James Jacob Prasch

A Question of Authentic Messianic Identity

The following was forwarded to Moriel:

Jews for Jesus came to our Church this weekend -- Joel Chernoff (Messianic Praise Concert) on Friday evening (11/19/2010). One of his opening songs was 'Messiah to Come' -- to cleanse everyone. 2 speakers sharing the platform with him was Major General Eyal Ben Reuven (not saved) and Eeki Elner (The Founder of Israel's Leadership Institute) also not saved.

Is the 'Hebrew Movement' part of the Dominionism we are seeing in these last days? I believe most of it was about 'How to make this world a better one' and raise money for the Israel Leadership Institute.

It was also stated by Joel Chernoff that an Israel Leadership Institute is needed in the USA.

I noticed the inter-laced Triangle -- is that a Kabbalah Mystic Emblem? Free Masonry? As above so below?

Why are we seeing non-Christians speaking in our pulpits with authority -- and being invited to do so by the Pastor's ?

David Brickner is speaking on Sunday Morning (11/21/2010) Executive Director for Jews for Jesus. The music was so loud that it bothered my ears and chest -- I left the second half.

Thank you for all the research you do -- I find it more difficult as the time goes to discern some of these things that are creeping in the Church --because they are coming in under a name that most people have trusted in the past -- but not so today!

Jacob Responds:

To Whom It May Concern With Regard To These Questions:

Joel Chernoff is not part of Jews For Jesus, David Brickner is. Jews For Jesus is an evangelistic organization that preaches the Gospel to unsaved Jews. Jews For Jesus are not part of any "Hebrew Roots" movement (as Joel Chernoff is).

This person appears to be confusing two entirely different things.

In light of the prophecies of Jesus in Luke 21:24, Matthew 23: 38-39, and Zecheriah 12:1-10, many believers correctly see the national re-establishment of Israel as fulfilling prophecy and the efforts by Satan using Islam to destroy Israel is a Satanic attempt to thwart the return of Christ. On this basis, and because God promised to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel, a number of churches and Christians simply are supportive of Israel. They see this as a way to be a witness and a testimony for Christ to unsaved Jews. With this we are in agreement providing the Gospel is not compromised and no credence is given to Talmudic Judaism which rejects its own Messiah.

Unfortunately there are those churches, Christian leaders, and organizations such as John Hagee, Bridges For Peace, and The International Christian Embassy who do compromise the Gospel, even believing the lie of "Dual Covenant Theology". This accords credence to the false Judaism of the rabbis, even saying in some cases that Jews can be saved apart from faith in Yeshua (Jesus). This, of course, is a lie of the devil.

The Hebrew Root or Roots Movement is theologically a very mixed bag. There are credible scholars who exegetically bring out the original Jewish background of the Scriptures illuminating God's Word under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. These would include Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Professor Darrel Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Michael Rydelnik of Moody Bioble Institute and by God's grace yours truly (Jacob Prasch), and others including Dwight Pryor.

Unfortunately there is an extremist element of frauds and charatans who lift up Jewishness instead of Jesusness and even try to place people, both Jewish and non-Jewish believers, in bondage to Mosaic and rabbinic law.

It is like anything else in the Body of Christ (e.g., Pentecostalism or the Charismatic Movement) ‚  "” The Messianic Movement contains both good and bad, both scriptural and unscriptural elements, both positive and lunatic fringe individuals, both good congregations and bad ones. Do not confuse the good ones with the bad. Subscribe neither to the legalistic hyper-messianic fringe nor to the anti-Semitic advocates who want to deny the Jewishness of both Testaments. As Paul said, "To the Jews belongs the oracles of God" through which God blesses the mainly Gentile church. (Rom. 3:2)

Beware also of the false doctrine of Replacement Theology which states the church is now Israel and that God has no prophetic agenda for Israel. It is a false doctrine taught by those who are at best scripturally ignorant.

Neither The Hebrew Root or Roots Movement, the Messianic Movement, or Jews For Jesus believe in Dominion theology. Because Dominion Theology, Reconstructionism, etc. are by definition Replacement Theology Supercessionists, Dominion Theology is diametrically antithetical to what most Jewish believers in Jesus believe. They would reject it as outright false.

Finally, the notion that the Star of David is demonic is silly. The fish in Christian culture was the ICHTHUS ‚  "” a symbol of Christ, while in the Philistine culture the fish was a symbol of the demon idol Dagon. In Celtic culture the cross symbolized sun worship but in Christian culture it symbolizes Christianity and the cross of Christ. In ancient Greece Gemini and Apollo were mythological Greek gods of astrology. In the NASA space program they were project names of space launches. It is what a symbol means in its cultural framework that determines if or not it is evil or demonic ‚  "” not the symbol itself.

Among Jews, the Star of David is not even called a "star" but rasther "a shield of David" (Magen David) symbolizing God's protection of King David and Israel. It has nothing to do with a star or Free Masonry even though Free Masonry borrows Christian and Jewish symbols and ascribes a masonic meaning to them.

I trust this clarifies matters.

Sincerely In Jesus/ Yeshua,
J. Jacob Prasch
(Romans 11: 25)