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A Spanish translation of "Book of Jonah" is now available from the Online Sermons page.
A Spanish translation of "What is This Good News?",   is now available from the Online Sermons page.
As Christians are massacred in acts of Islamic genocide from Sudan to East Timor, Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, kisses the Koran, a book that teaches "God has no son" in a public act of religious homage to a religion that commands the beheading of those who become Christian followers of Jesus Christ.Read more ...

Open Doors

A Response To A Reader's Letter Concerning Petition To UN To Oppose Anti-Religious Freedom Resolution Moriel and I (Jacob Prasch) do indeed oppose this current outrageous "anti-religious freedom" UN Resolution (being pushed by Islamic nations). But I am afraid we cannot any longer cooperate with the Open Doors organization in anything and the fact is that we have no more respect for Open Doors than we do for the UN.Read more ...
To Whom It May Concern
Christian Greetings in The Risen Lord.
The Manhattan Declaration by Jacob Prasch
On behalf of Moriel Ministries In an era of the diminishing Judeo-Christian religious and moral liberty upon which the founding of both American and British democracy were historically predicated there is indeed a vital urgency to actively confront the assault on those rights by the agenda set by what in effect amounts to a tyranny of a highly vocal and disproportionately over-represented minority in everything. This has manifested itself in a virtual suppression of solid scientific fact in everything from the implausibility of Darwinist presupposition to the clinically documented reduced longevity of homosexuals to the embryonic and obstetric realities of elective non- clinical abortion as a de facto means of birth control. The forced imputation of these and other social insanities to the violation of the moral convictions of a statistical majority constitutes an abrogation of both constitutional principle and the very national heritage that bequeathed us constitutional government and liberty to begin with. No one in his right mind could read the preamble of the U. S. constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the highly theistic writings of the British parliamentarians and logically arrive at the absurd non-theistic misinterpretation of separation of church and state currently demanded by such organizations as the ACLU.Read more ...
By James Jacob Prasch
Die Para-Kerk:
Die Skriftuurlike en die Onskriftuurlike.
Moishe went to be with his Messiah and Lord on May 19th. We are rejoicing for him but appreciate your prayers for the Rosen family and for our whole ministry as we mourn our loss. In lieu of flowers, the family wishes that gifts be made in his honor to Jews for Jesus, 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 for the Moishe Rosen Center in Israel. You can do this online at:
When I learned here in California    that my dear friend and brother Pastor Hunsdale in Belfast, Northern Ireland went home    to be with the Lord it was with the characteristic sense if both joy and sadness I always sense when a brother or sister in faith goes home to await the rest of us with Jesus in glory.
May 23, 2014
by James Jacob Prasch   The incremental  effect  of Islamic sharia law  into British and European legal systems by virtue of the political pandering to petro wealth has been  in the view of many nothing short of  dangerous.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
Much has been said regarding Patrick Dixon being regarded as a charismatic guru figure and a physician turned physician to organizations, even recognized as such in certain secular circles.
To The Editor " “ International Herald Tribune
by James Jacob Prasch
In late summer of 1990, the late John Wimber brought the Kansas City Prophets to Great Britain for a series of hyped-up meetings at London's Docklands Arena. The agenda included Mike Bickel, who in direct defiance to the plain teaching of the Word of God, voiced the opinion shared by false prophet Rick Joyner "that a prophet can be partly right and partly wrong in what he predicts". This of course runs contrary of the biblical criteria of a true prophet in Deuteronomy 18. Among others, Rick Joyner, Bickel himself, Gerald Coates, Cindy Jacobs, Juanita Bynum, and Benny Hinn, along with a wide host of many more, ,  would all by biblical definition be among the false prophets Jesus warned in the last days to deceive the elect. All have made time specific prophetic predictions in the name of the Lord that failed to transpire.
The New Testament clearly relates the divine plan for global peace in and through Christ.
The same week that the Roman Catholic Arch Diocese of Los Angeles and its notorious shield ‚   of ‚   baby raping sex pervert Roman Catholic clergy " “ Cardinal Mahoney announced a $630,000,000.00 payment to victims of its sex criminal priests and nuns, the Vatican made another announcement. According to the present pope, all other churches are invalid.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
As doctrinal Czar for the Roman Church, Cardinal Joseph Radzinger occupied the position that had once been called "The Inquisitor General". His Vatican department for sacred doctrine had in former times been known as "The Inquisition".
