James Jacob Prasch

The Son of Judas Whose Religious Hypocrisy Knows no Limits

Oct 5, 2014
James Jacob Prash

After murdering nearly all of Iran's Evangelical pastors, an American Iranian pastor remains in an Iranian prison under harsh conditions for the crime of being a Christian. At the same time a young woman awaits hanging courtesy of an Islamic decree. Meanwhile, next door in Iraq, ISIS continues to behead British and American citizens and brutally persecute Christians.

True to form, in the cowardly character of Gary Burge, Colin Chapman and other such hypocrites who repeatedly castigate Israel, the one nation in the Middle East protecting the lives and rights of its Christian population, while ignoring the plight of the persecuted church in the surrounding Islamic nations - Stephen Sizer once again goes one better. Sizer is again in terror sponsoring Iran denouncing Christians supportive of Israel and theologically recognizing the prophetic place of Israel doctrinally , while his Iranian hosts execute people for becoming Christians.

Sizer's own church of course is divided over everything from same sex marriage to homosexual and lesbian ordination. His problem is rather with those Christians viewing an eschatological significance to Israel and not with what many regard as the moral debauchery of his own church.

As usual, he is delighted to ignore the cries of persecuted believers in order to share in the anti Israel vision of their murderers. From his alignment with the notorious holocaust denier whom some call " Tobin The Terrible" to his own plainly anti Semitic rhetoric, Stephen Sizer is indeed a religious hypocrite whose hypocrisy and biases clearly know no bounds.

May The God of Israel lift His Hand against this Son of Judas who so willing to collaborate with the Persecutors of His people in the persecuted church and these barbarian enemies of His ancient people Israel.