James Jacob Prasch

Elim Temple Bible Institute Appointment

Exposed Homosexual Scandal Preacher Appointed to Direct Elim's Kinsington Temple Bible Institute

by Jacob Prasch

Roberts Liardon, the publicly exposed homosexual preacher and the defender of heretic William Branham and of Oral Roberts' 900 foot tall Jesus threatening to kill Roberets if he did not come up with millions of dollars by the end of the month to save Robert's now defunct medical institution, is now appointed to run Elim's Kensington Temple Bible institute.

I once walked out in front of 3.000 people when Liardon was ranting his nonsense in Bournemouth and I once watched him on TV in Califiornia defend the maniacal antics of Oral Roberts and his 900 foot tall Jesus Christ threatening to kill him if he didn't cough up the cash by the end of the month.

For years I warned about former ballet dancer Colin Dye's association with this proven homosexual preacher. Not that it made a bit of difference to Wynn Lewis (now standing before the judgment seat of Christ to give account for his relentless promotion of the Toronto Deception and feeding the Lord's sheep to wolves like Morris Cerullo). Neither did it make a difference to the Elim establishment such as John Smith, Gordon Hills, and Elim's elder statesman John Lancashire.

Over the ensuing years we have seen:

  • Elim's Phil Weaver lotto money scandal.
  • An Elim leader on the Isle of Man sent to prison for having sex with a minor in the church nursery.
  • A homosexual Elim Superintendent in the North West.
    Ian Bilby, the President of Elim in New Zealand, disclosed as a sexual predator of more than 20 women along with his worship leader as he cheered the Toronto fiasco.
  • The docetist heresey that "Jesus Christ had no Jewish blood: teaching of Elim's George Canty, who shares platforms with Ray Bevan who divorced a Christian wife to marry a fashon model.
  • The apologetic for humans imitating animals as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit by Elim's David Blake as published in Elim's Magazine and defended as excellent by the late Wynn Lewis.
  • The gold dust from heaven fund raising debacle by Elim's Mike Knott in Wellington, New Zealand.

We have witnessed these and a host of other outrages and scandals which, in the mind of many who have left Elim in utter disgust, have come to define that wicked backslidden movement that some former members now denounce as an apostate cult.

As usual, we may be sure that John Glass, Barry Killick, and the cowardly hireling Elim clergy will stand by and do nothing as someone found in open homosexuality is appointed by Colin Dye to supposedly train people in the Word of God at an Elim Bible college.

Indeed, the hypocritical cowards of the Elim ministry did nothing about the ecumenical nature of Alpha courses, and did nothing as Elim promoted Morris Cerullo with full page adverts in DIRECTION magazine even as the crown coroner announced a young woman who ceased vital medication had died as a result of Cerullo falsely pronouncing her healed. They said and did nothing about Cerullo being found guilty of all four charges of unethical and deceptive fund raising by the UK Advertising Standards Coucil after he sold 25 pound sterling Holy Ghost miracle cloths to take away debt to poor and unemployed Christians. The Elim ministers said nothing when Cerullo publicly engaged in the sin of simony with his "register for 60 pounds sterling to be sure of your part in the move of God’s Spirit". (When the arena did not sell out all the seats, God’s Spirit was marked down and placed on sale for 25 pounds!)

Indeed it was again Elim’s Gordon Hills and Colin Dye who objected to Cerullo being thrown out of the UK Evangelical Alliance. Even when a 4 year old little girl was falsely pronounced healed by Cerullo and put in her grave, the Elim ministers would not rise up, apparently fearing Colin Dye and Wynn Lewis more than they do the Lord and loving their positions more than they love the Lord, His truth, and His sheep. Even in the face of the appointment of one such as Liardon, publicly exposed in a homosexual sex scandal, they will not rise up. The Word of God appears to mean absolutely nothing to these so-called preachers.

As same-sex marriage and homosexual and lesbian ordination are practiced by one formerly Evangelical Protestant denomination after another, and as Rick Warren apologised to the homosexual and lesbian community on Larry King Live saying he did not support banning same sex marriage, we have been warning for years that it is only a matter of time before mainstream Pentecostalism led by Elim will compromise on the homosexuality issue.

