End Times

Israel, America, Iran and the Abrahamic Covenant

By Paul McGuire

Marching towards Gog & Magog (Ezekial 38 & 39) Obama makes deal with Russia allowing Russia to continue to see nuclear technology to Iran,   - Jacob Prasch

The release of a world currency by the G8, governments toppled in South America and riots in the streets of Iran pale in comparison to what is about to happen between Israel and Iran. Nuclear armed subs have been sent by Israel into the Red Sea and Russia is arming Iran with very sophisticated missile technology. Meanwhile President Obama's "sensitivity workshop" foreign policy between Russia, Iran and Israel will unleash catastrophic forces, major terrorist attacks and a regional thermonuclear war.

The recent disarmament deal between the United States and Russia which allows Russia to continue to sell nuclear technology to Iran is lighting the fuse for an Armageddon-style conflict. However, I believe that political analysts and media pundits are missing a dark strategy that masquerades as "Obama’s naivet ƒ © in Middle Eastern affairs." Personally, I do not believe that President Obama and his top advisors are na ƒ ¯ve or ignorant in relationship to the Middle East, Israel, Iran, EU and the United States. I believe we are seeing a fundamental shift in America’s relationship with Israel. America for over a century has been the friend and protector of Israel. However, we have a new administration which appears to be turning its back on Israel in favor of the Islamic world.

This places America in great danger! The Abraham Covenant clearly states, "I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee." To whatever degree the United States enjoyed the blessing and protection of God, because it chose to bless Israel. But, now America is rejecting or "cursing" Israel in relationships with Russia, Iran, the EU and the Islamic world. Superficially these relationships appear to be built on the basis of pragmatism to be beneficial economically and militarily to the U.S. But, this is an analysis based on a one dimensional perception of reality. True reality encompasses the fact of a spiritual world. The Personal Living God of the Universe is the "King of Israel" and the Abraham Covenant is still in effect. All the laws of God are very much in effect and transcend economic and military pragmatism.

If America continues to reject Israel and abandons it to military aggression from Iran, we will have stepped over a cosmic line and unleashed a curse against our nation. One can only speculate as to what the effects of that curse might be. It could mean America will continue to dwindle as an economic power. It may mean that God in His Sovereignty will allow the dollar to die as the de facto world currency and be replaced by a new world currency which could push America into a Weimar Republic-style hyper-inflation, recession or inflation. America would lose its freedom’s and slide into a Marxist-style government. However, the Abraham Covenant could release a more instantaneous curse in the form of multiple nuclear attacks on U.S. cities, as al Qaeda and our enemies have threatened. Catastrophic weather, economic collapse or a swine flu epidemic could be evidences of the curse. Modern secular journalists have noted that many of the things happening to our nation are of "Biblical proportions.The point is that "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" and that a curse on a nation that curses Israel is not an "old wives tale," but a very real supernatural reality to be reckoned with.

What we as American Christians must do is stand for Israel in this hour! That means pressuring our elected representatives to protect Israel from Iran, stop forcing Israel into a "two-state solution," and internationalizing Jerusalem. We must hold rallies and conventions in support of Israel and we must publicly confront the false prophets and theological error in our time which falsely teaches, "God is through with Israel and the Church has replaced Israel." We must vigorously speak out against the false prophets in the Emerging Church who are telling the Church to boycott Israel and support the Palestinians. In recent days, I publicly challenged a major Christian leader who spoke at the largest Islamic meeting in North America. In Christian love, I confronted what I perceive to be false teaching by this leader which will lead to a new holocaust and energize militant Islam to attempt to destroy Israel through military action and terrorism.

This is not a time to play it safe! As watchman on the walls of Jerusalem, we must blow the trumpet in warning. In love and truth, we must confront false teaching which prepares the slaughter of God’s chosen people. The God of the Bible is the King of Israel. The Church must not commit the same sin it did in Hitler’s time. God is calling us to stand for Israel. Will we obey the Lord?

Paul McGuire is a conference speaker and author of 16 books. Paul can be reached at www.paulmcguire.com