End Times

Israel, Apostasy, World Government & The Return Of Jesus Christ

by Paul McGuire

The Bible says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge!" In America and other countries, our nations are literally being transformed into totalitarian states where we are losing our religious and personal freedoms. Pastors who teach the Bible and Bible believing Christians are going to be increasingly persecuted, imprisoned and fined. Under the new constitutions and legal interpretations that are being put in place, we are losing our freedom of religion, freedom of speech and freedom of the press. The day has already come where pastors who are faithful to teach the entire Bible are being fined and arrested.

Although, the Antichrist has not yet arrived, the spirit of antichrist and a "Beast" system is being set up on a global basis. The recent meeting’s by the G20, G8. Bilderburgers and the Council on Foreign Relations are setting up a world currency and a one world government. But, this world government will not live in peaceful co-existence with true Christians and Israel. They plan to take control of Israel by forcing a two-state solution and turn the City of David, Jerusalem into an international city. Yet, 56% of Jews, even secular Jews want to see the Temple rebuilt.

The Corporate controlled media hides the danger to Americans who have been lulled to sleep by mindless entertainment and soft sermons from the false prophets of our day. Two Russian nuclear submarines are patrolling the East Coast of the United States. Large Russian naval vessels armed with nuclear missiles are in Cuba, Venezuela and the Panama Canal. All of this happens, as Israel prepares to strike Iranian nuclear production facilities with or without the help of the U.S. While the U.S. appears to be turning its back on Israel, Russia keeps arming Iran and infiltrating South America and strategic locations around the Middle East. Are we heading towards an Ezekiel 38 scenario?

Great Britain, America and EU armies are waging a war to contain al Qaeda on the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. If Pakistan falls to the Taliban and al Qaeda, then al Qaeda gains at least 16 nukes which changes the balance of power throughout the world. Israel is the prime target.

Militant secular humanists, atheists and occultists have been planning for a world socialist state run by an elite since the 1870’s with the British Fabian socialists. In 1921, Antonio Gramsci organized the Italian Communist party, after the Communist Revolution in Russia. However, Gramsci discovered that there were three things that prevented Communism from spreading in Italy. The first of those things was Christianity. After that nationalism or patriotism and finally, charity or helping the poor through the church. Gramsci created an entirely new strategy for Communism through social and community organizing. The first and most important area for Gramsci was to attack Christianity. He promoted the idea that Christianity should not be involved in politics, culture, science and education.

Christianity should be about private worship. Years later, the great Evangelical theologian Dr. Francis Schaeffer, warned that the greatest danger to Christianity is a false theological belief that Christianity should not be involved in society, just in private prayer, church attendance and worship. Schaeffer thundered that the root cause of nations that were once Christian, now moving into humanism, hedonism, abortion, non-traditional marriage and euthanasia, was this non-Biblical theology he labeled Pietism. Schaeffer warned what the result would be, as the Evangelical culture embraced Pietism, accommodated to the secular culture and began embracing the apostasy of what is now called the "Emerging Church." The result would be totalitarianism either from the left or right. Schaeffer wrote those words thirty years ago and now we see our nations being transformed into totalitarian states.

Gramsci introduced the idea that the only effective way to express concern for the poor was to dismantle capitalism and create socialist government. Gramsci’s term for this was "social justice." It is amazing to hear the amount of Christian ministers who use the term "social justice" and actually advocate Gramsci’s socialist agenda word for word in a so-called Christian sermon.

How did all this happen? It happened because as Dr. Francis Schaeffer said, the Evangelical Church embraced the heresy that the Christian life and worship must be private. A heresy introduced into the church by an Italian Communist Revolutionary, Antonio Gramsci in 1921. Simultaneously, the Evangelical Church retreated from the culture which is in direct contradiction to Jesus Christ’s words in the Great Commission. The socialists took over the seminaries, education, government and the media. Modern politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and others have been indoctrinated into a socialist world view. In fact, Clinton and Obama are the direct disciples of the Communist community organizer Saul Alinsky who wrote the manual on transforming a society into a socialist state, entitled "Rules for Radicals," which he dedicated to Lucifer! Many Emergent Church’s and numerous so-called solidly Evangelical seminaries have been infiltrated at the highest levels with men and women whose theological beliefs are far closer to Antonio Gramsci’s than Jesus Christ.

A global Antichrist system is emerging in readiness for the "rider on the white horse." We are in a time when much of the Evangelical Church has moved deeply into apostasy. Simultaneously, the signs of the times are exploding all around us. Although, many Evangelical churches and the Emergent Church will not teach this, Jesus Christ is returning soon. Israel is God’s prophetic super-sign and what is about to happen with Russia, Israel and Iran has tremendous prophetic significance, as does the one world currency and one world economic system.

As true Bible believing Christians seeing these events unfold, what are we to d? We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind. We are to guard ourselves against the apostasy by reading His Word, living pure and holy lives and fellowshipping at true Bible believing churches. Set aflame by the Spirit we are to preach the saving message of Jesus Christ, fulfill the Great Commission and to occupy until He comes. To occupy means that we are not to embrace the heresy of an Italian Communist named Gramsci or the Pietism that Dr. Francis Schaeffer taught about. We are to engage the outside culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to take an active stand for truth and righteousness in the culture. For example, if there are health care programs being promoted by various governments around the world which promote euthanasia, abortion and sex change operations, are we to simply say "Praise the Lord!" Essentially, that has been the response of the Evangelical Church.

Jesus Christ said we are to be salt and light in the culture. That means we are to intelligently and Biblically present the truth to the culture. We are to speak the truth in love, but we are to speak! True Biblical Christians must stand for the truth of the Gospel and the entire Bible. The Apostle Paul said, we are in a spiritual war and our struggle is not with flesh and blood, but principalities and powers. Jesus Christ is returning soon! Let us be faithful until He comes! Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

Paul McGuire is the author of 16 books, radio talk show host, television commentator and conference speaker. He can be contacted at http://www.paulmcguire.com