James Jacob Prasch

Is Robert Sungenis the Anti-Semite, the Liar, and the Coward He Makes Himself Appear To Be?

A visit to the web site of Robert Sungenis, the premier Roman Catholic apologist who publicly ran scared and backed down from a tentatively agreed debate before impartial language scholars with Jacob Prasch, reveals some interesting material attacking both Israel and biblical Christians recognizing the prophetic purposes of God for Israel and the Jews.

Sungenis predictably cites anti Israel Roman Catholic Republican politician Pat Buchanan ‚  (who was Nixon's communications director during the Watergate scandal), whose presidential bids floundered when his campaign committee referred to Jewry employing the term "Talmudic Filth" .

Worse still, Sungenis just as predictably appears to have lied. He calls the Hebrew term for non-Jews "goyim" used by a Jewish ‚  political figure "vulgar" . In fact "Goyim" is merely the plural Hebrew term for "nation" ("goyim" simply means "nations" or "those from the nations") and Israel itself is called a "goy" in Isaiah 65:1. ‚  There are Hebrew and Yiddish terms for non-Jews that are derogatory, but "goyim" is not one of them, and the Jewish figure he quotes did not use one of the derogatory terms. There is nothing inherently vulgar or condescending about it. It is a term straight from the Holy Bible. Sungenis has not only behaved like a coward in running from the debate (as can be documented) but as can be easily shown in court by expert testimony of a Hebrew linguist should he elect to litigate, Sungenis demonstrably appears to have lied and slandered. Goyim is neither a vulgar or abusive term. It is rather a solidly biblical term. If Sungenis has not lied as he appears to have, the only visible alternative is academic charlatanism or he does not really know biblical languages as well as he pretends. Either way, there appears to be rank dishonesty of one form or another.

Sungenis then goes on with the age old myth of Jewish financial interests controlling politics and the media that have been the rallying cry of anti-Semites for centuries , including his fellow Roman Catholic Spanish inquisitors, and his fellow Roman Catholics Adolph Hitler, Hans Von Papen, Heinrich Himmler, Gorbles and Gerring (the latter three being all Jesuit educated).

If there is Jewish control of the media, we do wish someone would inform the Washington Post, CNN, the BBC, UK Channel 4, ‚  ITV, Associated Press, the UK Guardian, La Monde, and the UK Independent and the other mega organs of anti-Israel bias.

Why, if Sungenis is correct, is America's biggest newspaper chain Gannet (USA Today and hundreds of local dailies) not Jewish owned? ‚  Why is America's biggest local tabloid " “ the NY Daily News the baby of the Irish Catholic McCormick-Patten family? Why is America's premier news dynasty , the Hearst family, Prostestant? Why is Rupert Murdoch " “ kingpin of the worlds largest news, media and publishing conglomerate a Presbyterian? Why is Ted Turner, founder of CNN not a Jew? Why is America's number one selling non-tabloid, The Wall Street Journal, published by Dow Jones & Co. (hardly a Jewish concern)? America's leading business publication, Forbes Magazine, is owned and operated by the non-Jewish Steve Forbes family, etc. But as Hitler's propaganda minister Gorbels said, "if you tell a lie often enough people will believe it to be the truth".

If Jews control banks, can someone please explain why Americas two largest banking dynasties, the David Rockefeller dynasty and the Mellon family, are not Jews? Also why America's largest investment banking families - Brown Brothers and Harrimans are not Jews? Nor are Britain's largest banking family the Barclay brothers Jewish (they are Roman Catholic and also own Britain's number one serious newspaper The Telegraph). The largest Austral-Asian bank is Maquarie " “ not Jewish. Neither are any of the humongous Japanese banks, or Asia's HSBC. The world's fourth largest banking group is the Royal Bank of Scotland (not Jewish). Why is the top share holder in America's largest bank, Citicorp, a Moslem Saudi Arabian prince who is also the largest private shareholder in Time/Warner/AOL? Why could Jewish bankers like the Rothchilds in France not have prevented the pro-Nazi Vichy from coming to power if they are so powerful? Why could American Jewish bankers like Salman Brothers or Kuhn-Loeb or Goldman Sachs not influence Roosevelt to increase the immigration quotas for Jews fleeing the holocaust? The answer is simple. They don't dominate international capital markets and they just don't wield that kind of power or political influence and never have. There are just too many other players on the field, many of them bigger and more influential. From the Middle Ages to Greenspan and Kissinger, Jews have tended to be among the vassals, but not among the nobles.

