James Jacob Prasch

Between 2 Fires

Dear Mr. Jack Kincaid

I direct an international Evangelical Christian organization that operates orphanages for AIDS babies and HIV children in Africa, plants churches, evangelizes Jews, and campaigns on behalf of Christians persecuted in Islamic countries. I lived for 9 years in East Jerusalem, Haifa, and in the West Bank near Atarot. It is on this note I write in reply to the book Between 2 Fires that your organization forwarded me. My comments were requested, hence I shall comply in accordance with the request and my remarks below on our website.

Let me preface matters by stating categorically that I reject Talmudic Judaism as much as I reject Islam. Both are false religions driving precious souls, both Jew and Arab away from the true way of salvation. I have no particular love for the Israeli government or the Palestinian Authority and I love Arab believers as much as I do Jewish ones.

Your book arrived with a promotional letter in the opening paragraph detailing the orange choking incident. I could have written a book opening with such a promotional letter detailing the Egged bus I saw blown up on Jaffa Road murdering 17 innocent people, including children.

  1. Your book did not include the fact that the Israeli incursions were a response to such attacks in a scenario where Islamists repeatedly use their own children as human shields.

  2. Your book included no photos of the far worse atrocities perpetrated by Islamists. The real issue is that the Israelis are but fighting the same Jihad arrack on the Judeo-Christian world responsible for September 11th, the London bombings, the Madrid ‚   bombings, the Paris riots, the Sydney riots, the Islamic mass murder of children in Beslan, the Bali bombings, Lockerbie etc. If Israel did not exist we would still have the same global situation. But your book carefully avoided putting the Arab" “Israeli conflict in its global context.
  3. Your book ignored the fact that the suffering of the Palestinian Arabs is the consequence of their own Jihadist leaders. When Ehud Barak offered Arafat a state with a 97% return of all land Israel conquered in self defense in 1967, a compromise on Jerusalem, a return of Gaza, and a comparable amount of Israeli land in compensation for the 3%, the American government and even Saudi Prince Bandar said he would be a fool not to accept. Instead he launched a campaign of suicide bombings. When the Israelis are forced to respond in self-defense, your book lends credence to the lie that they are the aggressors.

  4. Your book ignores the fact that in 1968 and 1970 respectively, Yassir Arafat and King Hussein of Jordan both said that Jordan is Palestine.

  5. Your book conveniently overlooks the fact that from 1948 until 1967, East Jerusalem, Jordan, Gaza, and The west Bank were in the hands of Arab Moslems who saw no need to create a second Palestinian state to Jordan even when they had nearly 20 years to do so.
  6. Your book selectively ignores the fact that according to The World Health Organization of The UN, in everything from longevity to infant mortality to unemployment, prior to the intifada Arab standards of living increased in the West Bank 320% and in Gaza by 370% under the Israelis above what it had been under Jordan and Egypt. The standard of living of Golan Druze population more than quintupled above what it had been under The Syrians.

  7. While Israel improved the standard of living of West Bank & Gaza Arabs, your book likewise failed to list the pilfering of billions in international aid by their own leaders, compounding their sufferings.

  8. Your book ignores the voices of Arab Evangelicals such as ex-Palestinian Arab terrorist Walid Shoebat (who has a very negative view of Salim Munyaner and Dr. Awad theologically and otherwise), Yosef Fara of World Net Daily, Simon Ataf, Patrick Sowedo of Barnabas fund and others who firmly support Israel, Palestinian Evangelist Assis Shorush and others who are firmly supportive of Israel. You misrepresented one faction of Palestinian Arab Christians as representative of all of them. This is dishonest and unfair.

  9. Your book ignores the fact that most Palestinian Arabs ‚   killed by the Israelis have been terrorists, bomb makers, active collaborators etc. Most of the Israelis killed by the Moslems however have been civilians. If Palestinian children or civilians are inadvertently killed by the Israelis it is largely because the Moslems attack, coordinate, and operate from residential areas putting their own people at inevitable risk from collateral damage. When Israeli children and civilians are killed it is because they are the Islamic targets the same as on September 11th or in the Madrid, Bali, or London bombings.

  10. Your book ignores the fact that Jesus stated thee times the Jews must be back in their God-given land and capital for Him to return (Luke 21:24, Matthew 23: 37-39, Zecheriah 12:1-10).

I lecture annually at a Bible college in Indonesia where the Moslems murdered 300,000 Christians in East Timor alone. I help train brave young evangelists going into Moslem villages with the Gospel knowing some, possibly many of them, will be martyred for the name of Jesus. Now, following the Israeli pull-out, the Bible distribution shop in Gaza city has been forced to close by Hamas and Hamas continues to launch rocket attacks against the Tel Aviv suburbs from Gaza.

In addition to the 70,000 Christians murdered by Islam in the Southern Philippines, the 35,000 murdered in the Moluccan Islands, and the 68,000 murdered in Northern Nigeria " “ to name but a few locations, we have the Middle East.

In Darfur Moslem militias have murdered 3.2 million Sudanese Christians in the last 11 years, more than half of them children, even using an intentional strategy of systematic starvation combined with direct military attacks on the level of open genocide. In Saudi Arabia and Iran Christians are arrested, imprisoned, and mercilessly flogged, while converting to faith in Jesus is a capital offense. Even in Egypt the Moslem Brotherhood carries out church burnings with impunity and in both Jordan and Egypt converting to Christianity from Islam remains a prosecutable crime.

I can only thank God as a Christian that there is one country in The Middle East that protects the religious liberty of ‚   Arab Christians, and that country is Israel.

As Matthew chapter 4 reveals, Satan's most deceitful lies are half truths. The above 10 points show me where you got your inspiration to write your book from. I am not your judge and I do not know if you are a misguided and deluded person ‚   or an intentional deceiver actively out to mislead others. This God shall determine. I only evaluate what you written in light of the actual facts as I know them first hand.

To call your book a biased misrepresentation of the whole truth about Palestinian Arab Christians would be to grossly understate the twisted and unbalanced perspective it promulgates. I can not endorse your ministry or sanction Banner Communications.

I only hope you are a better preacher than you are a writer. As an author, you have demonstrated yourself tantamount to a liar; for your sake I hope unintentionally.

As for your request for $169 donations from the Christian public for your study package, I wouldn't give you a dime. Other than political propaganda masquerading as Christianity, I can't imagine what it is you seem to think you have to teach anybody.


JJ Prasch
Moriel ‚