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The Poster That Awaits US President Bush in Jerusalem

by Bruce Gordon

Photo of poster

( In the upcoming days, billboards all over Jerusalem will be plastered with a new poster on the eve of U.S. President Bush"s visit to Israel. Pictured in the poster is a gigantic Bible, towering over the walls of the Old City.

The caption says: "Bush, read your Bible. God gave Israel to the Jews." 

The Am K"Lavee organization has made available a hi-rez version of the poster for download.

Tzvi Fishman, of the Am K"Lavee organization, and an Arutz 7 blogger, says "The poster is designed to refocus Israel"s opposition to further withdrawals back to our Divine claim to the Land of Israel, as documented again and again in the Bible." 

Am K’Lavee organizes the annual mass parade to the Kotel on Jerusalem Day, which is attended by tens of thousands. It is joining a broad spectrum of grassroots organizations that are planning protests during Bush’s three-day visit to Jerusalem.if"The Biblical claim of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel was recognized by the British in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which called for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine,"  Fishman states. "The British believed in the Bible and what was written in it, and that was what guided Lord Balfour in winning the support of the British Parliament.

"America also believes in the Bible,"  Fishman says, "and therefore, it is totally unreasonable that America and its G-d-fearing President should act against the Bible, the pillar of Christian belief."  Through the poster, Fishman is embarking to remind President Bush that God’s plan for the world supersedes his plan.

How to conduct its public relations campaign has long been a matter of debate among Jewish leaders in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (Yesha). Am K'Lavee has chosen what they call "the irrefutable argument." Fishman explains:

"I remember the day some twenty years ago when the leaders of the settlement movement decided that they weren’t going to speak any more about G-d’s gift of the Land of Israel to our forefather, Abraham. Instead they decided to base the importance of settling Judea and Samaria on practical military and Zionistic reasons. The trouble with this strategy is that when you bring a big general to warn the public about the dangers of surrendering portions of Yesha to the enemy, the political Left parades out their line-up of big generals who say the very opposite. That’s what happened with the 2005 Disengagement Plan.

"People thought they could trust the famous military hero, Sharon, when he assured the nation that there was no security risk in evacuating the Jewish towns of Gush Katif. The military question can be argued this way and that, but our Biblical claim to the Land is irrefutable. Bush, America, Europe, and all the Christian world have to be reminded that in pressuring us to give up the Jewish towns of Yesha and divide Jerusalem, they are going against the Bible and G-d.

Fishman says that Bible lovers all over the world have to join the fight to save the Holy Land. "It's not just about saving the Jewish villages of Yesha and safeguarding the unity of Jerusalem, but also preventing the wanton destruction of shrines and churches sacred to their religions as well," he argues.

"It isn’t enough that this poster fills the streets of Jerusalem,"  Fishman asserts. "It has to be circulated all over the Internet, on every Christian, Baptist, Evangelist, Catholic, and Jewish site. A vast part of the world still believes in the Bible, and if these hundreds of millions say no to the " ˜Road Map’ and email the poster to the White House, they can help us save our Holy City and prevent the Holy Land from turning into a haven for Islamic terror." 

Am K'Lavee invites activists to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive a hi-rez version of the poster for distribution.

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