James Jacob Prasch

Abolition Of UK Blasphemy Laws

by James Jacob Prasch

The government of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is moving to abolish anti-blasphemy laws that would allow the open blasphemy of God, Jesus Christ, and Christianity by anti Christian groups such as radical Islamists and militant homosexuals and lesbians.

The existing laws are already not enforced as the British government and Broadcasting Standards Council allow openly blasphemous television programming.

What is most disturbing however is that the Church of England is actively supportive of abolition of the anti-blasphemy laws since the ecumenical former Arch Bishop of Canterbury George Carey (who at one time claimed to be a Born Again Christian) called for its abolition because it only protected ‚  Christianity.
We have always said that when Satan has theocrats like Carey and Rowan Williams in his service, he needs no atheists.

We may be sure however that while blasphemy of Jesus Christ and Christianity will continue, decrying Islam will be called a hate crime and criminal prosecution demanded ‚  just as hostility towards homosexuality ‚  has become in essence prosecutable in the tragic case of the late Harry Hammond who was arrested and convicted at age 69 after he was assaulted by lesbian and homosexual gangs for urging them to repent.

The British government without opposition from the so-called Conservative Party passed legislation under Tony Blaire just prior to his conversion to Roman Catholicism, where denying homosexuals and lesbians the right to adopt a baby and raise it as a homosexual or lesbian on grounds of religious conviction is a criminal offense.

The British government, with the de facto complicity of the Church of England is creating a situation where assaulting a lesbian or homosexual is more serious legally than assaulting a 96 year-old grandmother because it is motivated by homophobic hatred, instead of there being equality under the law.

Curse Christ - no problem. Curse Islam - that is a hate crime. Curse Christianity - no problem. Refuse homosexuals or lesbians the right to adopt a baby and bring them up to be homosexual or lesbian - that is a hate crime.

As Isaiah said "Woe to them who call good evil, and who call evil good". As Jesus said: "You will be hated by all nations for My name's sake".

Lest they repent, may God's judgment fall on these wicked politicians. Judgment however begins in The House of God. The Church of England ‚  is given over to Satan.