James Jacob Prasch

Roman Catholic League - A Hypocrisy That Knows No Limits

by James Jacob Prasch

Moriel endorses no political candidates. It is in our view not scriptural to use the ministry for electoral purposes or secular party politics. We are also at theological odds with John Hagee over his position on ‚  evangelizing Jews which we hold to be contra-biblical.

However , we are ‚  sickened (but given its history, not surprised) ‚   ‚  at the unmitigated hypocrisy of the Catholic League and Catholics United for protesting the endorsement of ‚  a presidential candidate by John Hagee due to what they term as "Catholic Bashing" due to Hagee's theological opinions of Roman Catholicism.

The present pope (who in his Nazi youth was not a conscientious objector, but rather wore a swastika and fought for Hitler and the Third Reich against America) signed the Solicitacciones Criminales document ordering bishops to protect pedophile nuns and priests at the expense of not protecting the innocent children whose lives these sex criminals destroy.

The very week that the arch diocese of Los Angeles paid $660 million and the diocese of San Diego paid $130 million to victims ‚  in an action legal commentators said was the price of keeping Cardinal Mahoney out of prison, the present pope issued a statement that only the the Roman Catholic Church is valid and other churches are not valid.

The notion that this "church" ‚  in the USA alone saw 177 out of its 179 diocese and their ‚  bishops found culpable in court of protecting child molesting clergy instead if the little ‚  children ‚  they violate is the only valid church is a claim that many thinking people ‚  could only contest.

But for these Roman Catholic organizations to denounce theological opposition to the Roman Catholic church as "Catholic bashing" while their ex-Nazi ‚   pedophile-protecting pope can make statements attacking the legitimacy of ‚  non-Catholic churches smacks of the centuries old religious hypocrisy that defines the Roman Catholic Church.