James Jacob Prasch

Obituary of Pope John Paul II

As Christians are massacred in acts of Islamic genocide from Sudan to East Timor, Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, kisses the Koran, a book that teaches "God has no son" in a public act of religious homage to a religion that commands the beheading of those who become Christian followers of Jesus Christ.

His Legacy

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignright" width="202" caption="Pope John Paul II kidding the Koran"]Pope John Paul II kidding the Quran[/caption]

The leaked Vatican document proves that under his papacy his Deputy Cardinal Radzinger reissued the Vatican directive "Criminale Solicitaciones" of Pope John XXIII instructing Roman Catholic bishops to protect sex pervert pedophile and homosexual and lesbian pedophile priests and nuns at the expense of not protecting the little children whom these criminal perverts destroy. The directive also instructs the protection of clergy who have sex with animals.

While an indictment for a Vatican-orchestrated international campaign to obstruct justice was never brought against this dead Pope as an accessory, we may be certain he is standing before a higher court now that he is dead.

Yet somehow we are suppose to believe that he was a man who opposed homosexuality and upheld sexual morality.

* * * * * * * * * *

This Pope canonized Opus Dei founder Jose Marie Escrive, the political francoist who was supportive of fascism during the era of Hitler and Mussolini. So much for this Pope's support for freedom and his friendship towards the Jews. Under his papacy, the Rat Route saga that saw the Roman Catholic church protecting Nazi war criminals continued with noted wanted Nazi exterminators found hiding in monasteries.

* * * * * * * * * *

During the Ambrosiano bank scandal and Calvi Affair, which saw dozens of violent murders and the Roman Catholic church paying hundreds of millions in compensation settlement to the fraud victims, this Pope refused to hand Vatican bank president, Bishop Paul Marcinkus, over to the Italian and International Police who wanted him in the investigation but shielded him inside the Vatican.

* * * * * * * * * *

Despite the Ustashi Nazi regime that exterminated over 750,000 Serbs and Jews in Yugoslavia with the direct complicity of the Roman Catholic hierarchy (who would intervene to save the lives of the concentration camp victims if they converted to Roman Catholicism), this Pope paid religious tribute and virtually beatified Archbishop Stepinac, the Nazi Roman Catholic Archbishop part to the Nazi genocide.

Not content with this, this Pope was instrumental in reviving the Serb-Croat conflict when he ordered the Roman Catholic church in Germany to pressure the German government to recognize Croatia against its wishes, helping pave the way for the bloodbath that followed.

* * * * * * * * * *

While evangelical churches were burned and born again Christians violently persecuted and arrested by local Roman Catholic authorities in Mexico, this Pope visited Mexico urging the Roman Catholics to "rise up against the evangelicals". Despite these outrages and more, world leaders (and even those claiming to be evangelical Christians like President Bush) eulogize this wicked man as if he were a saint. As God warned through Isaiah the prophet: "Woe to them who call good evil and evil good".

While he honored the Dalai Lama, (a man who believes in no creator but allows himself to be worshipped as a reincarnation of a Buddha) as "a great spiritual leader", and in Assisi, Italy paid similar reverence to witch doctors, Hindu Brahmans and Moslem Imams, he denounced evangelical Christians as "rapacious wolves" in La Paz, Bolivia. He reiterated similar remarks in Santo Domingo and Rome. Yet those claiming to be evangelicals such as Chuck Colson laud this evil man who repeatedly denounced saved evangelical Christians and made remarks with an implied support for their persecution

* * * * * * * * * *

John Paul II no longer says "Totis Tuum Maria" ("All to you Mary"), but will now spend eternity wishing he had rather said "Totus Tuum Jesus". Neither does he any longer believe that Darwinism is compatible with biblical Christianity. But now, at least Karol Wojtyla and those who believe the Word of God have no more theological differences doctrinally, but can now agree on just about everything - except possibly the temperature.

In Latin he called himself "Vicarios Christos". in the original Greek of the New Testament this would be "Anti Kristos". The very same cardinals in Britain, Ireland, and the USA paying tribute to this dead Pope in the media have much to be grateful to him for, since they themselves enjoyed his benedictions on their positions after their own protection of pedophile clergy came to light in the media.

A great day will come to Rome and its church.

"Fallen fallen is Babylon the Great"
Revelation 18: 1-24

Karol Wojtyla

Johannes Paolas II

Welcome to the judgment seat of Christ.
You have conned the world,
but you won't con Him!

Requiem in peace

We have received many emails as to my sources. They are as follows:

* The Nazi hiding and Yugoslavia "HITLERS POPE" by John Cornwell (a Roman Catholic historian) published 1999 by Penguin Books (Viking Press in USA) This book was an international best seller.

"A WOMAN RIDES THE BEAST" by Dave Hunt published 1994 by Harvest House THE VATICAN AGAINST EUROPE by Avro Manhatten (Fully documented and photographic accounts in both books)

* Anti Evangelical Statements in La Paz (1985) and Mexico (2001) taken directly from English translation edition of Osservatorio Romano (official Vatican newspaper) * "Solicitaccionnes Criminale" leaked / ordered protection of pedophile clergy: THE AUSTRALIAN - Friday July 23, 2004 (featured article by Peter Shadbolt on "The Vatican's Big Secret").

* The Ambrosiano Bank Scandal : "In God's Name" by Yallop (international best seller), plus cover issues of Time & Newsweek .

The Assisi Italy convocation and Dalai Lama remarks etc. were of course covered sufficiently in international media and require no documentation. Nor does the involvement of the Cardinals of Dublin, Cardinal Mahoney of Los Angeles, or Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor of London (among others) in protecting pedophile clergy require proof as all of their arch diocese were found guilty in civil litigation and paid damages and compensation to victims.

The Koran kissing is established with photographic evidence and the canonization of Escrive is in the Roman Catholic index of canonized saints and his canonization was televised and widely reported in international media at the time.