James Jacob Prasch

In Defense of Al Dager's Integrity

While Al Dager is responding to the anonymous letter he received on behalf of Media Spotlight (a ministry Moriel endorses and links to), we are in broad agreement with his reply.

* Mitochondrial DNA was not yet discovered when Arthur Koestler authored "The 13th Tribe", (a book which I myself read) concerning the Khazar hypothesis. Koestler, who committed euthanasia, was a Jew himself and an Israeli who lived for some time in Israel at Hadera. His objective was an exploration of Khazar anthropology and history and its relationship to Ashkenazi Jewry. He was not anti Jewish or anti Israel in his rhetoric in the manner of those ‚  distorting his thesis with objectives with which Koestler did not agree. However, Mitochondrial DNA is known today and has been instrumental in disproving the contention of the "˜book of Mormon' that native red skin North Americans are semites and lost tribes who migrated from the ancient Near East. Mitochondrial DNA also confirms that modern Jews, both Sephardic and Ashkenazi, are indeed of Semitic origin. The individual identifying himself or herself as "Anonymous" confirms his/her ignorance as well as bigotry.

* Mr. Koestler was ‚   also an ardent anti communist who additionally authored the brilliant book "Darkness At Noon" which had been the quintessential polemic against Sovietism prior to Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s 'Gulag Archipelago'. The John Birch Society (to which Al Dager makes reference) was an anti communist organization that faulted international banking interests for funding Sovietism and later attacked the American establishment over policies such as detente which economically assisted Sovietism. Their ideologue was Robert Welch and they were actually a quasi intellectual movement that did not in any sense resemble or share any goals with the KKK or racist hate groups. The John Birch Society targeted non Jewish banking families such as the Rockefellers as much as they opposed Jewish banking empires such as the European Rothschilds. John Birch Society members in fact were strong supporters of the presidential bid of the Jewish American U.S. Senator Barry Goldwater and many 'Birchers' sympathized with Israel against Soviet expansionism in the Middle East. They showed some solidarity with Soviet Jewish refuseniks who were persecuted by the Soviet KGB. Among its membership were a number of conservative Evangelicals who theologically viewed modern Israel as of prophetic importance eschatologically. The absolute villain in the eyes of the John Birch Society was the 'Council On Foreign Relations' and not Jews or anyone else. While many would interpret many of the positions of The John Birch Society as conspiratorial in nature, its ethos ‚  was simply anti-communism and not anti anyone or anything else. ‚   It was not a racist or an anti Jewish organization. Many of the views of the John Birch Society were in fact historically vindicated and became mainstream in the 1990s when the official policy of the Reagan and Thatcher governments, as swell as the pontificate of John Paul II, was that the betrayal of Eastern Europe by the West at Yalta needed to be reversed. The heirs of the conservative thinking of this era are popularly referred to as neoconservatives, or neocons and include many politically and fiscally conservative Jews in their ranks including Richard Perle, Ben Stein, Bernie Goldberg, and William Krystol. To falsely ascribe positions ‚  to authors or members of organizations which they themselves never adhered to is pseudo academic fraud.

* For the record, the leadership of the ACLU is in the hands of Anthony Romero, an Italian American; not Jewish. The nemesis and opponent of the ACLU is the ACLJ headed by constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow, who is a Jew (and a believer in Jesus). While both Timothy Geithner and Hank Paulson (Secretary of Treasury under George W. Bush) are non Jews, the most visible and outspoken opponents of the Federal Reserve and the Goldman Sachs led banking establishment are without doubt T.V. & ‚   radio commentators Michael Savage and John Stossel, both of whom are.

