James Jacob Prasch

Revelation TV & Same Sex Marriage

by James Jacob Prasch
June 9, 2014

It has been brought to our attention at Moriel by various persons that it was announced on Revelation TV by Howard Condor that I, Jacob Prasch, am alleged to have stated Revelation TV is supportive of 'same sex marriage'.

I emphatically deny the truth of this false claim. I never made any such statement either publicly or privately. I know Revelation TV gives avenue to heretical money preachers that discredit the Gospel of Jesus in the eyes and ears of the secular world etc. and misleads The Body of Christ with false doctrine, but I have no idea what Revelation TV's policy is on same sex marriage, nor do I frankly care to know.

Rev TV lost their building in London and essentially relocated to Spain where Howard Condor opened a Karaoke bar for tourists of some ridiculous description, which I found to be hideous. This is all I know.

Internet TV is anyway rapidly replacing TV generally and Revelation TV represents a declining medium. Due to the damage it does to the cause of Christ, no Christian should watch or support it in my view but I said or know nothing concerning their views of same sex marriage if they have any.

We are too busy building our own Moriel.TV base where prototype programs are already available on YouTube plus our UK work with GV 24/7 and Netflix material with Studio Scotland & GV 24/7 such as The Daniel Project. We have no time or interest in paying any attention to promoters of heresy, deception, and the religious con-artistry of money preachers. Let Revelation TV have their Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer, Seventh Day Adventists and whatever else they fancy. We just want Jesus and God's Word. We do not quite frankly even pay any attention to Revelation TV any longer.