James Jacob Prasch

Christian Human Rights in Israel

As a Christian human rights activist, I never cease to be amazed at how The Guardian under-reports the militant Islamic genocide of African Christians in Sudan, the beheading or hanging of people for becoming Christians in Saudi Arabia, the ‚  Islamic honor killing of over 1,000 women per year in Jordan alone etc., but carries on its orchestrated campaign of bias against the one nation in the Middle East protecting the full religious rights of Arab Christians, and the human rights of women, homosexuals etc, that nation being ‚  Israel.

Moslem terrorists fire on Israeli civilians from Gaza while the Israelis are in the process of trying to withdraw from Gaza (nearly hitting a school bus carrying children and killing a civilian) and use their own civilians for human shields. ‚   When the Israelis return fire in self defense, according to The Guardian, ‚  it becomes "an Israeli attack" and ‚  Israelis "killed children picking strawberries"!

Why does your jornalistic hypocrisy ‚  prevent you from doing ‚  a story on why with oil revenues doubled, moslem Saudi Arabia has only donated $10 million and the Emirates $2 million to the tsunami relief effort via their Red Crescent where 70% of the victims are Moslem, while America, Britain, Australia, and Japan donate billions?

Given the fact that the Christian beheading Saudi Wahabists ‚  donated $155 million to the families of Palestinian Moslem suicide bombers, why do these barbarians have only pocket change for their own fellow moslems while Western countries respond with generosity? Facts like these however are of no interest to The Guardian. Your paper ‚  seems only intrested in bias and distortion.

It is a very fair question: are your journalists reporters or propagandists? ‚   ‚  Or as some would say, ‚  are they apologists for terror?

I profoundly doubt that if it were not for bias, distortion, and hypocrisy The Guardian would not have anything whatsoever to say.


JJ Prasch