[caption id="attachment_7037" align="alignright" width="248" caption="Pope John Paull II kissing the Quran"][/caption]
By J. Jacob Prasch
Political opinions in this article reflect the convictions of the author only. Moriel Ministries assumes no party political position and as a Judeo-Christian organization has absolutely,   no involvement in electoral politics. The purposes of this article are spiritual not political and the aim and intent is purely to ,  encourage prayer, nothing more.
Question: Dear Jacob,
Please explain to me how in the world, some of those that continue in this pre-trib view, can interpret the word apostasy in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 [below] as being the departure? I really need this clarified for I can not accept it nor can I understand how they arrived at this conclusion. Many renown bible teachers, whom I admire are believing this and spreading it throughout the body of Christ. It's too hard understand how and why. I would appreciate it if you would be so king as to take time to explain, for maybe I'm not the only one questioning this and we need an answer.
Thank you in advance,Read more ...
Hi there,
In the April newsletter, The Plastic Bible, Jacob has asked a question. I suppose it is actually rhetorical, and he doesn't really want an answer, but I'm going to give him one anyway. The question is: "Where does the King James justify using the word "Easter"?"
Dear Jacob,
I was listening to a lecture on soul sleep and it was said that your writings on this had a very concerning silence on the issue of the final state of the lost i.e. after the final judgment. ‚   I don"t much care for arguments from silence and so I thought I would go to the source. ‚   What is the final disposition of the lost after the final judgment and are they conscious or not?
13/09/2007 13:12 ‚   - (SA)
John Partington's New Strategy To Rescue The Declining British Assemblies of God
By Jacob Prasch
By Jacob Prasch
I was requested by someone in Israel to comment on the attached report regarding Mr. Bonnke in Nigeria with 400,000 said to be saved at a meeting of 1.6 million in a Moslem country.Read more ...
May 27th, 2011 - London (UK)
Greetings in Yeshua and thank you for your e mail.
Question Regarding Brian Brodersen's Remarks on Islam of Sept 18 in the aftermath of anti American riots in Egypt and other Islamic capitals.
David Instone Brewer, a scholar of some note at Tyndale House, Cambridge , UK specialising in rabbinics with an academic interest in The Jewish background of The New Testament, published the article in Christianity Today, ‚  October 2007 edition ‚  entitled "WHAT GOD HAS JOINED" ‚  whose contents ‚  were in part opposed by John Piper. We preface our own response by pointing out that Moriel regards this magazine itself as having departed from biblical orthodoxy in general, but after a request we believe this article deserves our comments. ‚  David Instone Brewer attempts to argue for a New Testament basis for divorce based on a rabbinic understanding of Exodus 21:10-11. While ‚  holding no admiration ‚  at all for John Piper, but a fair amount of regard for David Instone Brewer (at least from an ‚  an academic perspective), we respectfully disagree with his ‚  conclusions. Read more ...
31st May, 2010
Moriel is not a political organization and engages in diverse humanitarian activity itself from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to Haiti. Moriel does not give carte blanch to Israel or any other government to do as it wishes in violation of the protocols of human civility, our views of the scripturally prophetic significance of contemporary Middle East events notwithstanding.
Recently anti Zionist Anglican Stephen Sizer who has aligned himself with ‚  Iran against Israel appeared in his Anglican vestments costume on Iranian TV at their invitation to denounce Israel.
Once more arch Calvinist Robert Morey is engaging in the silly antics of what in the estimation of many people he does best - not tell the truth.
Note: The following was received in response to Moriel's public posting of an article titled "Presbyterian Church USA Ready to Declare War Against Israel: Take Action Now". This was transmitted to us by Linda Valentine and Rev. Grady Parsons of the Presbyterian Church of the USA. Please continue reading for our response to this message found at the end of this post.Read more ...
It has been brought to our attention that Stephen Sizer addressed an open letter to myself (Jacob Prasch) on his website. In the interests of anyone of honest intent who may have seen it I therefore ‚  publicly submit this open reply.
by James Jacob Prasch
June 9, 2014 It has been brought to our attention at Moriel by various persons that it was announced on Revelation TV by Howard Condor that I, Jacob Prasch, am alleged to have stated Revelation TV is supportive of 'same sex marriage'.Read more ...
Moriel and Jacob Prasch fully endorse the recent conference remarks by Paul Smith warning about the seriously dangerous nature of the actions and false doctrines of Rick Warren.
