James Jacob Prasch

Open Doors

A Response To A Reader's Letter Concerning Petition To UN To Oppose Anti-Religious Freedom Resolution

Moriel and I (Jacob Prasch) do indeed oppose this current outrageous "anti-religious freedom" UN Resolution (being pushed by Islamic nations). But I am afraid we cannot any longer cooperate with the Open Doors organization in anything and the fact is that we have no more respect for Open Doors than we do for the UN. For years I (Jacob Prasch) and others at Moriel financially supported Open Doors during the Cold War, but not only do we no longer advocate financial assistance, we no longer endorse them in general. We have shifted our support for the persecuted church to The Barnabas Fund whose ministry we now sanction as an alternative to Open Doors after Brother Andrew (a man we once lauded as God's Smuggler) took Open Doors to its own destruction.

Last week Hamas threw stun grenades into the Moriel-sponsored Bible shop in Galilee injuring Tino, one of the evangelists, for evangelizing Muslims. Hamas has put a Fatwah (an Islamic "kill order") on our evangelist Pastor Najeeb for preaching Christ in the West Bank to Arabs. Thank God for Israel, the Israeli government, the Israeli army, and the Israeli police or our missionaries and their converts to Christ would be dead. Truly saved Arab Born-Again believers from Joseph Fara to Salem Khaleem all strongly support Israel, the country which absorbed the Christian refugees from southern Lebanon after Hizbollah drove them out of their homes.

Jewish Israel is the one Middle East nation protecting the human rights and religious freedom of Arab Christians. Yet with his sickening and biased book Light Force, this is the nation Brother Andrew now campaigns against, having joined the Christian "kick Israel club" with the tacit approval of Open Doors. Brother Andrew has gone the way of King Joash and Martin Luther ‚  "” someone who began well but ended badly. At one time Brother Andrew was a hero to me who inspired my own Bible smuggling into communist China and communist Viet Nam. Now he is a deceived man being used by Satan to deceive others. It is so sad.

I (Jacob Prasch) prayed for and supported Open Doors for years and proudly wore the Open Doors barbed wire clip on my lapel awarded to their most consistent supporters. Now we would not give that organization a single penny nor support of the most marginal kind.

It is our Moriel evangelists and missionaries whose lives are on the line to bring Jesus to the Arabs, and it is Brother Andrew who has become an activist against the only country and government in the Middle East who protect our persecuted Arab brethren. Iran has murdered nearly all of its Evangelical pastors, Saudi Arabia imprisons, flogs, and executes Evangelicals, and Sudan has slaughtered 3.4 million Christians in the last 15 years. Yet all Brother Andrew has to do with the de facto blessings of Open Doors is kick Israel, the only one who protects our brethren. There is only one term left to describe the hypocrisy of Open Doors: Ichabod - the glory has indeed departed.

We do however much appreciate your own concerns for this insidious UN Resolution. We are also reminded on this note that around 50% of all UN Resolutions are passed against Israel.

In Jesus,
Jacob Prasch & Moriel