As the most renown academic institutions are increasingly in the grip of the left wing, anti-Israel sentiment is rife on campuses while the plight of Christians being massacred in genocidal proportions Islamic nations is ignored (no one calls for academic boycotts against professors from Saudi Arabia where owning a Bible is a criminal offense).

As to the Jewish political control alleged by Sungenis, why could the Jewish and Evangelical lobbies combined not stop the AWACS deal with Saudi Arabia when they spent millions trying?

Americas most powerful Republican Party political dynasty are the Protestant Bush family, and America's most powerful Democratic Party political dynasty are the Roman Catholic Kennedy family. America's three largest political-industrial" “financial dynasties are the non-Jewish DuPonts, Fords, and Rockefellers. The two most powerful political machines (and arguably most corrupt, in the opinion of many) in American political history, the Cook County machine of the Daly clan in Chicago (which threw the 1960 presidential election to JFK), and New York's Tamany Hall machine of Tweed, Walker, and Wagner, were both Irish Catholic in constituency, not Jewish. Even in New York City with its huge Jewish population, neither of the two biggest real estate moguls in U.S. history, Donald Trump, or the late Harry Helmsley are/were Jewish; New York's ‚  biggest property developers and sky scraper builders are not Jewish.

The father of Hollywood was Cecil B. De Mille (a non-Jew). ‚  Columbia Pictures is owned by the Japanese (Sony), Warner Brothers by Time/AOL, and MGM is no longer controlled by the heirs of Sam Mayer. Stephen Spielberg is Jewish, but Francis Ford Copolla, Alan Parson, and Oliver Stone are not. David Sarnoff was a Jew but the NBC and RCA he founded are no longer under Jewish management. ABC is owned by Disney (Walt Disney was not Jewish). 20th Century Fox (and Fox and Sky news) is owned by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. By far, Hollywood's largest producer and film financier cum laude is George Lucas, a non-Jew. Jewish power in Hollywood is also significantly over stated.

If there is a sphere where there is a dominance of Jewish talent it is science with around 70% of Nobel prize winners in chemistry, physics, and medicine being Jewish, while Jews constitute far less than 1% of the world's population. But should Jews be apologetic for their disproportionate contributions to the advancement of science and human achievement? We think not. Without Jewish scientists in America, Hitler would have developed the atomic bomb first and we would all be living in a world ruled by Nazis, if any would be alive at all. Without Jewish scientists, medical science would be a generation behind where it is today with God only knows how many dead. Here Jews clearly do have power. But what are these Jews conspiring to do? Save countless lives?

Understandably, Jewish over-achievement in science in contrast to Roman Catholicism's record of notorious shame which condemned Copernicus and Galileo as heretics for ‚  postulating and proving ‚  the earth revolved around the sun remains a perpetual source of embarrassment to the Church of Rome (unless you believe the sun revolves around the earth you were to be excommunicated proclaimed the popes). Roman Catholics combined, with nearly 20% of the world's population receive relatively few Nobel prizes in the sciences. But what is to be expected when you carry a history of excommunicating your greatest scientists and branding their breakthroughs as apostate? The Jews would never excommunicated an Einstein or an Oppenheimer and condemn their discoveries as religious heresy. Yet right up until Pius IX, papal encyclicals against the development of modern science were being turned out. (Pius IX also issued the infamous papal decree "Quanta Curia" denouncing democracy.) With limited exception, modern science has mainly flourished among Jews and among Protestants, not among Roman Catholics. Catholicism persecuted its scientists.