* In the anti Jewish Hollywood tirade "Anonymous" overlooks the non Jewish powers in Hollywood such as movie industry mogul Cecil B. DeMille, and its biggest money-making producer George Lukas. He overlooks the long list of very major non Jewish film makers such as Oliver Stone, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorsese and non ‚  Jewish studio bosses such as David Putnam, to say nothing of Hollywood's most successful script writers such as Mario Puzo (The Godfather) and David Chase (The Sopranos). Neither does he mention the politically conservative Jewish film makers in Hollywood such as David Zucker and Jerry Bruckheimer nor outspoken politically conservative Jewish actors such as Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander (from 'Seinfeld'), and James Caan. ‚   He also ignores the moral crusader against homosexual activism and Hollywood pornography, the very Jewish Louis Sheldon, founder of the Traditional Values Coalition (and also a staunch believer in Jesus saved from an ultra orthodox religious Jewish background).

* The vitriol of "Anonymous" about Jewish control of the media likewise overlooks the factorial reality that William Randolph Hearst, Ted Turner, Rupert Murdoch, the Bancroft Family (former owners of Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal), and America's largest news media dynasties are not Jewish including Gantz, America's largest newspaper chain. This says nothing of the politically conservative journalists and editorialists such as David Horowitz in the USA and Melanie Phillips in the UK.

* Lastly, Anonymous carries on about Al Dager and Christians in Lebanon. With the break up the French Empire, Lebanon was to be the Arab Christian country apportioned by France with a Druse and an Islamic minority while Moslem Arabs were to receive Syria. This very week however, radical Islamic Hezbollah backed by Syria & Iran wrestled power once again pushing Lebanese Christians into the minority position. When the Moslems drove the Lebanese Christians out of the Mar Maroun area of Lebanon, it was Israel that absorbed the Christian Lebanese refugees, TV commentator Brigit Gabriel among them. From the Islamic murder of President Bashir Gemayel to the assassination of President Hariri to the present moment the Christian population of Lebanon like the Christian populations of Egypt, Iraq, and Sudan have had to struggle endlessly ‚  for their very survival against islamic oppression.

* We absolutely agree with Al Dager that Talmudic Judaism, Islam, and nominal Christianity are all antichrist religions. But opposing Islam does not make Dager a hater of Moslems. Unscriptural expressions of Christianity does not make him an opponent of true Christianity or of Christians. And opposing Talmudic Judaism does not make us or Dager enemies of the Jews.

Jacob Prasch

A Special Letter & Reply/ Media Spotlight

Dear Mr. Dager,

You once admitted in one of your Media Spotlight issues that you earlier worked in a bookstore which contained some volumes on the Illuminati, Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, New World Order, CFR, AIPAC, ADL, Freemasonry, etc. This was an astounding revelation, because none of your writings ever seemed to be influenced by the existence of such massive evil, controlled by Zionist Jews"”phony Jews (Khazars"”Eastern Europeans with no genetic link to Abraham, but simply religious converts to Judaism). This means that any Zionist Khazar who had renounced his faith in Judaism, could have no basis to call himself a Jew. In fact these Khazars are NOT Semites, but have bamboozled the whole world by their total control of the mass media into believing that anyone who criticizes them is anti-Semitic. The truth is that the Muslim Palestinians, descendants of Abraham, are the genuine Semites, and any non-Sephardic Jew who opposes them is anti-Semitic.

No doubt, you understand all of this, coming from Lebanon. Yet, in newsletter after newsletter, you constantly rail against the Palestinian Muslims, and keep your big mouth shut about the Khazar phony Jews who stole their land, and now have moved on to control the whole world’s economy by an unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking Empire. But not only the economy has been stolen, they have infiltrated the Christian churches, turned our morals upsidedown with their Hollywood and TV filth, assaulted our Christian rights to expression in schools, government agencies, public places through unrelenting persecution by their ADL and ACLUs. Tell me this, Dager, when have Muslims in America achieved 1/1000th of this power that these Khazars wield? You are a very insightful person. But when it comes to Jewish Khazar evils, you have a serious blind spot. Then again, maybe not. You know quite well that if you confront these monsters, they will destroy you. The enclosed newsletter is a small example of people who dared. And so in your Winter 2010 newsletter you pretend to call for "balance" in reporting the Palestinian situation. In so doing you criticize the video With God on Our Side, which presents the Muslim Palestinian views. Use your common sense, Dager. The Jewish-controlled media in North America always presents the Zionist view of events, and in fact censors Jewish criminality from being exposed. Where is the balance there? So if once in a blue moon the Palestinians get to present their views, why should they be forced to be balanced?

