End Times

News from Jean and Keith Parker

Autumn 2012

Dear Friends,

Atheistic attacks on Christianity

Real Christianity is nothing if not Biblical. The Bible & its teaching, laws and gospel is the very basis of our faith, and all attacks on Christianity boil down to one thing: an attack on the reliability of the written word of God, and a consequent undermining of Christian liberty.

Creation & evolution

There is a concerted attempt, led by the humanist establishment, to debar teaching on Divine Creation in our schools, even in "Faith" schools. Richard Dawkins, the high priest of atheism suggests that to teach children that God created is a form of child abuse. We all deplore child abuse, so what do you do to "˜Fundamentalist Christians', who dare to do such a thing? The humanistic consensus regards any kind of criticism of its assumptions to be heresy. This means we now have humanism, evolution and atheism enthroned like a religion as intolerant as was medieval Romanism.

Sexual orientation

Historic Biblical Christianity has taught that sexual activity is to be confined to marriage between one man and one woman. Humanism wants to make us believe first of all that the marriage covenant is irrelevant, and that any form of sexual activity, whether heterosexual, homosexual or "bisexual" is completely acceptable and not to be opposed. People who publicly affirm the traditional Christian view are already penalized; they can and do lose their jobs & livelihood. Thirty years back this would have been unthinkable.

On the other hand the same people, who declare that marriage is irrelevant or unnecessary, want to legalize same-sex marriage. This has already occurred in some countries. But be warned, if it ever becomes law in Britain we are only a step away from being forced to recognize its validity & to perform such "˜marriages' in our church premises, and to be punished if we speak out against it. It could become a "˜hate crime'.

This all adds up to one thing: an attack upon the word of God, and thus upon God himself. Furthermore it is an attack on our freedom as Christians to speak out our faith in the public domain. We should pray and take action against these things.


If all faith in God is a delusion, if every deity is imaginary, then it follows that no religion is any better than any other. They are all equally false, so they must all be seen as equal. To say that faith in Jesus as Saviour is the only way of salvation is tantamount to attacking Islam, Rabbinic Judaism & every other manmade religion on earth. This is why Religious Education teachers in our schools are forced to teach comparative religion & instruct our children that every expression of whatever faith is equally valid. The real goal of this is to devalue Biblical Christianity.

Church delusion

How sad that so many in our churches are swallowing the humanist agenda whole. Evolution, the claims of the LGBT lobby & the drift towards not only union with false churches, but unity with any & every kind of religion you can imagine. Our Protestant forefathers saw the harlot of Revelation 17 as the Roman Church. But we can now see that she is more than that. She is surely an amalgam of religions all ultimately coming under one umbrella, that of Rome.


So what do we do about it? Do we just sit down & mope? I think not. Surely we should do what our fore-fathers in the faith always did, which is to hold to biblical principles and preach the gospel whatever the cost and continue instant in prayer & fasting. If Jesus comes soon let him find us faithfully proclaiming his truth. If he delays his coming, may he send gracious revival to gather in his elect bride. "Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when he cometh shall find so doing" Matthew 24:46. By the way, don't forget that the God revealed in the Bible is definitely going to prevail over all the things we have mentioned above

God bless and shalom

Jean and Keith Parker