The reason a long series of papal encyclicals and bulls condemned science is indeed because they had to. Thomas Aquinas' explanation of transubstantiation is predicated on "Aristotle's theory of accidents". In the alchemy of the Dark Ages, magic and chemistry were virtually the same. They had a rudimentary view of stoichiometric or elemental chemistry but knew nothing of sub-atomic physics, co-valency, ionic bonding, shells, or electron transfer between atoms. So if chlorine was added to sodium forming sodium chloride (table salt) they still thought it was plain chlorine because they could not understand chemical reactions. In the ancient world, Aristotle said for instance that the fact that it looked and tasted like salt was only its "appearances" or "accidents". Aquinas was an Aristotelian. Hence the "hoc est corpus meum" formula meant that although their Eucharist looked and tasted like bread and wine, that was only the "accidents", it is actually the protoplasm of Jesus Christ to be ingested cannibalistically and drunk in the vampire ritual of the Mass. This was done despite Jesus saying, "the flesh profits nothing"  when he said, "unless you eat of His flesh" (John 6:53-63) , and despite the Apostles flatly outlawing the ritual consumption of blood (Acts 15:29). Today most Catholics will say they accept transubstantiation by faith, but when Aquinas defined the belief, it was not a matter faith, but a matter of chemistry, a view of "accidents used to explain what they did not grasp" now debunked by modern chemical science. Hence, too much of modern science undermines the plausibility of essential Roman Catholic dogma.

Unless a Roman Catholic clung to the debunked Ptolomean astronomy with earth as the astro physical center of the universe, they were branded heretical and condemned to hell by papal anathema. Unless you in effect cling to the debunked physics of the Aristotelian "theory of " ˜accidents'" you will be branded as heretical until this very day; in other words, the ludicrous myth of transubstantiation still requires a belief in a scientifically disproved misunderstanding of physical science.

Ironically the two things the Jews could not survive without " “ the Scriptures and science, are the very two things Roman Catholicism could not survive with. This is why the Bible was placed on the papal index of banned books and why papal injunctions condemning modern science as heretical were issued by their popes.

The only actual predominance of Jewish power Sungenis can rightly point to is that - as the Greeks were at the intellectual forefront of the ancient world, the Italians at the forefront in the Renaissance, and the British at the forefront during the Age of Empire, so the Jews are at the forefront in the modern world, out of all proportion to their size. But the anti-Semitic fable of secret Jewish political/economic control of the world subscribed to by Sungenis is an obvious lie.

Sungenis rambles on about behind-the-scenes Jewish wealth, while in actual fact practically none of America's very largest tycoons or magnates - Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Stephen Job - are Jewish. Indeed , the country with the most Jewish billionaires is post-Soviet Russia (a ‚  number of Oligarchs are Jews, but Putin has been trying to put them out of business and has one in prison). Russia ranks well under America, Japan, Britain, Italy, Germany, France and China as an economic power and is only included in the G8 as a political consolation. Moreover, Russia is supportive of Iran, not Israel. If Jews had the kind of leverage on the global stage Sungenis alleges, their history would not be so cruel.

Anyone really familiar with the true world of geo-politics and global economics knows the secret Jewish conspiracy theories are anti-Semitic nonsense, but Sungenis doesn't. Historians know that "The Protocols of The Elders of Zion" is a ridiculous forgery, and it would be hard to imagine that Sungenis doesn't, but the text of his article seems to follow the same essential underlying thrust.

Among Sungenis' heroes are the late popes John XXIII and John Paul II, who went to war-torn former Yugoslavia at the behest of Catholic Croats desiring the beatification of the Ustashi Nazi Arch Bishop Stepinac. The 750,000 Serbs and Jews murdered in the Hitler aligned Ustashi Nazi holocaust were offered their lives by Stepinac if they agreed to convert to Roman Catholicism. The praises of this Nazi were then sung by John Paul II, who also canonized Jose Maria Escrive, the pro-Mussolini/pro-Hitler/pro-fascist founder of Opus Dei. This was John Paul II. John XXIII promoted to cardinal the pro-Nazi ‚  Jesuit Arch Bishop of Munich Michael Schmauss (who authored the pro Hitler treatise "Empire and State"), and called him "the theologian of Munich". This was John XXIII. It may well be that such papal actions sympathetic to pro-Nazis account for Sungenis' dislike of the Jewish state.