Here’s a little tidbit that should concern you. In July, 2006, Lebanese forces arrested two Israeli soldiers as prisoners of war. The Jews themselves had seized and imprisoned over 9,000 Palestinians without trial, which is legal according to Article III of Israeli law. The enraged Jews unleashed a blitzkrieg against Lebanon, killing over 1,000 men, women, and children.

Now keep in mind that about 42% of Lebanese are Christians. This means that about 450 innocent Christians were callously killed by the Israelis. Al, did you see any "BALANCED" reporting of this fact in your Jewish-controlled media? Did you dare report it? I have in front of me a book, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Jewish historian Ilan Papp ƒ ©. Obviously, if this author lived in Israel, he’d be killed. He lives in England. You need this book Al, before you go shooting off your big mouth again. But more than this book, you need to listen to Jesus Christ. The Jews of today are the same as the Pharisees of Jesus’ time. They do not venerate the Old Testament, but the Babyloninspired TALMUD They are of their father, the Devil. As you know, Al, the Devil is the god of this world. He is the god of the Masonic Temple, controlled by Jews and until Christ returns, true Christians will be persecuted by these evil monsters. It is time to stop taking cheap shots at Palestinian Muslims and to confront the Devils’ Disciples"”the Jews!

I am,

A Servant of Jesus "“ Anonymous*
*Because I can’t trust you.

* * * * * Dear Anonymous,

Why don’t you tell me how you really feel? Please allow me to respond to your concerns.

I’ve never "admitted" to working in a bookstore that contained volumes on the subjects you mentioned. I have stated that in the late 50s and early 60s I managed a bookstore, Poor Richards, that was the first bookstore specializing in conservative political literature"”a store after which the American Opinion bookstores of the John Birch society were modeled. To use the term "admitted" makes it seem as if I was ashamed of that past, which I am not. Nor am I proud of it. It was merely one stopover on my journey to understanding. You err when you say that none of my writings "ever seemed to be influenced by the existence of such massive evil, controlled by Zionist Jews, etc." I have often mentioned how anti-Christ the Zionist Jews are. It’s just that I refuse to use the vitriolic language that he whose newsletter you included uses on a consistent basis. Nor have I used such vitriolic language in addressing the evils of Islam. It’s best to stick to the historical and scriptural facts. And that’s where I must address your accusation of the so-called Khazars. When I was managing Poor Richards the subject of Khazars often came up. We carried books that accused the Khazars of plotting to destroy America and bring about a Jewish-controlled one-world government. Every source on the Khazars said essentially the same thing; it was as if each was referencing the other. But I did not find then, nor have I since found, any empirical evidence to prove the Khazar conspiracy. It’s true that some Khazars converted to Judaism around the sixth or seventh century, but there is no evidence that they replaced all the Jews, thus leading to the idea that today’s Jews are de facto Khazarian descendants. The theory that the majority of Ashkenazic Jews (German Jews) are the descendants of the non-Semitic converted Khazars has been promoted by some racial theorists and particularly by anti-Semitic (really anti-Jewish) proponents. Even Arthur Koestler, who wrote The Thirteenth Tribe, which is considered by anti-Jewish proponents as one of the basic textbooks for their biases, admitted that the sources for the theory are scant at best. But it, and earlier works, have been used by the Christian Identity Movement, Black Hebrews, and British Israelists (aka, Anglo-Israelists) to "prove" that white Europeans are the true descendants of Jacob. Recent genetic evidence is contrary to these theories ("The Matrilineal Ancestry of Ashkenazi Jewry: Portrait of a Recent Founder Event," The American Journal of Human Genetics, Volume 78, March, 2006

There is no empirical evidence to support the theory that today’s Jews are, for the most part, anything other than descendants of Jacob, although admittedly many Jews have intermarried with non-Jews throughout the centuries. In truth, there are very few "thoroughbred" people among any ancestry today. Yet in spite of intermarriage and proselytization, the Jews have maintained their distinct religious and cultural identity.