Following Bill Hybel"s example, Rick Warren will be dining with Christians who say they are gay and proud of it. They are bringing their families with them to Saddleback for a Father"s Day celebration. This is the same gay road trip that has traveled the country to various megachurches to win converts to their views on sexuality. Even Joel Osteen said no to such a gathering. Repeat: these are professing "Christians"  who are in moral revolt against the Word of God, not atheists at a gay pride parade who need someone to bear witness to the truth. These people know the truth and have rejected it. Not only that, they want everyone else in the church to reject it, too. Christian Research Net reports.
by James Jacob Prasch
Rick Warren, whose efforts to turn Evangelical Christianity into a psychologized religion based on marketing with his Purpose Driven agenda stunned many who claim to be regenerated, Bible-believing Christians when he appeared on Larry King Live globally, offering an apology to the homosexual and lesbian community for his "apparent" opposition to California's Proposition 8. (This propostion outlawed legal recognition of same -sex marriage.) He offered this apology in spite of the fact he first created the unambiguous impression he opposed it. Warren's hypocrisy or Christ-less treachery appear to know no limits. Yesterday's theological liberal is today's alledged "Evangelical".
Moriel and Jacob Prasch wish to express their public disgust at the back down by the supposedly premier Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis to publicly debate the Greek text of "UPON THIS ROCK" from Matthew chapter 16 before impartial language experts in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic biblical linguistics. Read more ...
By James Jacob Prasch (Rev)
Our aim is not to offend or attack Roman Catholic people. On the contrary, we are very much for Roman Catholic people, and recognizing that it is Roman Catholic children who have been the victims of these breaches of trust, we only want to examine the claims and address the solid facts. ‚   While it is not our purpose to assail Roman Catholics, those whose allegiance is not to the irrefutable truth, to justice for innocent victims, and to the protection of their children and grand children, but to an organization whose clergy has perpetrated these unspeakable violations of law and of ‚  basic human decency irrespective of the true facts, may indeed be offended by the presentation of these facts. ‚  Those willing to turn a deaf ear to the plea of helpless children, no matter how guilty or ‚   ‚  institutionally corrupt The Church of Rome may be genuinely demonstrated to be, may object to these facts being presented. None-the-less, they remain proven facts. For the sake of the victims and the children, and for the sake of the truth itself, we tell the truth and address these uncomfortable and often shocking facts.
by James Jacob Prasch
Moriel endorses no political candidates. It is in our view not scriptural to use the ministry for electoral purposes or secular party politics. We are also at theological odds with John Hagee over his position on ‚  evangelizing Jews which we hold to be contra-biblical.
by Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch

Soul Sleep?

It has come to the attention of ‚  Moriel"s American branch via a Messianic Fellowship affiliated with our ministry in southern California that it has been falsely alleged that I subscribe to a doctrine I have always regarded as false called ‚   "soul sleep".
As we look to the closing year of the first decade of the new millennium, the past calendar year has been an interesting one indeed. Read more ...
As expected, there has been a strong reaction to our obituary of Karol Wojtyla/ John Paul II. Many are delighted that at least someone is telling the truth. Some others, especially Roman Catholics, are predictably angered. Just as predictably however, no one has thus far been able to challenge the factual accuracy of what was stated.Read more ...
Stephen Sizer ‚  is an Anglican vicar, identifying himself an Evangelical and calling Israel an "Apartheid regime" that Christians should oppose.
by Jacob Prasch
Moriel salutes Melanie Philips excellent article on the shameful spectacle of Stephen Sizer in the Spectator in the UK.
We exactly concur with the remarks by Rosh Pinna below. What they may not have known concerning the Revelation TV debate between Dr. Calvin Smith and Stephen Sizer, however, was that Sizer's precondition was that the debate remain theological and doctrinal, not political, to which Dr. Smith and Revelation TV pre-agreed.Read more ...
Dec 21, 2012
(J. Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries)
Thanks to our readers regarding the Revelation TV desecration by Howard and Lesley Condor and Gordon Pettie and blessings to those who will no longer financially support Revelation TV due to it's promotion of anti-scriptural apostate lunacy. We thank our readers for the avalanche of supportive letters we have received supporting our disassociation from Revelation TV due to its propagation of ecumenism with Rome, Seventh Day Adventism, and the hype artistry money preaching of Jesse Duplantis.Read more ...
This is a "Docu-Film" exposing some of Chris Rosebrough's dangerous doctrines and teachings that many of his audience are not aware of.