In what some can only see as harmony with his dead pope John Paul II, who in an act of public religious reverence kissed the Koran " “ a book which says God has no Son, Sungenis seems to echo the pro Islamic sentiment, calling Israel an occupier. Apparently Sungenis does not agree with Jesus Christ (Luke 12:21).
Indeed, so much of Roman Catholic doctrine contradicts the plain teaching of Jesus (such as calling a pope "holy father" as a religious title when Jesus strictly commanded Christians not to ‚   in Matthew 23:9), his contra-biblical position regarding Israel is par for the course. This of course says nothing of the fact that according to USA Today, nearly every single Roman Catholic diocese in the USA (approximately 179) was found liable in court of protecting child molesting priests & nuns at the expense of not protecting the little children these sex criminals and homosexual and lesbian sexual predators in cassocks and habits destroy. Similar child sex scandals involving Roman Catholic clergy and hierarchy are rampant in Britain, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and throughout the Roman Catholic Third World. It includes not only bishops and cardinals, but the CRIMINALE SOLICITACCIONES instruction issued by Joseph Radzinger (currently the pope) shows Vatican complicity in the conspiracy to obstruct justice. Even their own Eastern Rite cardinal recently denounced mandatory celibacy as without Christian foundation. St. Paul called it a doctrine of demons (1 Timothy 4:3). When you outlaw what by God's design is natural, their clergy does what is unnatural - abuse and sexually violate small children. Hence, a man like Sungenis who would defend an institution whose hierarchy are capable of such legally proven orchestrated debauchery on a global scale, is probably capable of defending anything, anti-Zionism included.

In principle, Suninges' position is a throw-back to an anti-Jewish history the Vatican is trying to live down, especially since the current German pope Benedict was not among the religious objectors persecuted by the Nazis for refusing to fight for the Third Reich, but rather put on his Nazi uniform and served in Hitler's military and fought for the Nazi Third Reich, perhaps shooting at American and British airplanes. Robert Sungenis' anti-Zionist rhetoric and polemics seem rather consistent with a Vatican the tenure of Pius XII as pope when "the rat route" was organized helping Adolph Eichmann , probably Joseph Mengels, Boreman, and a horde of other genocidal Nazi war criminals (most of them Roman Catholic) to escape from justice to Roman Catholic Latin America.

We do not believe all Roman Catholics sanction this ugly history or endorse Sungenis. Even Catholic authors like John Cornwell agree that Hitler was brought to power in coalition with the Zentrum Catholic Party of Bavaria under Hans Von Papen, the privy chamberlain to Pius XII, who perpetrated the biggest act of terrorism ever carried out on American soil prior to 9/11 during World War I at the Black Tom in New York harbor. This terrorist, later sentenced at Nuremberg, was the Bin Laden of his day; only Von Papen was a Bin Laden with a papal benediction and privy chamberlaincy to a pope.

Roman Catholics are shocked when we show them our photo collection of Arch Bishop Stepinac (who was also honored by John XXIII) giving the "heil Hitler" salute to Hitler youth, and photos of Roman Catholic nuns marching with the Gestapo at Nazi rallies, and of Catholic priests blessing swastikas, and photos of the Franciscan Filipovitch dressed both in his cassock and in his Nazi uniform as chief of the Jasenovac concentration camp, as well as documented quotes from the Roman Catholic Bavarian Concordat with the Nazi Party (the bishops swore allegiance to Hitler). And many Roman Catholics would be disgusted at anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, just as they are disgusted with the sex scandals of their bishops and cardinals like Law of Boston, Mahoney of Los Angeles, and Cormac Murphy O'Connor of London conspiring to protect pedophile priests instead of protecting the innocent children whom these priests enjoy victimizing sexually with the protection of their church and its hierarchy.