Yes, they are largely given over to the apostate rabbinical Judaism inherited from the anti-Christ elements that have plagued them since their sojourn in Egypt, but that doesn’t mean they are consciously anti-Christ; they are blinded in part until the fullness of the Gentiles has come into the faith (Romans 11:25). The Arab Muslims also claim to be the true descendants of the Israelites, not just of Abraham.

However, people will believe what they want to believe regardless of the source of information. Those who insist on the Khazars being this great evil go to great lengths to "prove" their thesis. Because they can’t find any legitimate mainstream source for their proof, they reason that lack of proof is in itself proof that the Khazars control all sources of information; those Khazars won’t allow the proof to surface.

Even if that were true"”which is itself unproven"”the fact remains there is no empirical evidence to support this particular conspiracy theory. Unless I have that empirical evidence from reliable sources"”not sources that parrot what previous unproven sources say"”I will not try to convince others that it is true. That doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t believe that it’s true or possibly true; it means that rumor, no matter now convincing it may seem, is not what I wish to spread. Conspiracy theories abound and have millions of adherents. Numbers don’t make truth. Scripture and provable facts make truth.

Another error you make is that Muslim Palestinians are the genuine Semites rather than the Jews. Palestinians are not descendants of Ishmael or Esau as are the Arabs. Their ancestry traces to the early Canaanites who inhabited the land before the Israelites conquered it.

For the most part they were the Philistines.

Ishmael was the son of Abraham, a Syrian (Deuteronomy 26:5) through Hagar (an Egyptian). The Syrians were descendants of Shem, as were virtually all the Middle Eastern peoples, but they were not directly descended from Abraham.

Esau was the son of Isaac, and his descendants were the Edomites who settled in Hebron, south of Philistia (modern Palestine). The origins of the Philistines is lost to antiquity, but modern archaeology has determined early cultural links to the Mycenean world in ancient Greece. There is no evidence of Semitic origins (certainly not through Abraham) for the Philistines, or modern Palestinians. Now, to set the record straight, I did not come from Lebanon. I was born in East L.A. (cue Cheech Marin). Nor do I, "in newsletter after newsletter"¦constantly rail against the Palestinian Muslims."

I challenge you to find any railing against Palestinian Muslims in any of my writings. Not even in my review of With God on Our Side did I rail against the Palestinian Muslims. I called for balanced reporting on the subject of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and even laid some blame on the Israelis. Nor did I "pretend" to call for balance; you have judged me in an ungodly manner; I suggest you go before the Lord on that.

