James Jacob Prasch

The Mirror Bible

by James Jacob Prasch
Jan 21, 2014

The God given standard of any translation is Nehemiah 8:8 - fidelity to the original meaning in the original language. The honest argument is between literal translations and dynamic equivalence, not paraphrases which should have no place except as children's bibles for small children learning to read or in certain mission situations where a tribal culture may not yet have a written language.

This stupid substitute for The Word of God called the 'Mirror' (which is not even an actual bible, but a bastardisation of a portion of it) does not meet that standard. It is a bad paraphrase that deviates, often wildly, from the original Greek and is more designed to communicate the translator's sermons than communicate the actual original meaning of the text. In short, the Mirror Bible is not a proper bible and to the extent it pretends to be it is a pseudo spiritual and inaccurate piece of junk of no value to anyone except Satan in his efforts to prevent God's people from understanding God's Word and the financial interests of the publisher and supposed translator. It is a sickening specimen of deception read by those deceived.