rick Warren, at least McLaren does not try to misrepresent himself as being biblical by quoting scriptures out of context as Satan did as is rather the Luciferean modus operandi of Rick Warren (2 Corinthians 11:3-15).

Examined biblically, the Luciferean signature embossed on the antics of Brian McLaren is instead seen in that as a consummate theocratic politician he postulates his position on homosexuality in the church in the name of some ethereal definition of "pastoral concern"  of his own invention, bearing absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the pastoral heart of Jesus as revealed in scripture.

Where did Jesus ever compromise moral truth in the name of pastoral love? On the contrary, as Paul writes real love can only abound where there is knowledge and discernment (Philippians 1:9). Jesus, The Good Shepherd and the perfect and divine example of pastoral love always confronted those whom he loved about their moral sin (eg. John 4:17-18) and about their false beliefs (Mark 7:27). As Christian organizations of former homosexuals and lesbians such as " ˜Exodus’ and " ˜LIFE" ˜ (Living In Freedom Eternally) testify , Jesus loves homosexuals, died for their sin, and set them free from the power of what they now declare to be an unnatural self destructive and socially destructive sexual mal-orientation and gender identity dysfunction.

It also escapes McLaren’s reasoning that the same Jesus who loves homosexuals, hates the homosexuality that God says destroys them, and those rejecting His love and forgiveness will reap the consequences of that rejection of a true love. But with no biblical compass for determining the direction in which he is misleading his followers because of his dismissal of propositional truth, truth itself can not be a factor in McLarens unsolvable equation in his delusional fantasy world where two plus two can equal six or co-equally can equal ten if you feel that works for you. Objective reality is assassinated by a subjective morality that in the end is by any biblical standard " “ no morality at all; Post modernism comes to church.

As Proverbs expressly teaches: " ˜There Is A Way That Seems Right Unto Man The End Of Which Is Death’ (Proverbs14:12).

It is also for certain that McLaren is the very personification of what St. Paul warned would "Emerge"  in The Last Days:
"They Hold The Form Of Religion, But Deny The Power There In"  (2 Timothy 3:5).