End Times

When Will the Rapture Take Place?


I heard Jacob speak as a guest on TruNews radio program and was quite impressed with his viewpoints.,   Would Jacob please answer 2 questions I have for him:

When does he believe the rapture of the Church will take place in relation to the 7 year Tribulation?

What does he think about the modern day Apostolic Movement.,   Does he believe the office of Apostle is relevant for today?

Thank you for your time and may God bless you,

Valorie O'Brien


Jacob Prasch and most of us at Moriel are intra-trib in our eschatology. The rapture and resurrection take place between the 6th and 7th seals of the Apocalypse. Pre wrath has the timing correct but is wrong about a number of other issues such as the identity of the restrainer and the nature of the great apostasy. We cannot address these matters at length by e mail however and must refer you to Jacob's books and recorded teaching material available on Amazon or through the Moriel website. You may wish to read "Shadows of The Beast" and listen to his series on 'Understanding the Rapture" and his Apocalypse DVD series filmed on Patmos in Greece. The rapture will not happen until the faithful church knows the identity of the two beasts of Revelation chapter 13, both of whom ‚  are antichrist but more commonly referred to as the anti christ and false prophet who will be both akin to, yet unique from, the many anti christs and false prophets who precede and foreshadow them . Again, this is an involved subject we cannot further address by e mail.

Some of Jacob's friends and ministry colleagues, whose ministries we otherwise endorse, disagree with Jacob on this point (some strongly) and hold ‚  to a pre trib position which I for over 35 years have remained ‚  convinced is mistaken, although many fine and beloved ‚  brethren in Jesus staunchly cling to it. In time The Holy Spirit will show them the position is wrong and some are revising their perspectives ‚  Our argument is with those who deny that there is a rapture such as extreme preterists. We do not allow differing views as to the sequence of events preceding the rapture, or the exact point of its timing in the sequence, to become a basis for division but only for discussion.

The New Apostolic Reformation Movement however is utterly false. It is a deception and C. Peter Wagner and his ilk are demonstrable false teachers and false prophets. ‚  We again however would need to refer you to our website and to the Come Let Us Reason and the Apostasy Alert websites. These subjects ‚  again are simply too lengthy to engage in extended dialogue about by e mail and we regret we cannot respond to any further inquiries in this regard by e mail but we must refer you to internet, published, and recorded material already in ‚  the public domain dealing with it.

There are at least four categories of apostolic ministry in the New Testament from the Greek 'apostolo' and Hebrew "shaleoch". The only category of apostles operating in the church today are church planting missionaries which has absolutely nothing to do with the heretical deception of the mainly American, Canadian & South African New Apostolic Reformation movement (of Wagner, Joyner and that lunatic Bill Johnson etc.) or of the mainly British & New Zealand Restoration movement (Gerald Coates, Roger Forster, Terry Virgo, Hudson Salisbury). ‚  Neither does scripturally valid apostolic ministry have anything to do with the mysticism and neo Gnosticism of Mike Bickle and his drunken sex pervert Kansas City false prophets. Such pathetic figures are at least as deranged on one extreme as cessationists denying that the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit still operate are on the opposite extreme.

We would additionally ‚  caution you against the ecumenical movement, hyper Calvinism, ‚  the Emergent church, the Purpose Driven Lie of Rick Warren, the TV money preachers, replacement theology rejecting the prophetic purposes of God ‚  for Israel and the Jews, and the current generation's expounders of error in contemporary vogue such as Mark Driscoll, David Yonggi Cho, and John Piper.

Read the classics such as AW Tozer, John Bunyan, Harry Ironside, ‚  Andrew Murray, FB Meyer, Francis Schaffer, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, JC Rile, Alfred Edersheim, etc. We will never go wrong with such solid Holy Spirit guided teaching from God's Word from figures like these. The good expositors, scholars, and authors in the contemporary church worth reading are those like Warren Wiersbe , David Hocking, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, Paul and Chuck Smith, Ray Yungen, Warren Smith, Tony Pearce, Bill Randles, Jack Hibbs, Philip Powell , Kay Arthur, Johanna Michaelsen, and Dave Hunt. Keep away from nuts like the Apostolic Reformation advocates and the con artist televangelists of the god- less channel and TBN. Hinn, Copeland, Todd Bentley, Joyce Meyer, Morris Cerullo etc. are all propounders of a demonically orchestrated last days delusion.

Stick to Christ and Him crucified and heed only those who preach the cross, the empty tomb, and His return with no heretical dogma or guile.

The Lord is coming soon.

In Christ,

James Jacob Prasch

Philippians 1:6