The cardinal of Honduras even boasts he would never hand over a priest to the law, and religious orders have been caught transferring pedophiles abroad to foreign jurisdictions. In one case in Australia, a sister superior wanted for using little girls to sexually gratify sex pervert priests was hidden in a convent in New Zealand and the police were told she was dead. She was later caught and arrested. In Boston "Sisters of St. Joseph" faced proceedings for holding down deaf and dumb little girls and raping them with bottles. The situation in Catholic countries like Ireland is even worse. In the USA one comprehensive report statistically documents that Roman Catholic priests have a rate of HIV infection over four times higher than the national average. Given that so many of the child sex attacks by priests are homosexual in nature, the AIDS threat to little children from Roman Catholic clergy is obvious. This highlights the potential dangers of ‚   placing children in Roman Catholic schools, or of them participating in Roman Catholic religious instruction or taking their sacraments, especially ‚   "Confessional Penance" or "reconciliation", where little children can be vulnerable to sexual and homosexual blackmail in the confessionals by pedophile priests. Sungenis himself admits that up to one-third of Roman Catholic bishops in the USA alone may be homosexuals.

Governor Keating of Kansas, himself a Roman Catholic, who headed the investigatory commission into clerical pedophilia said that elements of the Roman Catholic Church are to be compared to the Mafia in their secrecy.

Now, in case after proven case, this same Rat Route "church"  that shielded Nazi war criminals dressed in swastikas is shielding pedophile sex criminals dressed in vestments.

Yet most Catholics abhor the widely disclosed and verified scandal and corruption of their church. Many refuse to attend Mass any longer and are converting to biblical Christianity. Many others would not agree with bogus conspiracy theories alleging secret Jewish control. But as their premier apologist now propounds these same kinds of false notions of behind the scenes Jewish financial and political power that for centuries has generated so much hatred and blood shed in the Name of Christ on his "Catholic Apologetics International" website, it indeed becomes most disturbing.

An Apache cannot occupy Arizona, nor can a Maori by definition occupy New Zealand. By definition, an indigenous people whose ancient presence in a land is confirmed by archaeology and history cannot be called an occupier (unless of course, in Sungenis' book the indigenous people are Jews). But this too makes little difference to Sungenis. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King jr. wrote, "make no mistake " “ anti-Zionism is but anti-Semitism".

It is not our aim or delight to malign, slander, or defame Robert Sungenis. If there is any malice, it is not ours, But we cannot be accountable when someone's own published words and actions discredit them. We offer no character judgments , we only present facts for our readers to decide for themselves, and these facts are plainly irrefutable.

In backing down from the debate before impartial scholars Sungenis made himself look like an academic fraud and a religious coward.

In re-defining a biblical and colloquial Hebrew term for "nation" or "one from the nations" as a vulgar affront, he has made himself look like a liar.

In his propagation of the traditional, demonstrably bogus, anti-Jewish invectives employed by Jew haters for centuries, he has made himself look like an anti-Semite. Indeed, Sungenis openly denies 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust.

One day Sungenis will give account to a Jew in judgment. The Jew is named Rabbi Yeshua Bar Yosef M'Natzeret (Jesus Christ).

Even members of the Roman Catholic clergy warn Roman Catholics against Roberet Sungenis on the internet.

Scholarly sources have displayed Sungenis to an anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist driven by wild fanciful notions of his. (Sungenis even alleges FDR was a secret Jew by descent and part of the Jewish conspiracy; too bad FDR didn't know it. Perhaps he would have not denied Jews fleeing the Nazis refugee status in the late 1930s).

Not least of all, there are websites documenting Sungenis as a plagiarist. Plagiarists are by definition academic frauds and pseudo-scholarly charlatans. This would help explain his refusal to debate before impartial language experts.

Is Robert Sungenis the coward, liar, and anti Semite he makes himself appear to be? These are the facts. You decide.

Is what Robert Sungenis Defends Really Christian?

What Robert Sungenis Wishes He Could Deny Is This Why Robert Sungenis Is Afraid To Debate Us?