As far as what you call, "the Khazar phony Jews" controlling the whole world’s economy by an unconstitutional Federal Reserve Banking Empire, again you are mistaken. The Federal Reserve is a private banking institution that controls the printing and circulation of only United States currency. It is, truly, unconstitutional, and it is highly suspect as to who the top stock holders are (a mystery). There is no evidence that the Class A stockholders of the Fed are all Jews, let alone Khazarian Jews, or even mostly Jews of any sort. I will grant that the Rothschilds have a history of subterfuge and empire building, but so, too, have many non-Jewish bankers and industrialists. Yes, there are evil Jews, and many (but not all) mass media outlets are headed by Jews. They are prominent in education, government, industry, the arts, and entertainment. As a result the Jews have also been responsible for many good things such as advances in medicine, industry, and invention. But just as they cannot take credit for all the good, it is remiss to debit them for all the bad. All mankind is fallen; from among all mankind can be found greedy, evil, traitorous souls. To single out the Jews based on misinformation and ancient history that is sketchy at best and promoted by avowed racists does not honor the Lord who bought all mankind with His blood. You accuse me of being afraid to confront "these monsters." No, I’m not afraid; I’m just not going to put my reputation or the reputation of this ministry at risk to please people who don’t know of what they speak, but are so adamant that anyone who doesn’t take their word for things is somehow a coward or a lackey of the great conspiracy. Yes, there is a conspiracy; I admit it. It is a conspiracy by Satan to cause brothers in Christ to fight one another based on nothing more than conjecture strongly held. It is a conspiracy to bring the world into constant turmoil so his anti-Christ (non-Jewish, I believe) may be the agent of a great deception that will unite the world against the Lord when He returns. It is a conspiracy to use men of every nation (not just the Jews) to deceive the masses into following his evil plan for world conquest. Are some men involved in conspiracies complicit with this satanic conspiracy? Yes. Are some of them conscious of their involvement? Yes. Are most of them conscious of it? No. The vast majority of mankind, including the Jews and the Palestinians, are pawns in the game"”fodder for the enemy’s cannons. Regarding the killing of Lebanese in a Jewish blitzkrieg, yes, I lament the deaths of all people on all sides of the conflict, particularly Christians. But Israel is not engaged in a conscientious pogrom against Christians. Their attacks have been in response to attacks generated from southern Lebanon by Hezbollah, and from Gaza by Hamas, not to mention other sources.

The Muslim terrorists who have vowed to destroy Israel hide among the civilian populations in order to assure condemnation from the world against Israel for "targeting" innocent women and children. The Muslims are decidedly persecuting and killing Christians and Jews as a matter of policy in many areas. Some Jews may be behind much of the deception leading men into a one-world government, but they are not purposely killing Christians as are the Muslim terrorists, many of whom, by the way, are Palestinians. Islamic propaganda aside, Israel and the world’s Jews are not engaged in terrorist plots to kill us all. Rabbinical Judaism, as anti-Christ as it is, does not foment terror, certainly not on a worldwide scale. Yes, there are hateful Jews who would like to see the world brought under Jewish domination, just as there are hateful white supremacists who would like to see Hitler resurrected or reincarnated. There are black supremacist groups that preach hatred of whites, Jews, Hispanics, you name it. But there is presently only one worldwide threat to all mankind, and that is Islam. Everywhere in the world, including the United States, Islam is developing terrorist training camps, equipping men, women and children with the tools to kill innocent civilians going about their everyday tasks. Although many Muslims are benign, and willing to live and let live, the radical element of Islam is huge, numbering in the millions, and they are entrenched within every nation, ready to do their thing. Rabinnical Judaism is anti-Christ; Hinduism is anti-Christ; Buddhism is anti-Christ; much of Christianity is anti-Christ. The difference between these and Islam is that Islam is the religion of the anti-Christ, and is being used to establish his dominion. In the meantime, some Christian teachers are stirring up hatred against the Jews on the basis of nothing more than unproven theories regarding the Khazars.

The Jews whom Jesus said were of their father the Devil were not, and are not, those who were or are in ignorance or hold prejudices due to their upbringing. They were conscientious enemies of the truths He presented to them; they purposely sought to kill Him and reject His truth in spite of the evidence of the Scriptures and the works He did among them. The same could be said of any person who willfully rejects truth, Jew or Gentile. It is the willfulness of sin that characterizes Satan in his fall from grace.

I’m sorry you can’t trust me, but trust me. You are in error if you continue to resist God’s Word that purposes a plan for the Jews in the last days, particularly in relation to the Promised Land, and to the Millennial Kingdom. God has established Israel as a nation, as He has established all nations. Our responsibility is to be a witness of His love to all men, Jew and Gentile, and to avoid the conflicts of the world. My writing on With God on Our Side did not take sides; it called for truth on all sides. If you can’t trust that, then you’ve got a problem that only the Lord can deal with as you go to Him in humility, willing to let Him put within you a love for the Jews as well as the Arabs.

In Jesus’ love,
Al Dager