James Jacob Prasch

Egypt, Jordan, Tunisia, Etc.

Anti-American international leftist and former UN bureaucrat Mohammed ElBaradei who pandered to Iran on its quest for the development of nuclear weapons and who wants to recognize the terrorist organization Hamas is true to his opportunist self, wanting Hosni Mubarak's job.

After Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration did nothing to support the attempted Green Revolution to overthrow Ahmadinejad in Iran. The Muslim world knows that Obama is a weak, inexperienced, inept, and unqualified leader who is in over his head and above his ability who only knows about effective politics not effective policy. As in Iran in 1979, a popular revolution is quickly being hijacked by Islamist extremists while Obama and Clinton replay the legacy of ,  Jimmy Carter when the Shah fell. Carter saw double digit stagflation and a disastrous foreign policy emblematic of a perceived weakness of the United States while being humiliated by terrorist Iran. Now Obama has a failed economic policy buried in almost insurmountable debt and a disastrously weak foreign policy coming on top of it. Old mistakes are repeated.

After this the corrupt Reagan Administration illegally sold weapons to terrorist Iran and showed further American weakness emboldening Islamic terror not only by failing to respond to the Beirut suicide bombing but arming the Iranian sponsors of Hizbollah and then getting caught covering it up. Indeed, it was during the tenure of George H. Bush as CIA director that elements of the CIA and US Special Forces secretly armed and trained Qadaffi’s Libyan Islamic terrorists in the Wilson Affair. It was also George H. Bush who created an Islamic terrorist state in Lebanon in 1991, pressuring Israel to withdraw from southern Lebanon and handing the country to Syria and Iran on a silver platter. Israel was again very badly attacked from Lebanon in 2006 as a result and is about to be attacked again with the compliments of George Bush.

It was his son George W. Bush and Condoleezza Rice who pressed Israel to withdraw from Gaza opening the door for a Hamas takeover with the stupid idea of giving democracy to Muslims who will only use democracy to elect and empower terrorist governments. When Douglas MacArthur democratized Japan he first de-mythologised the Shinto religion with its religious warrior ethos by making the emperor go on radio and debunk ‚   his religion, admitting he was not god. Instead of debunking Islam George Bush honored the religion that attacked America on September 11th by calling it a great religion and placing a Koran which states that "God has no Son" in the White House. It was Bush who called for a second Palestinian Muslim state (in addition to Jordan).

It was in fact President Dwight Eisenhower and the Dulles brothers who helped put Gamal Nasser into power in 1952 and who knifed Israel, Britain and France in the back forcing them to withdraw from the isthmus of Suez and Sinai in 1956 resulting in Egypt falling into the Soviet camp courtesy of Eisenhower.

Now as Turkey turns to pro-Iranian, anti-Israel Islamization, the Islamic radicalism has spread even to Jordan as well as Yemen, Algeria and even Morocco with Israel caught in the middle with its survival threatened as a useless American government talks rubbish. Iran is gleeful, Saudi Arabia is terrified, and Israel is squeezed. Ironically both Saudi Arabia and Israel are asking that if Obama is so quick to abandon Mubarak how can they trust America any longer? ‚  Obama failed to see this coming in another intelligence failure and has no visible contingency to reassure friendly states in the region. We are heading straight into a quagmire threatening an oil crisis and setting the stage for a Psalm 83 scenario and preparing the way for Gog and Magog.

What we may be certain of the following:

  • As always , nations "“ including the USA "“ get the leaders they deserve no matter how corrupt and worthless and irrespective of political party.
  • Each time America and other nations curse Israel they reap the whirlwind in judgment.
  • These events fit the prophetic agenda of Scripture like a glove and those deceivers in the church like Steven Sizer, John Piper, and John Stott who teach otherwise should be ignored and their ministries rejected by faithful Christians.

It is vital that we pray earnestly for Obama (no matter what we think of this pro-abortion baby killer either personally or politically), that we pray for Israel, that we pray for the believers in these countries, and we pray that the Lord would grant us grace and stay the tide even though the ultimate outcome is prophetically inevitable.

We urge our friends and readers to pray and recognize the potential seriousness and prophetic significance of this upheaval. May the Lord show mercy and intervene.

Jacob Prasch
Moriel Ministries