James Jacob Prasch

Response to Israeli Blockade Action

And Reaction To Biased Media Interpretations of These Events

31st May, 2010

Moriel is not a political organization and engages in diverse humanitarian activity itself from Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to Haiti. Moriel does not give carte blanch to Israel or any other government to do as it wishes in violation of the protocols of human civility, our views of the scripturally prophetic significance of contemporary Middle East events notwithstanding.

Moriel does however, defend both the rights of Christians persecuted brutally and savagely throughout the Islamic world to the near silence of the international media and the right of the Judeo-Christian world to defend itself from the militant Islamic aggression that saw everything from the London tube and bus bombings, to the September 11th attacks, to the Paris riots, to the Sydney riots, to the Bradford riots, to the Mumbai Massacre, to the Dutch Van Gough murders, to countless other inhumane atrocities perpetrated in the name of Islam, many of which are directed against other Muslims such as that which transpired the previous day in the mosque attacks in Pakistan.

Along with the mass extermination of millions of Black African Christians in Sudan to the Islamic extermination of hundreds of thousands in East Timor, tens of thousands in the Philippines, and countless more throughout Africa to the unspeakable suppression of the religious freedom and human rights in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and elsewhere, we see similar official anti-Christian policies undertaken by the Iranian animated Islamic Hamas government of Gaza and the forced expulsion of Southern Lebanon's Christian population by Syrian and Iranian animated Hizbollah.

As a Judeo-Christian organization we thank God and Israel that at least one Middle East nation protects the religious liberty and human rights of its Christian population "“ facts this same biased international media machine of the BBC, CNN, and the so-called and gross misnomer "INDEPENDENT" newspapers and other producers of editorialized news choose to ignore.

Most of all Moriel monitors the progress of the Middle East events in light of scriptural eschatological prophetic prediction.

Let us address the hard facts:

  1. Israel withdrew unilaterally from Gaza in a stupid misplaced quest for peace with those heathen fundamentalist Islamic savages (for whom there can be no peace) only to see the Gaza strip within 24 hours misused to attack Israel with rockets supplied by Iran, forcing Israel to enact a naval blockade in self-defense.
  2. The suffering of the people of Gaza is exaggerated in contrast to what the Islamists do to Christians in Sudan (whose cries these same pro-Hamas so-called humanitarian hucksters turn a deaf ear to).
  3. The hardship in Gaza is a direct result of the Fatah regime of Mahmoud Abbas and his predecessor Yasser Arafat stealing, pilfering, embezzling, misappropriating, and misallocating the humongous amount of international financial aid foolishly squandered in Gaza and just as foolishly provided to these thieves by the American and European governments, and by the great money shredding machine known as the UN.
  4. Commercial commodities and construction materials shipped into Gaza are routinely commandeered for terror-related construction for rocket launching bunker positions to attack Israeli civilians and everything from toys to medical supplies are routinely hijacked. Both tunnel and sea routes of access to Gaza have furnished Iran with the means to smuggle weapons of Islamic terror of the same Jihadist ideology responsible for multiple Islamic global attacks on the West including those in New York, Washington, Paris, and London. Tel Aviv is simply a much closer outpost of Western civilization and thus an easier target.
  5. The Israeli authorities were quite prepared to allow the self-defined humanitarian aid flotilla to dock and unload its wares in the nearby port of Ashdod, and providing no weapons were discovered, to transport the materials to Gaza uninterrupted. This was refused as some weapons were aboard these crafts and fired at Israeli military personnel intercepting attempts to run the self-defense blockade necessitated by the actions of Iran and Hamas.

    This demonstrates that the flotilla was not primarily a humanitarian venture because had it been it would contain no fire arms and have guaranteed safe passage of the materials to Gaza via Ashdod. It was rather a political propaganda effort in part facilitated by Turkish Islamist interests as Turkey pushes itself away from its secularist constitution and into an Islamist direction.

  6. Given the human rights abuses rife in Turkey, including the de facto persecution of Christians, the suffering of the Kurds at the hands of the Turks which Kurds claim is well beyond any self-defensive action taken by Israelis against Gaza Arabs, and given the Turkish holocaust perpetrated against the 2 million Christian Armenians Turkey murdered without repentance "“ it is utterly hypocritical for an Islamic government of a nation with an ugly history of genocide to condemn Israel for protecting itself. Irrespective of one's interpretation of Turkey's role in the Gog and Magog scenario of Ezekiel 37-38, it is obvious that Turkey has gravitated to its own detriment into an Islamist state.

    We are reminded that Turkey itself occupies Kurdistan and the European side of the Bosporus which, like Izmir and the northwest Turkish Coast, was stolen from Greece according to Greek Orthodox Church tradition and many modern Greek historians.

    We are not anti-Turkish, but our fear is that as Turkey was crushed and humiliated by Poland under John Sobiesky in Vienna when its Islamic forces attempted to plunge into Europe in the late 16th Century, and as Turkey was likewise defeated by the British under General Allenby in Beersheba and Jerusalem when it last tried to play its hand in Israel in the 20th Century, Turkey is setting itself up for another defeat and humiliation in a Gog and Magog quagmire from which it will not escape. Turkey's foolish actions must be seen in this light.

  7. We do not celebrate the death of the dozen or so apologists for Iranian sponsored Hamas terror, anti Semites, and any na ƒ ¯ve misguided "do gooder" clowns who did not understand what they were actually engaged in. We bemoan the tragic loss of all human life. But their blood is on their own hands "“ not on Israel's. They had every chance to get the material into Gaza safely and every warning not to run the defensive blockade which Iran and Hamas compels Israel to enforce.

J. Jacob Prasch & Moriel Ministries