End Times

God Will Not Be Mocked and His Word Will Come to Pass

by Jerry Golden

Okay I am going to say it straight out, Gen. 12:3 is very plain and it is time to look at what is happening in a very real and spiritual way.

George Bush"s Road Map to Hell is against the Word of God, the Disengagement of Gaza forced on Israel by the US President has caused much suffering to the Jewish people and it has been a curse to Israel. He is now talking about the necessity of Israel giving more land to the "Palestinians" , he simply will not stop until Israel has been destroyed for that was his deal with the Islamic Arab world.

When the Iraqi war began I said that George Bush had to appease the Arab and Islamic world and the way he did it was to put Israel on the table, and now he has to deliver and it’s called the Road Map. I also said that there would never be a democracy in Iraq and we are now seeing the rise of an Islamic State with Islamic Shariah law in place, and for this nearly 2,000 US soldiers have died. Many people came against me when I said this over 4 years ago and I am sure many will do the same thing now. Patriotism is a wonderful thing but not misplaced or blindly refusing to see the truth when it is right in front of you. How long has it been since you’ve heard what a great Christian George Bush is, let me tell you how long, since he won the election and became a second term President.

But the fact remains that he is the worse enemy Israel has ever had, what makes him the worse is he is so deceitful and has acted like he is a friend to the Jewish people when he belongs to several organizations that are sworn to destroy Israel like the Skull and Bones, CFR and the Illuminate just to mention a few. Membership in none of the above would allow him to be a Christian.

Speaking this way has cost this ministry a lot of support, but I’d rather speak the truth than tickle the ears of those who are used to being entertained by many who call themselves Ministers of the Gospel and are in fact, charlatans.

Europe who has backed the so-called Palestinians in order to keep the oil they need flowing out of the Persian Gulf is now suffering from the worse fires and floods Europe has ever had. Gen. 12:3 applies to them as well, and they are just beginning to come under one disaster after another. And those who they defend the Islamic terrorist will and has turned on them as well.

The United States is now watching Katrina heading for New Orleans, what they haven’t woke up to yet is the damage it will also do to the oil rigs in the Gulf, possibly destroying some and shutting down all the others for weeks possibly months and the price of gas and oil will go higher than anyone ever thought possible. Most of that money going into the Islamic terrorist pockets to support more terrorism. Over one third of the oil supplies to the US comes from these Gulf Oil fields. This hurricane will put the United States in a tailspin economically and set up a perfect time for a major terrorist attack that could finish off the job of destroying the US economy. Folks God is not happy with how this President has made a deal with the enemies of Israel and the US will pay a terrible price.

This hurricane will hit New Orleans in about 7 hours from the time I sent this out, the worse that has ever hit New Orleans and one that they may never recover from. The oil reserves along the coast could also be damaged or made difficult to use for a while. This is a category 5 hurricane and will cause path of destruction all the way up into the Ohio Valley and beyond with mass flooding.

It would also be good to recognize that the worse of the hurricane season hasn’t even got here yet, and I don’t think God is finished with Florida yet. Florida is the center of all the Islamic terrorist groups in the United States and it has a Governor who converted to Catholicism to further his political career as the Cuban vote is necessary for a Governor of Florida to get if he wants to be elected. So here we have another Bush who has turned his back on God for political reasons.

I could give you a dozen verses of Scripture to back up what is happening globally not only in the US, but God will not be mocked, and His Word will come to pass. But the one we need to look at now is Gen. 12:3 and when you do, keep in mind this is not a verse only for Nations but for individuals as well.

One of the things that troubles me is all of this is taking our eyes off the ministry God has given us and if we are not focused many will die again who we could have saved. I am asking you to pray concerning your part in this Ministry.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, for our son Joel and all the IDF soldiers. Pray for all those who have come to fight the Islamic enemy. Pray for this Ministry and your part in it.