See the photos below and make up your own mind.

Smoking Gun!

Hitler wth Archbishop Cesare Orsenigo, the papal nuncio in Berlin, 1935

On April 20, 1939, Archbishop Orsenigo celebrated Hitler's birthday. The celebrations, initiated by Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) became a tradition. Each April 20, Cardinal Bertram of Berlin was to send "warmest congratulations to the Fuhrer in the name of the bishops and the dioceses in Germany" and added with "fervent prayers which the Catholics of Germany are sending to heaven on their altars." (Source: Hitler's Pope: The Secret History of Pius XII

Hitler greets M ƒ ¼ller the "Bishop of the Reich" and Abbot Schachleitner

Hitler greets a Catholic Cardinal (Source: USHMM)

Hitler leaving church
Hitler, never ex communicated, leaves the Mass

Hitler at Nazi Party Rally
Note the "Church of our Lady" in the background as if it represented the foundation of the party. Photo taken in Nuremberg, Germany (circa 1928).

Church & State
Hitler in front of "Church of our Lady" in Nuremberg, Sept. 1934. Photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann.

Hitler's mother's grave

Klara Hitler was a pious Catholic mother who raised Hitler according to her beliefs.

Hitler felt grief-stricken over his mother's death. She was buried alongside her husband in Linz, Austria. German soldiers here pay their respects to the grave in 1938.

The G ƒ ¶ring Wedding

Only Christians perform Christian weddings, and the Nazis were no exception.

Hermann G ƒ ¶ring married Emmy Sonnemann, a famous Opera star.

Adolf Hitler stands in the front row as "Best Man" during the ceremony in the Cathedral by Reichbishop M ƒ ¼ller.

What Robert Sungenis Does Not Want Roman Catholics To Know.

What Robert Sungenis Does Not Want Roman Catholics To See.

The Concordat between the Vatican and the Nazis

Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle, and the Rudolf Buttmann sits at the right.

The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.


Whatever Your Roman Catholic Beliefs Are Robert Sungenis, Please Stop Calling It Christian. The Name Christian Is Already Taken And It Means Something Different Than The Church In These Photographs.

This Nazi Religion Is Not The Message of Christ. It is However The Message Of Rome.

Spanish Bishops giving the fascist salute

A Cardinal marches with the Nazis

Cardinal Michael Faulhaber marches between rows of SA men at a Nazi rally in Munich.

[Note, some dispute the photo claiming it shows nuncio Cesare Orsenigo in Berlin, and not Cardinal Faulhaber. Regardless, no one disputes the person as a high ranking Catholic representative.]

Cardinal Bertram in the funeral procession for Bishop Bares, Berlin, 7 March 1935

As a chairman of the German bishop conference the Breslauer Cardinal Bertram plays a crucial role in shaping the attitude of the German bishops in relation to the National Socialist state.

Welcome Celebration for Bishop Konrad Graf von Preysing in the Sportpalast, Berlin, 8 Sept. 1935

Note the Catholic Chi-Rho Cross to the right of the Nazi flag. Chi and Rho are the first two letters of the Greek word for Christ. The Chi Rho Cross, or warrior's cross, originated from the monogram of Roman Emperor Constantine. How fitting it appears next to a swastika.

Following the death of Berlin's Bishop Bares, Pope Pius XI unexpectedly selects Konrad Graf von Preysing, a little-known Eichst ƒ ¤tt bishop, as bishop of Berlin. Berlin, the region for which he is responsible, now also includes the center of the National Socialist power structure and so requires a high degree of political skill from its ecclesiastical leader.

(Photo source: Gedenkst ƒ ¤tte Deutscher Widerstand)

Priests giving the Hitler salute

Priests giving the Hitler salute at a Catholic youth rally in the Berlin-Neuk ƒ ¶lln stadium in August 1933.


As a man who denies 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust although the Nuremberg records prove you wrong, and the American, British, French, German, Israeli, Polish, Italian, and Russian governments say they did, you are in the perfect church for a man with your kind of beliefs.