James Jacob Prasch

Warning to Our Readers

An approach was made to someone at a Moriel office concerning a plan to purchase a "refuge" property on a remote island for some kind of eschatological escape haven stating that others known to Moriel may be interested. We are not. Fortunately the Moriel team member whom he contacted ignored his suggestion out of hand as crazy. Others outside of Moriel however, it seems, did not.

The doctrinal position of Moriel regarding End Time refuge is found on our recorded teaching tape and transcription Egypt , Babylon, or the Palm of God. We do not subscribe to extra-biblical scaremongering notions combining eschatology with ideas borrowed from the survivalist movement.

The individual making this representation to us and to others is Dusty Peterson, also known as Neville, who has co-authored a series of works dedicated to discernment issue such as the Alpha Course and the Toronto deception of some years ago which have what is in fact excellent content. This literature was circulated and recommended by Moriel internationally but has since been removed from our catalog and website. We can no longer endorse the ministry of Mr. Peterson nor do we sanction his activities in this aforementioned regard.

The documentation, penned by himself, reveals that in the UK he approached a Christian business couple to "mortgage up" and invest in his scheme in a small island off the coast of Malta. He pressed a vulnerable Christian spinster to mandate the assets of her unsaved elderly parents to him for his scheme after borrowing a significant,
and as yet unrepaid, amount of money from her. To our shock he manipulatively twisted scriptural passages about Abigail and Queen Esther to justify his actions in a manner that most would consider extortionate.

We regard Mr. Peterson's survivalist eschatology as theologically and doctrinally bogus. Whether he actually subscribes to this cultic lunacy or is merely using it as a vehicle to approach targets for money we are not certain. However we view his financial antics as unethical and predatory. We do not however believe his co-authoress, Elizabeth Mac Donald, was intentionally party to anything unscrupulous.

Moriel objects to any approach or representation of a financial nature being made to anyone who became familiar with Mr. Peterson's ministry through the previous endorsement of Moriel. Our sanction of his ministry is removed and material authored by him will no longer be available through the ministry of Moriel.

We regret this painful affair tremendously. It is personally very disappointing and a blotch on the integrity of ministries who are discernment aware if it is not addressed. Moriel advises our readers that we do not and cannot entertain the financial, doctrinal, ‚  or survivalist actions of Dusty Peterson and we in no way can lend any further credence to him or to his ministry.

Sincerely In Christ,
Jacob Prasch
Director - Moriel Ministries