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Holocaust Denying Roman Catholic Bishop Restored By Former Nazi Soldier Pope Benedict Assaults Reporter On Way To UK To Pursue Dialogue Holocaust Denier

We note that holocaust denier David Irving now to meet with Williamson, was found libel and proven culpable in court where he was successfully sued on the basis of evidence from the UN, Yad V'Shem, The German Government, and The Allied N ƒ ¼rnberg Trials. JJP

Holocaust-denying bishop arrives in Britain following offer of refuge from rebel historian David Irving

By Ryan Kisiel
Last updated at 8:15 PM on 25th February 2009

Bishop Richard Williamson was told by Argentina to leave the country or face expulsion, saying his denials of the Holocaust were

The Holocaust-denying bishop expelled from Argentina for his 'insulting' views has been invited to stay with controversial historian David Irving.

Bishop Richard Williamson was said to be so worried about being arrested on arrival at Heathrow that he contacted Irving for help.

Irving, who has served a prison sentence in Austria for 'glorifying and identifying with the German Nazi Party', offered to put him up at his home in Windsor and asked socialite Lady Michele Renouf to meet the bishop at Heathrow with extradition lawyers in case he was arrested.

When the bishop arrived he was not arrested, but was flanked by an armed police guard and three private bodyguards.

Argentinian authorities had given him ten days to leave the country after he claimed in a recent interview that only 300,000 Jews rather than six million had died in Nazi concentration camps during the Second World War, and that none were gassed.

Bishop Williamson, a member of the Roman Catholic conservative Society of St Pius X, remained at its London headquarters with three security guards tonight.

A Holocaust remembrance group said the bishop should be prosecuted for his remarks.

Bishop Richard Williamson

Arrival: Wearing a dog collar and flanked by police, Bishop Williamson was escorted out of Heathrow Airport following his flight from Argentina

Stephen Smith, of the national Holocaust Centre, urged British authorities to monitor Williamson for any comments that incite racial and religious hatred.

Mr Smith said: 'The Argentinian government did the right thing by asking Richard Williamson to leave Argentina and publicly denouncing his views on the Holocaust.

'As a British citizen, it is not surprising he is returning home, but the UK must not be a safe haven for him and people like him.'

richard williamson

Defiant: Bishop Williamson raises his fist at a television interviewer in Buenos Aires as he waits to board a plane to the UK


The bishop plans to meet fellow Holocaust denier historian David Irving (right)

Lady Renouf, 62, a former beauty queen, denies she is anti-Semitic, despite ‚   describing Judaism as 'a political organisation about materialism and real estate'.

She said: 'A member of [the bishop's] church emailed David as [Williamson] was really worried that he might be arrested and extradited to Germany.

'David contacted me because he knew that I had certain expertise in these matters and knew that I would be able to help.

'I know that David has offered to let the bishop stay with him, but I believe that he is staying with his church at the moment.'

Members of St Pius X refused to comment on Williamson.

A 20-year-old excommunication order on the bishop was lifted by the Pope this year, but he was ordered to recant his views "“ which he has not done.

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