James Jacob Prasch

This Past Week

A Bad Week, A Mad Week, And A Sad Week

By James Jacob Prasch

A Bad Week " “ California

Although 6-7 million Californians voted to uphold heterosexual marriage, cheered by the Mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco, the California Supreme Court ordered the legalization of same-sex marriage in that state. Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will not oppose the decision or seek its overturn. As in Massachusetts, a state Supreme Court usurped the power of the legislature, defied the democratic will of the electorate, and imposed a law from the bench courtesy of an agenda-driven judicial-fascism normalizing the unnatural.

It is little wonder another grade "B" Hollywood movie actor turned Republican Governor of California named Ronald Reagan who went on to become president appointed a pro-abortion judge, Sandra Day O'Connor, to the U.S. Supreme Court after promising naive Christians he was pro-life in order to con them into voting for him. Reagan's Republican appointee Sandra Day O'Connor then wrote the court's decision ordering the
Ten Commandments out of the Judicial building in Alabama, again in defiance of the democratic will of the governed, nearly 80% of whom wanted the Ten Commandments in the courts.

It was the Earl Warren's Republican Supreme Court that banned prayer in schools, and the Warren Burger Republican Supreme court that ruled for abortion in Roe v Wade.

It is bad for Christians to politically identify the Gospel with a political party when the Republican Party is just as godless and corrupt as the Democratic Party and when Republican politicians are just as much godless liars and hypocrites as Democrats.

It was a Bad Week.A Mad Week " “ Great Britain

After voting to allow the creation of hybrid embryos that are part human DNA and part animal DNA, the British Parliament declined to lower the gestation age for non-therapeutic abortion.

What was once science fiction is now just science courtesy of Her Majesty's government; embryos that are literally part human and part animal, which will then have to be killed in order to harvest hybrid stem cells when all stem cell advances have been perfectly achievable from stem cells harvested from 100% pure human placenta and embryonic umbilical tissue and from fetal tissue acquired from natural miscarriages.

Hybrid monsters are being artificially procreated in test tubes (mixing "seed"  - Deuteronomy 22:9). Where will it end? How long will it be until one is eventually implanted and allowed to be born? Will it be a human? Where will it get its spirit? Will its soul be animal or human? Indeed, I am increasingly forced to wonder if politicians are animal or human. They appear to be human, but seem to have some of the DNA of swine.

Not content with this however, the British Parliament in absolute refusal to face the scientific and medical facts that in keeping abortion legal up to 24 weeks, some premature babies have survived as young as 17 weeks after conception. Neonatology, ante-natal medicine, and genetic medicine are progressing all of the time. So is incubation technology.

The British government of Gordon Brown and his Labour Party are allowing the killing of human embryos at 24 weeks on one floor of a hospital while on the floor below others in some cases up to 7 weeks younger are being kept alive. This is not only wicked, it is obvious madness.

It Was A Mad Week, A Sad Week

After his father and his Secretary of State created an Iranian- and Syrian-controlled Hezbollah de facto terrorist state in southern Lebanon, now George Bush Jr. and his Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have created an Iranian- and Syrian-controlled Hamas de facto terrorist state in Gaza.

The Bush family is business partners with the Wahabbist Saudi Arabians in the Carlyle group and political pawns of international oil interests. These same Saudi Wahabbists persecute Christians, fund radical Islamic fundamentalism that engenders Moslem terror, and after September 11th continued their policy of handing out express visas to Saudi Wahabbists to enter America even though most of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi Wahabbists. Observing the facts, some would call this treason.

Every year since 9/11 Bush has celebrated Ramadan in the White House to honor Islam and placed a Koran, which says "God has no Son" in the White House. (You cannot bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia). After a U.S. army sniper used a Koran for target practice, the Bush administration last week ordered a U.S. military commander in Iraq to appear on TV with Moslem clerics and kiss a Koran as an act of public repentance paying homage to a book that says "God has no Son". If the judgment of God falls on President Bush and his wicked administration it will be easy to see why.

During the same week Bush and Rice were in Israel using Israel's 60th Re-birthday as a nation in fulfillment if biblical prophecy to call for Israel to forfeit even more of its God-given homeland to Islam, Bush and Rice then flew to Saudi Arabia to beseech the Wahabbist King to increase oil production in order to bring escalating prices down. The Saudis refused, as their profits soar and they buy up more and more of the American economy at bargain prices due to the weak dollar under Bush, including equity in media companies so they can influence the reporting of the news. As fundamentalist mosques are constructed all over America with the blessings of Bush and Rice, not a single church can be built in Saudi Arabia.

It was a disgrace to watch the President of the United States virtually on his knees begging the arch financier of a radical brand of fundamentalist Islam that inherently breeds support for terror, which promotes anti-Semitism, and persecutes Christians. It was as if Bush was on his knees licking the camel dung from the Moslem's sandals. Admittedly, this may be exactly what Bush and Rice deserve, but has America so fallen from its biblical heritage that America now deserves no better than to be beholden to a heathen nation with an evil religion? After he finished begging and licking, Bush's Saudi master sent Bush back to Washington empty handed.

It Was A Sad Week

To this add the tragic events in Burma/Myanmar where a junta aligned to the Chinese regime in Beijing refused to allow emergency aid to its own people, and an earthquake in China left 5 million homeless. I personally believe it is God's judgment on China for its role in supporting the unspeakable actions of the governments of Myanmar and of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and of the debauchery in Sudan. China's persecution of Christians will invoke the wrath of God, just as divine wrath is going to be soon unleashed on the Moslem world for its hatred of Israel and persecution of Christians.

All of this was in just one week " “ last week. Moreover, as the fallen world becomes sicker and more twisted and depraved, so much of the Christian church becomes likewise more and more twisted and depraved from the demented replay of the Toronto and Pensacola deceptions now underway in Lakeland, Florida with the ridiculous hype-artistry and biblical ignorance of Todd Bentley, to the "Purpose Driven Lie" of Rick Warren, to the Ecumenical deception of Chuck Colson, to the apostasy of Brian McLaren's "Emergent Church". Last week Franklin Graham, head of Billy Graham Crusades turned against "Christians in Sport" saying that Christians should not preach the gospel at the Beijing Olympics. If the church has lost its mind, what should we expect from the world? With a backslidden church, how can nations be otherwise? With scum in our pulpits, what else can we expect to have in our Parliaments? Quite a week.

Yet, the worst week, and the best week, is yet to come. The 70th Week of Daniel will yield more badness, more madness, and more sadness than all of the other weeks in all of human history combined. But ironically it will also herald the most gladness, eclipsing the badness, madness, and sadness. While this week that will be the most bad, the most mad, and the most sad will also be the most glad, it is this same week that Jesus will come. May we be ready. Yes, it is getting bad, it is getting mad, and it is getting sad. But Jesus said: "When we see these happening lift up our heads our redemption draws near" .