The following was forwarded from Revelation TV:
I am writing in response to your interview with Jacob Prasch . I really enjoyed him and all the knowledge that he possesses.,   I would just like pick up on a point that one of your viewers wrote in about regarding the revivals that have happened (such as Lakeland etc) and are happening now in Alabama.,   Jacob said that these were counterfeit and not of God.,   I cannot speak with any authority on previous revivals but feel passionately about what is happening in Alabama.
by James Jacob Prasch
God's Judgment: We get the leaders we deserve As we have stated for a number of years, as in the books of Kings and Chronicles, nations get the leaders they deserve be it a Jeroboam, a Manasseh or Bush, a Carter, a Clinton, and an Obama.Read more ...
"For The Day Of The Lord Draws Near On All The Nations. As You Have Done, It Will Be Done To You. Your Dealings Will Return On your Own Head" . ‚   Obadiah 1:15
by James Jacob Prasch
Having watched his videos I find it impossible to regard Ted Pike as anything other than a demonically influenced anti Semite.
As a Christian human rights activist I took some note in the saga of the late Tom Hurndall.
by Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch

A,  Response To The Letters We Have Received Regarding David Wilkerson's UK Visit
Joash was a good king who all his life did much good in the sight of The Lord. He restored God's House, sought revival, and pointed the people to righteousness. For many long years he served The Lord earnestly with an honest heart.Read more ...
This letter to President Bush by alleged Evangelical leaders predictably ignores the plight of Christians persecuted throughout the Arab and Islamic world. It unsurprisingly avoids the pro Israel views of Arab Evangelicals such as Walid Shoebat and Joseph Farah.
by J. Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch
Jan 21, 2014 The God given standard of any translation is Nehemiah 8:8 - fidelity to the original meaning in the original language. The honest argument is between literal translations and dynamic equivalence, not paraphrases which should have no place except as children's bibles for small children learning to read or in certain mission situations where a tribal culture may not yet have a written language.Read more ...
So what else should be expected from a pope who in his youth wore a swastika, the uniform of a Nazi, and fought for Hitler and the Third Reich, who now heads the same church that perpetrated the Inquisitions, and who operates from the same Vatican that shielded Nazi war criminals from justice with its infamous "Rat Lines"? When has the apostate Church of Rome ever NOT hated Jews? The latest Vatican action simply promulgates and continues their long, evil history. So what else should be expected from a harlot church who fundamentally rejects the Word of God? It stands to reason that if Rome rejects the Bible it will reject that the Scripture teaches the biblical land is the land of Israel, not an Islamic-Arab, redefined Palestine.Read more ...
Some months ago in the UK, I visited a Bible college for training seminarians for ministry in a particular nation in the Middle East. The deputy principal was a former English missionary to that nation who worked with a para-church mission organization.
You should include in your list of those who reject the penal substitution of Jesus Christ C. S. Lewis.,   I think he is a far greater threat to the church than many that you mentioned because he is revered by so many, and "godly" men like John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon refuse to expose C. S. Lewis for the false teacher that he is.,  ,   They are willing to give him a pass that they won't afford to others.,   I have a email exchange with Phil Johnson to clearly prove this point.,   The fact that he didn't believe in the penal substitution of Christ is common knowledge and taught in his book Mere Christianity.,   Your work of exposing false teachers isn't really done until you expose this heretic who has had immense evil influence within the church and is partially responsible for leading such notables as Chuck Colson and Peter Kreeft astray.
by James Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch To any saved Christian with an ounce of discernment and Holy Spirit illuminated scriptural insight, once the Vatican and the papacy abrogated the historicity of the Genesis creation narrative more than 15 years ago and began to cave in on the issue of Darwinism, it was only a matter of time before the Church of Rome compromised on moral issues such as abortion and homosexuality.Read more ...
For almost a year now, I have been corresponding with Rabbi Shali Bat Yehudit and have been extremely blessed by this precious woman.,   I am a Pentecostal minister and am currently pastoring a church in Bessemer City, NC and have been there for 25 years.Read more ...
A spokesman for Carmen Welker has posted the following list of comments in reaction to our assertion that their implausible claim that Paul the Apostle did not speak Greek well and that since there is no manuscript evidence for Aramaic originals, their contentions are blatantly absurd. Read more ...
As predicted, as reported below, the Palestinians of Gaza now turn their bombs and murder against Arab Christians. The same as churches are burned in Egypt with impunity, converts to Christ are imprisoned in Jordan and are hung or beheaded in Saudi Arabia and Iran.
