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Ruckmanites are a neo gnostic cult following the beliefs of Peter Ruckman. Ruckman (a three times divorced and remarried white supremacist who refers to Blacks as "niggers"), like his followers and as with most cult leaders has no formal training or expertise in the matters he pontificates about. Ruckman and his followers hold the 1611 edition of The King James Bible as authoritative and infallible instead of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts, and maintain that KJV additions are "further revelation".Read more ...
Is it a saga of shame, betrayal, and foolishness by those who should (and actually do) know better, or is it more a matter of biblical ignorance, a misplaced zeal, pandering to the pressures of theocratic politics, or convoluted loyalties, or a lack of wisdom from above?
Blessings in Jesus dear brethren.
RTN is designed to operate as a multifaceted independent platform for webcasting, complete with its own server, technical crew, TV channels, RTN Christian Radio, its own Facebook page and blog site as well as podcasting and its own App. Though still in joint development by Genesis Christian Radio, Radio Azimuth TV, Moriel, Devore Truth, Fellowship Bible Chapel, Apologetics Coordinating Team (ACT) and others, it has been no small venture.


Jacob Zuma is deputy President of South Africa and the newly directed leader of the African National Congress, the political party of Nelson Mandella, Desmond Tutu, and Thabo Mbeki.