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Congratulations for your impartiality in dealing with "Black Friday's" determination of Judge Michael Higgins - Victoria's Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Now may the public debate begin in earnest - without fear or favour! Read more ...
December 2012
CMFI affirms the prophetic purposes of God for Israel & The Jews including the restoration of national Israel and Jerusalem as its capital to facilitate the return of Christ (Luke 21:24, Zechariah 12:1-10, Matthew 23:39 etc.).
David Wilkerson caused a big controversy in UK by associating with Churches and leaders who were into stuff that he had previously criticised in his excellent The Reproach of the Solemn Assembly, in which he had denounced the faith-prosperity and Toronto-associated practices and teachings that have caused so much trouble within the Church. To make matters worse he said some incredibly silly things on that tour in a message regarding our intimacy with Christ. Based on John 4:32 and associated statements, David Wilkerson claimed that the woman of Samaria "fed" Christ and that this was the "meat" that Jesus referred to in this verse. Contextually and biblically that claim is sheer nonsense.Read more ...
Please click here to read "Fresh Prince - Destined to Ruin" by Philip Powell of Christian Witness Ministries
So the plague was stayed . . . (Num 25:8) . . . So the LORD was Entreated "¦ and the plague was stayed (2 Sam 24:25).