James Jacob Prasch

Our Regretful Inability To Become A Signatory

The Manhattan Declaration

by Jacob Prasch
On behalf of Moriel Ministries

In an era of the diminishing Judeo-Christian religious and moral liberty upon which the founding of both American and British democracy were historically predicated there is indeed a vital urgency to actively confront the assault on those rights by the agenda set by what in effect amounts to a tyranny of a highly vocal and disproportionately over-represented minority in everything. This has manifested itself in a virtual suppression of solid scientific fact in everything from the implausibility of Darwinist presupposition to the clinically documented reduced longevity of homosexuals to the embryonic and obstetric realities of elective non- clinical abortion as a de facto means of birth control. The forced imputation of these and other social insanities to the violation of the moral convictions of a statistical majority constitutes an abrogation of both constitutional principle and the very national heritage that bequeathed us constitutional government and liberty to begin with. No one in his right mind could read the preamble of the U. S. constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the highly theistic writings of the British parliamentarians and logically arrive at the absurd non-theistic misinterpretation of separation of church and state currently demanded by such organizations as the ACLU.

We further state that in the USA , despite the efforts of certain political moguls to attribute these trends to the liberal Democratic Party, it was in fact ‚   Eisenhower's Republican Supreme Court of Earl Warren who ordered God out of the classroom contrary to the will of the popular majority; it was the Nixon Republican Supreme Court of Warren Burger who ordered God out of the maternity ward with Roe v. Wade; it was Ronald Reagan’s Republican pro-abortion Supreme Court appointee, Sandra Day O’Connor (appointed by Reagan after he lied to voters promising to be pro-life) who ordered God out of the courtroom with the decision she authored to remove the 10 Commandments from the Alabama Judicial building. Again, it was Reagan’s Sandra Day O’ Connor who also wrote the Supreme court decision outlawing Texas anti sodomy laws opening the flood gate for same-sex marriages. It was likewise a George W. Bush appointed Republican federal judge who ruled against intelligent design being allowed to be taught in schools alongside of Darwinistic evolution.

All of these policies, legislated from the bench by an out of control judiciary usurping the power of congress and imposing anti-democratic decisions on the majority, were achieved courtesy of the Republican Party who were usually supported by the "religious right" and many undiscerning and na ƒ ¯ve Christians who foolishly believed the lies of these professional connivers. Thus we note that the Manhattan Declaration’s senior architect, Chuck Colson, is a recognized kingpin of this religious right of the Republican Party who have consistently betrayed the Christians who voted for them by doing the diametric opposite in areas of religious freedom and social morality from what they promised. We find it impossible to accept Chuck Colson as anything more than a stooge of a Republican Party establishment that has repeatedly proven itself to be no more interested in Christian concerns than the Democratic Party, and the Manhattan Declaration must in significant part be viewed in that context.

Chuck Colson also, however, is co-author of the Evangelicals and Roman Catholics Together betrayal which sells out the millions of biblical Evangelicals who converted from Roman Catholicism to scriptural Christianity. This agreement defers from the biblically Evangelical Gospel to the sacramental and auto-atonement purgatorial false gospel of Roman Catholicism, rejecting the need to evangelize Catholics and accepting its transubstantiated idolatry and necromancy as somehow compatible with The New Testament, which it is not.

The iconic theosis and necromancy of Eastern Orthodoxy is likewise not Orthodox Christianity in the biblical sense but a heterodox Patristic invention of the Eastern Church Fathers alien to the authentic Gospel. More alien still are the beliefs of Mormonism which teaches that Jesus Christ, whom Scriptures identify as "monogenes" or "only begotten" of the Father is rather the "spirit brother of Satan".

It is obvious that Moriel and Jacob Prasch share in all of the concerns expressed in this declaration and always have even prior to its being drafted regarding the important issues of assisted suicide, non-therapeutic abortion, embryo destructive research, and same-sex marriage (in effect made possible by Mr. Colson’s fellow Republicans).

If this were a mere secular document on behalf of Moriel, Jacob Prasch could and would easily become signatory. It is however packaged and presented as a Christian document inherently carrying the implication of accepting elements of Christendom which we cannot, on the basis of Scripture, hold to be genuine Christianity as our fellow believers.

This is not to imply any opposition to Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Mormon people by Moriel or Jacob Prasch. It is, however, to establish our fundamental disagreement of their basic doctrinal theology and to voice our firm opposition to ecumenical figures Mr. Colson, Norman Geisler and other supposed Evangelicals who compromise the essential substance of the New Testament Gospel for a counterfeit unity not grounded in scriptural truth.

The current pope Benedict, upon assuming office, issued a statement which was tantamount to a papal edict proclaiming that only Roman Catholicism is a true church. As we speak, another humongous scandal exposing widespread pedophilia by sex criminal Roman Catholic clergy is unfolding ‚   in Ireland where they were protected by the hierarchy under a Roman Catholic doctrine that allows intentional misleading of people and authorities in order to protect criminal sex pervert pedophile priests and nuns instead of the defenseless children whose lives they destroy without their "church" considering it to be a lie. Countless thousands of small children have been victims and droves of child molesting sex criminals shielded from arrest and prosecution according to official Irish government investigations.

Mormonism has likewise repeatedly denounced in its doctrines and covenants non-Mormon Christianity and, dating back to the serial polygamy of its founders, has an ugly history of what most would consider to be pedophilia.

One signatory of this declaration is Peter Kreeft who argues in print for a vision of Mohammed and others having salvation and being in heaven without a personal saving faith in Christ. In his book Ecumenical Jihad Kreeft calls for ecumenical union with Islam to morally redeem society.

Moriel and Jacob Prasch can have no partnership with such wickedness and cannot convey any impression that we accept those propounding such erroneous beliefs and practices to be our brethren in Christ. Indeed, the evils perpetrated by these false religions are as co-equally wicked as the evils the declaration seeks to counter. Mr. Colson is an arch-agent of a deception we are compelled on the basis of God's Word to classify as utterly satanic. (2 Cor. 11:14-15)

Independent of ourselves, we learned that such figures as John MacArthur and Alistair Begg have nobly voiced some of our concerns involving the compromise of the biblical Gospel inherent in this declaration and likewise have quite correctly declined to become signatory although endorsing its aims. We thank God and them for their stance and Christian integrity.

We again emphasize that we are not opposed to Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or Mormon people personally and we share in the convictions contained in this declaration. While sanctioning the contents, however, we can never become signatory to anything published under the demonic auspices of ecumenical deception or allow ourselves to be hoodwinked by the political antics of Mr. Colson and the religious right of the Republican Party, which has duped Christians and betrayed us so consistently.

J. Jacob Prasch