Oct 5, 2014
James Jacob Prash After murdering nearly all of Iran's Evangelical pastors, an American Iranian pastor remains in an Iranian prison under harsh conditions for the crime of being a Christian. At the same time a young woman awaits hanging courtesy of an Islamic decree. Meanwhile, next door in Iraq, ISIS continues to behead British and American citizens and brutally persecute Christians.Read more ...
When the New York City public/tax payer funded cchool system outlawed nativity scenes from school property as a religious symbol but allows Islamic religious symbols and Jewish Menorah's for Chanukka, the descrimination was legally challenged. Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
By James Jacob Prasch
Some time ago Moriel dismissed a Mr. Tim Wirth for reasons of ineptitude and financial ethics. His endless appeals for money that continue to this moment, beseeching Christians to subsidize his failure as a fired disc jockey and unsuccessful rock musician became ridiculous and embarrassing. Money borrowed was never repaid and his work quality & reliability were highly inadequate.
by James Jacob Prasch
The fundamental abrogation of the biblical Gospel of Jesus based on substitutionary atonement has nothing whatsoever to do with the abrogation of biblical Christianity in the Fourth Century. Read more ...
Re: Recent Alex Awad Article on "Christians in Palestine"
I always liked,  R.T. France both,  personally and academically. Although we disagreed on a few points like female ordination and Anglicanism, he was a solid believer and a solid academic.
The prelude to the passion narratives in the Gospels show a John the Baptist who went straight against Herod, the consummate politician of his day for moral issues. ,  Jesus did the same.,   Both also went against the Levitical clergy and the Sanhedrin in a non-partisan way be it the Sadducees or Pharisees. To them truth was truth, righteousness was righteousness, and sin was sin. According to the New Testament, their God is no respecter of persons. ,  Their priorities were never politically or financially motivated. In the climate that I grew up and in modern Americas today things have plainly changed.Read more ...
Sept 10, 2013
By James Jacob Prash  Steve Chalke, Lucy Winkett, and Graham Kendrick gang upon Israel.     We have long ridiculed the hypocritical idiocy of the left wing press, fundamentalist Islamic interests, the politicians they own in Washington and London, and anti Semites at the targeting of Israel. As no one can contest, Israel simply has by far the best record of human rights (even for homosexuals and lesbians), women's rights, civil rights of free political expression and an independent judiciary, and above all the best Christian rights in the Middle East. Every hypocritical apologist for Islamic terror, every left wing propagandist at the BBC and CNN masquerading as a journalist, and every left wing pseudo-academic parasite masquerading as a scholar, habitually ignores the grossest violations of human rights, civil rights, women's rights, and the unspeakable persecution of Christians throughout the Moslem world and in the Islamic nations surrounding Israel, choosing instead to divert attention away from this reality by designating Israel as a villain.Read more ...
Can you explain God's reasoning behind Leviticus 19:19?
A number of people in and around Moriel have inquired concerning my health. I am on a medically restricted schedule until mid-summer and I am only speaking around London and the south of England. No itineraries.
Dear Moriel and Rabbi Prasch:
About 10 years ago I was contacted by Vicky Dillen in Canada regarding my expertise of knowledge of the phony Christian right who are very involved in Dominionism/Reconstructionism, Sun Myung Moon, and the Scientologists.,   Vicky wanted some specific information.,   I was very willing to speak with her about whatever she asked.,   I even bought some books from her that she'd gotten from a house sale.
by Jams Jacob Prasch
An approach was made to someone at a Moriel office concerning a plan to purchase a "refuge" property on a remote island for some kind of eschatological escape haven stating that others known to Moriel may be interested. We are not. Fortunately the Moriel team member whom he contacted ignored his suggestion out of hand as crazy. Others outside of Moriel however, it seems, did not. Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
Sept 27, 2012 Mark Stibbe, the UK proponent of Todd Bentley and every other deception based on neo-Gnostic mysticism and heresy, has been publicly reported to have abandoned his wife and children after promoting Todd Bentley who did the same. Stibbe had been leader of St. Andrews Chorleywood in the UK from where he and David Pytches promoted the Toronto counterfeit and the Kansas City false prophets including the homosexual alcoholic Paul Cain and sexual predator Bob Jones. After promoting Todd Bentley, Stibbe left St. Andrews to head a trust that supposedly is established to combat the problem of fatherless children. Ironically, but not surprisingly, in imitation of his hero Todd Bentley - Mr. Stibbe has gone into the enterprise of promulgating the problem. We should not be surprised.Read more ...
by James Jacob Prasch
by James Jacob Prasch