James Jacob Prasch

Comedy Central - The Cowardly Hypocrisy Of Dual Standards

There is something both blatantly cowardly and hypocritical about censoring a South Park cartoon about Mohammed, but ‚  having Jesus Christ defecating on George Bush and the American flag.

When it comes to Judeo-Christian sensitivities or American sensitivities you have none. When it comes to an Islamic religious fundamentalism characterized by intolerance, terror, the criminalization of homosexuals and lesbians, anti-Semitism, the restriction of personal liberty, the prohibition of freedom of belief and _expression, and the oppression of women, you very quickly reveal yourselves to be nothing more than filthy stinking cowards with two standards who are masquerading as satirists and comedians.

You are not the heirs of a Lenny Bruce or a Mort Sal as social-political satirists; you are not even heirs of a Rowan & Martin or the Smothers Brothers who at least played fair ball and took shots at everyone equally. Instead you plainly demonstrate yourselves as nothing more than cheap phonies with no guts.

You have one set of standards for the beliefs of the non-violent whom you are easily ready to offend, and one for the violent from whom you cower like the spineless hypocrites you have clearly proven yourselves to be. You have no artistic integrity as professional comedians and satirists, and even less, if any, personal courage.

May I suggest you out and get an honest job more in tune with your obvious lack of gumption. How about as fleeing mice?


JJ Prasch