James Jacob Prasch

Anglican Policies?

by James Jacob Prasch

The Anglican Church policies on opposition to Israel and support of the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state on what the archeological record proves to be the indigenous Jewish homeland in accordance with history & Judeo Christian scripture, comes as no surprise.

As a Christian myself I can only describe it as typical Anglican hypocrisy.

With 60,000 Christians murdered by radical Islam in Nigeria, 40,000 in Eritrea, 300,000 in East Timor (spitting distance from Darwin), 65,000 in The Philippines, 30,000 in the Molukan Is., and the judicial; execution of converts to Christ in Iran, Saudia Arabia and elsewhere - what should we expect the Anglican reaction to be to the genocide of Christians.

As churches are bombed regularly in Pakistan, and even in supposedly moderate Islamic countries like Egypt people are arrested for becoming Christian, (to say nothing of the abuse of woman's rights, the execution of homosexuals, and the practice of slavery in Moslem Chad, Niger, and Mauritania)the Anglican response is what we should expect it to be as Christians are deprived of their religious freedom, human rights, and are brutally persecuted.

In the name of Justice and human rights, The Anglicans find the one democratic nation in The Middle East that protects the rights of Arab Christians, of women, of homosexuals and others - and calls for a boycott against them. At the same time it supports a Palestinian state which has a Palestinian Constitution so more Christians can be persecuted.

From their ordination of homosexuals to their de facto of their own heritage and 39 articles, whatever the Anglicans may be believe, I merely wish they would find another name for it and cease referring to it as 'Christian'. The name 'Christian' is already taken, and the Church of England/Anglican Communion no longer has anything to do with Christianity. Fortunately it is fragmenting, its numbers in Australia & Britain are dropping, and it is self exterminating. Please God may the process of extinction be speeded up. Given the fact that it is already morally dead, ethically dead, doctrinally dead, and spiritually dead - why not just pull the plug and get it over with? Simply stated, the best thing that The Church of England can do for England is to drop dead!