End Times

Correction and Apologetic Regrets

Some months ago an incorrect statement was made by Jacob Prasch on the April 2015 Prophecy Update on Moriel's Facebook page.

Following an itinerary in the UK by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum, whose ministry Ariel, Moriel & Jacob Prasch strongly endorse, the phraseology used by Arnold on one of his teachings led to a misunderstanding among several people; that Arnold altered his position on the timing of the rapture. This however was not the case and what was reported by us was a mistake for which we expressed our apologetic regrets both to Arnold and to our readers.


Arnold's view is indeed unusual and unlike most Pre-Trib brethren known to us. Arnold holds that the Great Tribulation, and not necessarily the rapture, cannot take place until the church knows the identity of the antichrist. He does not believe the rapture cannot take place until the antichrist is revealed, which is what led to the confusion in the UK as most British Pre-Trib advocates equate the identification of the antichrist with the onset of the Great Tribulation as do many in the USA and elsewhere. Thus, a variation of the belief in immanency is held by Arnold who is Pre-Tribulational, although his particular position on theantichrist needing to be identified before the Great Tribulation lent itself to being misconstrued. His position as explained in his book is in fact clearer. 

Jacob Prasch instructed the clip be removed once we were made aware of the error by the Ariel office in Texas. Unfortunately, somehow, a former team member suffering from multiple sclerosis took ill and hadto be replaced for medical reasons when she was hospitalized. Her replacement, not familiar with the situation, may have rebooted the entire page, inadvertently reposting it. As it stood, without anyone realizing it, the corrected version ("A House Divided") was removed, and the original clip containing the error was reposted! It has only come to our attention today and will be corrected again immediately. We once again can only express our apologetic regrets for this embarrassing mishap. 

Moriel & Jacob Prasch continue our endorsement of Dr. Fruchtenbaum's ministry and we suggest our readers visit his Ariel website as a recommended link. His books are indeed well worth reading, most especially 'Israelology'. While Arnold's rather unique perspective on the timing of the rapture appears to be found somewhere between what most Pre-Tribulationists believe and our own Intra-Seal position, he does nonetheless remain in the Pre-Tribulational camp and we regret any misunderstandings to the contrary. It was an error and the responsibility for the error is primarily ours, although we were unaware of it. We were sure it was redressed in April of 2015, not knowing it was reposted in the change of personnel. Jacob has been on medical leave since September, only able to do short spurts of work and had no idea ofthe error, and neither did the new Facebook maintainer. 

An updated version of "A HOUSE DIVIDED" will be re-filmed in the near future. 

Sincerely in Christ,