End Times

God's Judgment on the United States

Posted: Saturday, May 12, 2007

If you are a student of God's Word you know that Israel is the center of His Word in Prophecy, and when God says in reference to Israel the Apple of His Eye in Gen 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. God is not kidding or joking around, He is very serious. In fact, I have never read anywhere in His Word where He said something that He didn't really mean. And just for your information Israel is the apple of God's eye now and always will be. And if you are a gentile and want to make it to heaven you will have to be grafted into the natural roots and the promises given to Israel by God's Grace through faith in your acceptance of the Jewish Messiah, the Bible you read is a Jewish Book and your way to heaven is through Yeshua the Jewish Messiah. Many have been lied to, but there is no other Gospel that will secure your soul in a relationship with God for eternity, and if you have accepted any form of replacement theology it will send you directly to hell.

I know that many dislike what I have to say about George W. Bush but the fact is he is the most dangerous enemy Israel has ever faced. He has an agenda not only for Israel but for the US as well, and the southern open borders should be enough to open more eyes to what he really is.

With the above in mind I will say once again that George Bush has brought God’s judgment on the United States, and continues to make the same mistakes over and over because he seems to be driven by a spirit to destroy Israel with his Road Map to Hell. We don’t know how he was able to make Ariel Sharon do a 180 degree in his life and dedication to the Jewish State, but some how he was able to convince him to withdraw from Gaza making over 9,000 Jews homeless in there own country. And give the enemies of God and to Israel the land promised as an everlasting covenant to the Jewish people. To make matters worse he became the first Prime Minister to accept a Palestinian State even against his party’s platform and the wishes of the Jews in Israel. We saw New Orleans destroyed and hundreds of thousands made homeless in there own country (The USA) directly after the Disengagement of Gaza. Before Sharon’s stroke he brought a man from the 33 position in Likud (Omert) and made him #2 in a new Party formed to continue the destruction of Israel.

Time and time again when Bush sends Rice to the Middle East to push the Saudi Peace plan that Bush calls his Road Map suddenly disaster strikes the US within days. With millions of Believers in the US telling him that he is wrong in forcing a Palestinians State on the little State of Israel, bringing about the eventual destruction of Israel, he continues to keep the plan of the New World Order that controls him. And as I have stated before God’s judgment always seems to be in direct proportion to what Bush forces on Israel. Now we see Florida and California or fire and Florida with the largest fires ever reported in that state and it isn’t over yet. We see the entire middle part of the US flooding and the rain keeps coming. Honey bees are dying by the billions and that can cause a terrible situation with the nation’s food supply. The worse tornado ever reported in the United States destroyed a whole city, others tornados killing and destroying towns. Even with hundreds of thousands of Christians marching on Washington DC he still won’t listen and reconsider his policy towards Israel.

With Syria massing its troops on our northern border and armed with Russian missiles capable of reaching any part of Israel we have reason to be nervous. It should also be remembered that Iran and Syria has an agreement that if one of them goes to war against the Jewish State the other will as well. Hezbollah has rearmed and they are now stronger than before last summer’s war thanks to Iran, Russian and the United Nations. So we now have Hezbollah, Iran, Syria and possibly Egypt all wanting to destroy the Jewish State of Israel and all the above have spent all the money they possibly could on rearmament over the past few years getting ready for this war. I am repeating this just to say now is not the time for Israel to have a US President doing back room deals with the enemy or enemies and sending Rice to speak with our enemies behind out back. It’s also worth noting that Bush has given his Saudi friends the latest in F-15’s and F-16’s along with high tech radar planes that can keep a close watch over Israel. The Saudis now has an air base within a few minutes of the southern Israeli border.

The following is not much more than the way I see it and how it could happen within the next few months possibly sooner. I am wondering if Bush is trying to get Israel into a war with our neighbors knowing Iran will jump in so he can have his excuse to attack Iran as it would look like he did it in defense of Israel, knowing that the majority of the public in the US support Israel. If this is the case it would certainly cost Israel dearly and many would die here as Syria has armed their missiles with chemical warheads possibly biological warheads as well. And if Iran gets lucky and gets a missile with a nuke on it through to Israel it would well be the end of Israel. Why do I say this, well we all know Bush is not in control of congress and could never get approval to attack Iran in a democratic congress such a war would solve that problem for him. The price paid could well be Israel but like I’ve said so many times before it is now obvious that he has been trying to deliver Israel to the Arabs with his Road Map to Hell this would just expedite the process.

BUT, God and even Israel has something to say about all of this, even with the corrupt Government Israel would not sit still for any attack, and we would see Isa. 17:1 and Damascus would be totally destroyed just like God’s Word says it will. Hezbollah under this kind of war would last a couple days at most with many thousands dead in Lebanon. The US and Israel together would take care of Iran but at a terrible cost to Israel, the Saudis would do as usual and crawl into their holes and just try to keep supporting terrorists around the world. Egypt is another matter all together and could cause terrible damage to Israel thanks to Bush and the US supplying them with F-15’s, F-16’s and high power artillery, and Russian and North Korea making their navy second to none in the Middle East.

So even though all the above is just a possibility of it happening, I think it could be fairly close, the wild card is Russia who might have secret agreements with several Arab countries to join in and help destroy Israel. But the instigator behind it all is none other than George Bush, all I know many will disagree with that, but time will prove it to be right. The one thing that is certain, it has all gone to far now to be stopped and the Middle East will go into a terrible war soon.

BUT, this is where God comes in, He will not allow Israel to be destroyed and all those who come against Jerusalem are in terrible trouble, Zechariah 12:9 AND IT SHALL COME TO PASS IN THAT DAY, THAT I WILL SEEK TO DESTROY ALL THE NATIONS THAT COME AGAINST JERUSALEM.

You might notice that Europe is not mentioned in the above and the only thing that will happen there is once again the Jews will be blamed and another Holocaust will be their answer to the problem, kill the Jews is already being a cry heard throughout Europe. This is not a war that will last long because of the kind of weapons that will be used with awesome power millions could die within days.

So what about this ministry, we will be here for God has called us to rescue Jews who will be running for their lives, call me nuts, crazy but I am telling you again I have heard from God and this Ministry will be here and we will save many Jewish lives. It is now our responsibility to get as ready as we possibly can and we need a larger boat and there is much to be done in the way of ground work, we need your help NOW.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.

jerry golden