Moriel does not condemn homosexuals and lesbians. As biblically-based Christians we must detest homosexuality but must love homosexuals and desire their salvation. We also agree with someone’s legal right to be a homosexual or a lesbian if they wish to and we denounce the gross abuses of the civil and human rights of homosexuals and lesbians, for instance, in Islamic countries. We also disdain as cultic and evil the "God Hates Queers" placards of a few fringe element (but highly vocal) pseudo-Christian hate groups. But while not opposed to homosexuals and lesbians personally, we affirm the biblical positions of both Judaism and Christianity (and of various other faiths) prohibiting homosexuality as an un-natural perversion. Some churches ignore or reinterpret away these dictates of Scripture and have a legal right (but not a theological right) to do so. Elim, however, cannot claim to uphold biblical injunctions against homosexuality and claim to apply biblical standards while simultaneously appointing a director of an institution who both admits that homosexuality is wrong yet who has been publicly discovered in a homosexual scandal himself.

The Lord’s ministers must be beyond moral reproach. By the New Testament standards of God’s Word, a moral casualty once publicly discredited can be restored to fellowship if they truly repent, but cannot be restored to ministry or to leadership. They are no longer above reproach and are not scripturally qualified any longer (although we question if Roberts Liardon ever was to begin with). Moral sin made public is plainly public reproach.

In 1 Timothy chapter 3 verse 7 The Holy Spirit inspired Paul the Apostle to instruct the church that leaders in the church must not only be beyond reproach with those inside the church, but be of solid reputation with non believers outside of it. This is unambiguous command of God. The Greek terms used are "˜martyros" and "kalan’’ literally meaning: "of valued reputation" or " of valued public record".

Someone publicly found in proven serious immorality who truly repents can be restored to fellowship, but can never be restored to leadership. Indeed, if they do truly repent the will bear the fruits of repentance (Luke 3:8)., and abide by God’s Word and accept the ramifications of their actions.

There are of course those who are biblically ignorant at best, but perhaps more often mere religious liars and hypocrites who point to God restoring David to his position after his sin with Bathsheba as a supposed biblical basis to reinstate morally discredited preachers to the ministry.. Scripturally and doctrinally this of course is demonstrable idiocy; David held a royal office, not a Levitical one "“ his office was not priestly . It is a totally false comparison and does not apply. The clergy was Aaronic and as a king he could not be a member of the clergy and he was never removed from office for his sin to begin with. David was akin to a politician caught in a sex scandal like Bill Clinton, not a preacher caught in a homosexuality scandal like Paul Cain, Ted Haggard, or the darling of Elim’s Kensington Temple "“ Roberts Liardon. Moreover, the standards of imputed righteousness under the New Covenant surpass the required standards of the Torah; Jesus said "unless one’s righteousness exceeds that of the Pharisees"¦".

How can any saved Christian who loves the Lord and believes the scripture remain in an Elim church? Indeed how can any Christian in their right mind or anyone who fears God be part of such a wicked and unprincipled movement with cowardly and hypocritical hirelings for pastors and a publicly proven homosexual "Training A New Generation of Elim"?

Here are Elim leader and Kensington Temple Pastor Colin Dye's own words as it currently appears on their website:

"I am thrilled to present to you Roberts Liardon as our new head of IBIOL".
Colin Dye, Senior Minister

Roberts Liardon, a world renowned author and public speaker, brings a wealth of experience to the Institute. He has 6,500,000 books sold worldwide in 50 different languages, including the God's Generals series, 28 years in Christian ministry as a pastor and international conference speaker.

Come and be discipled in the Word for your Spirit-filled ministry for Jesus in Kensington Temple's International Bible Institute of London.

I myself am not adverse to homosexuals personally despite my disagreement with homosexuality. I respect their rights to pursue that lifestyle if they so desire providing others are not compelled to accept it as normative in contravention of their own values and opinions. I also detest the persecution of homosexuals in Islamic countries under Sharia that we read of on human rights web sites, and above all I would be appalled if any hate groups sought to violently victimize homosexuals or lesbians in the name of Christianity. What I do oppose however is the religious hypocrisy of churches who profess one thing with their words but do another with their actions. When Colin Dye appoints a preacher publicly found in a homosexual relationship that Elim itself at least officially would regard as perverted and un-natural to direct an Elim Bible Institute because "˜we need him to disciple the next generation’, we must wonder what exactly Roberts Liardon will disciple them to be?

How is it possible to conclude anything other than the Elim movement is spiritually, theologically, and morally dead.