End Times

The Blind And The Blinder

by James Jacob Prasch

A decade ago I & Moriel hosted a conference in the U.K. entitled "Preparing For Persecution" . At a time when the popular rhetoric of most so-called Evangelical leaders in the UK , Australia , New Zealand and elsewhere riding on the back of a counterfeit moves of God from Toronto, Canada and Pensacola, Florida that predictably came to absolutely nothing ‚   in terms of the revivals these carnal and demonically influenced deceptions promised but could not deliver.

As a handful of voices including Brian Edwards, Mark Haville, Philip Powell, Philip Foster, Siam Bhayro , Tony Pearce ‚   and ourselves tried to warn people in the church, most of the church instead chose to blindly follow the voices of Gerald Coates, Terry Virgo,Sandy Miller, Nicky Gumbel, Paul Weaver, John Glass, Barry Killock, Colin Dye, R.T. Kendall, David Pytches and Wynne Lewis. These were largely the same cast of characters who urged Christians to believe the false prophetic predictions of revival of the Kansas City false prophets Mike Bickel and the homosexual drunkard Paul Cane who were introduced to the UK by the late heretic John Wimber.

Australia and New Zealand were little different as Andrew Evans, Philip Hills, Alun Davies, Frank & Brian Houston, Phil Pringle, Wayne Hughes, Pat Mesiti and Elim’s

Ian Bilby proclaimed the great revival had come. Bilby was a serial adulterer along with his worship leader who cheer led the laughing and drunken revival, as the Elim pastor who led the drunken hysterics ‚   on The Isle of White was sent to prison for having sex with a minor in the kiddies nursery. Assemblies of God leaders Wayne Hughes was charged in the national press in New Zealand with gross sexual immorality, (by some accounts allegedly involving a minor), as Frank Houston was found a homosexual pedophile after the Assemblies of God’s Pat Mesiti was also found in immorality.

The fact that so many of the proponents of these counterfeit revivals were publicly found in immorality, much of it homosexual in nature and/or involving children makes a statement in itself about these churches and denominations . But no revival came. The same was true in Pensacola, as Michael Brown split from John Kilpatrick after the press and Joseph Chambers exposed Pensacola for the fraud it was. Michael Brown ‚   first distinguished himself for false prophetic predictions in Jerusalem of a

" ˜Second Pentecost"  had people up all night waiting for it to happen. But it didn’t happen.

Efforts to introduce Pensacola in the UK were first made by Andrew Shearman, whose laughable eisegesis on " ˜the violent men’ revealed him as a biblically ignorant charlatan as his assertions were directly contrary to the meaning of the term " ˜violent’ in the original Greek text which saw his brother David arguing we should only adhere to the mere vernacular instead of the actual meaning in the original. Gerald Coates began meetings in central London trying to see a Pensecola happen in Britain. But again, no revival came.

What has come however is the rise of Christian persecution in the USA, UK, and Australia. When the church should have been prepared for what was really taking shape Rodney Howard Brown, Colin Dye, Wynne Lewis, John Arnott, Michael & David Kerr, and Ken Gott had people on the floor in ‚   uncontrollable drunken style hysterics telling them a revival was being hatched as Satan hatched his plans to persecute the church.

In Britain former Evangelicals like Colin Chapman and Steve Chalke now say that Moslems and Hindus can be saved without a saving faith in Christ, after Robert Schuller and Bill Hybels have Moslems preaching in their pulpits explaining Islam ‚   (find a mosque that will allow the gospel to be preached). Premier Baptist Preacher Roy Clemens runs off with his homosexual lover, and in the USA Richard Mouw of Fuller Seminary, supported by Craig Hazen and Ravi Zacharias, says that Christians have " ˜born false witness against the Mormons"  after exposing their beliefs. ‚   ‚   At least one openly homosexual Anglican church in the USA openly advertises "think gay " “ think Alpha" . At the national pastor’s conference in the USA with keynote speaker Rick Warren (of the Purpose Driven approach to church growth based on doctrinal compromise, marketing and psychology instead of scripture) ‚   yoga is featured along with a pub with live music as part of the "emergent church" . The " ˜emergent church’ is a mixture of ecumenism and New Age masquerading as Christian. As always, it is the same people and churches following these cheap and stupid gimmicks. And as always, no revival is coming from it.

As this Last Days apostasy explodes, what is quickly arising is the Last Days persecution.