End Times

World Vision is Really a Hallucination from the God of this World

March 26, 2014
James Jacob Prasch

For some years Moriel has warned that World Vision is no longer, by scriptural definition, a Christian ministry that more than two decades ago abandoned its originally evangelistic ethos and become a politicized left wing social welfare organization (once a ministry or church ceases to be evangelistic it will soon cease to be scripturally Evangelical).

The shamelessly biased anti-Israel rhetoric of that stupid organization was but one further symptom of its spiritual and theological decline. Repeatedly Ignoring the plight of the persecuted church throughout the Islamic world, World Vision aligned its hypocritical and cowardly self with pro-Islamic voices against Israel, the one country in The Middle East fully protecting the religious freedom and human rights of its Christian population. World Vision had been supportive of the Lynne Hybels / Gary Burge/ Stephen Sizer 'Christ At The Check Post' absurdly biased charade.

What had been a spiritual and doctrinal decline has now become a moral decline and what had been a biased religious cowardice and display of hypocrisy has now become an embracer of what scripture defines as moral perversion in its official acceptance of staff, who are homosexual and lesbian, in open conflict and rejection with the teachings of The Word of God which World Vision now officially has abandoned by the announcement of its president Richard Stearns concerning same sex marriage.

Stearns follows the lead of Stephen Tollestrup, former director of Tearfund New Zealand who endorsed same sex marriage.  Tearfund New Zealand likewise pursued an anti-Israel policy agenda.

From the late false teacher John Stott who propounded annihilationism and ecumenism to John Piper who is a Lectio Divina cheer leader and the Mid-Western promoter for Rick Warren with his inter faith peace plan calling for Christian to unite with worshippers of other gods (whom Paul and Moses called demons) the story is the same. Stott, Tollestrup, Stearns, and Piper are all replacement theology supersessionists. It is the standard affect; if they are wrong about Israel we may be sure that they will prove to be in fundamental error in their other doctrine.

It should have been evident to anyone with any discernment that World Vision should not be supported. There are Godly ministries helping Third World children without resorting to heretics and purveyors of that which God calls immorality and sexual perversion.

May World Vision drop dead. No true child of God should support such disgraceful wickedness.